Rethinking Urbanity Architecture Competition, Austrian Architecture Contest, Hungary

Rethinking Urbanity Competition : Design Contest

Design Contest in Vienna + Budapest – Project Space 2013 – 2 Sites

19 Mar 2013

DEADLINE EXTENDED – CALL FOR IDEAS – PROJECT SPACE 2013 “Rethinking Urbanity”, Vienna (AT) and Budapest (HU)

Rethinking Urbanity Competition - wonderland Architecture Competition
image : wonderland plaform for European Architecture

Due to the great interest deadline for submissions is extended to Saturday, 30th of March 2013

Would you like to be invited, with all expenses covered, to a workshop in Budapest or Vienna to develop new strategies for ‘Rethinking Urbanity’?

In Vienna you will cooperate with the City of Vienna and the Architecture Centre of Vienna and in Budapest with the Hungarian Centre for Contemporary Architecture

For further information contact: Daniela Patti / [email protected]

12 Feb 2013

Rethinking Urbanity design competition

Project Space Architecture Contest, Austria + Hungary

Organiser: wonderland plaform for European Architecture.



This year Project Space will have 2 sites to explore in different ways and different scales how urbanity can be rethought.


To receive the CAD file of the site please send a signed copy of this document to competition[at]

The aim is to develop a proposal for the transformation of the Coffin Factory of Atzgersdorf into a neighbourhood for young lively people with housing, culture centre and school.

The one selected team will have the possibility to join a workshop in Vienna with the various stakeholders involved in the development of the area (Urban Planning Dept of the Cit of Vienna, investors, local politicians, etc).

The workshop will be held in mid April

The selected teams will have their projects published in the 2013 Wonderland Publication!

Project Space 2013 in Vienna is carried out in collaboration with MA21 of the City of Vienna

The information available comes from the cooperative planning procedure with “Klausurplanungsverfahren Atzgersdorf”, 2011, directed by STUDIOVLAY in cooperation with the MA21b.
Architects: Rüdiger Lainer, Arquitectos (Heidi Pretterhofer, Dieter Spath), Bernd Vlay
Urban Planner (Raumplanung): Hans Emrich
Traffic Planner: Andreas Käfer
Landscape Architect: Alice Grössinger


The aim is to generate models and concepts for urban vacancies in Budapest.
The selected teams will have their projects published in the 2013 Wonderland Publication!
The workshop will be held in September 2013.
Two selected teams will have the possibility to join a workshop in Budapest and develop strategies to experiment new forms of urbanity.

Project Space 2013 in Budapest is carried out in collaboration with
Kek – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre


15 Mar 2013: deadline call for ideas – now extended to 30 Mar
25 Mar 2013: results of Jury – now postponed
27-31 May 2013: Project Space workshop in Budapest
Jun 2013 (tbc): Project Space workshop in Vienna
Oct 2013: Publication within Wonderland Book

Participants are expected to send their proposals via email to competition[at] and write their contact details in the email

Proposals will be anonymous but contain the title of the project, they will consist of:

3 A3 posters in digital form with the project proposal (in jgp or pdf format).
1 A4 sheet with text describing the proposal (in .doc or .pdf format)

Contact Daniela Patti: projectspace[at]

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Location: Atzgersdorf, Vienna, Austria, central Europe

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