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ZIM Contest : Design Competition Russia

Russian Architectural Competition

6 Aug 2013

ZIM Design Competition

ZIM Contest

ZIM Contest Design Competition
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The main aim of the competition is to identify architectural ideas and solutions for the best way to use the potential of the territory at optimum combined implementation of modern building technologies, materials and elements with their cost effectiveness and actual applicability.
The Organizer of the contest is Joint-stock company “Russian institute for urban and investments development “Giprogor”, Moscow, Russian Federation. The Initiator of the competition is “Delta-Stroi” LLC, Samara, Russian Federation.

ZIM Contest Design Competition
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Project site

Project site is located in the middle of the city center development and the formation of residential areas of the city of Samara, Russian Federation. The site opens out as an amphitheater along the quay of Volga. This area is limited on the east by high-rise dominant building of OAO Gazprom. Volga quay and the coastal strip ties the functionally important sites of the city with the transport system and pedestrian paths.

The territory is limited by the river Volga, Novo-Sadovaya Street, Sokolova Street and Schmidt Street adjacent to the plant territory, built in accordance with the plan. The area develops along the Silikatny Ravine and Podpolshchikov Ravine (Postnikov Ravine).

Surface area is 51.2 ha.

ZIM Contest Design Competition
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Competition Period

The Competition comprises two stages. The first stage is the collection of Applications from the Applicants followed by determination of Competition Participants, the Applications of which have passed the Qualification. At the end of the stage two the Participants shall present their Concept projects for the consideration of the Competition Panel of Judges.

July 1 July 1, 2013 to August 8, 2013
Submission of Applications

August 9 to August 16, 2013
Qualification, Participants selection

August 21 – November 19, 2013
Development of the Competition Project

November 19, 2013
Competition Projects Submission Deadline

December 2 November 20 – December 2, 2013
Selection of Winner and Finalists

ZIM Contest Design Competition
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Requirements to the Participants

Certified architects, urbanists, planners, professional architectural offices and studios or their consortia are invited to participate in the Competition.

There are no requirements for the presence of a certain nationality or place of registration. Certified architects with professional experience of at least 5 years can take part in the Competition. Architects with professional experience of less than 5 years are allowed to participate as a part of a development team.

Competition Participant can gather a development team as its leader for the development of the Competition project. Such team can include specialists whose involvement is necessary to meet the requirements of the Competition. Legal entity wishing to participate in the Competition represents and warrants that the authors (co-authors) which will be taking part in the Competition on behalf of such legal entity shall have a contractual relationship with the latter.

Reference Documents Set:
1. General layout plan
2. Addressing chart.
3. Boundaries of design.
4. ZIM – overview photo (.zip archive).
5. Cadastral plan.
6. Existing land use within the boundaries of design.
7. Chart of the existing land use.
8. Topographic mapping chart with the plan of development red lines – 1.
9. Topographic mapping chart with the plan of development red lines – 2.
10. A fragment of the Master Plan of Samara, territory functional zoning chart.
11. Fragment of the Land use and development regulation.

The Organizer reserves the right to amend the reference documentation with the clarified data.

Panel of Judges

The Panel of Judges of at least 9 people shall be formed for the purposes of the Competition. The Client and the Organizer shall jointly decide the composition of the Panel of Judges. Half of the Panel shall be urban planning architects. The President of the Panel shall be elected at its first meeting.

1st 2nd 3rd
Place Place Place
4,500,000 1,500,000 750,000
rubles rubles rubles
1 Award 2 Awards 3 Awards

Apply Now

Participants’ Applications shall be submitted by e- mail only and to the following address: [email protected].

Application shall be compiled in accordance with Art. 5 of the “Regulations.”
Applications submission deadline is August 08, 2013 at 18:00 (Moscow time).

ZIM Contest Regulations – PDF

Website: ZIM Contest – external link

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Location:Samara, Russia

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