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MidEastPan : Middle East Design Contest

Architecture Competition – The Gulf Built Environment Ideas Contest

page updated 29 Aug 2017

MidEastPan – Design Contest

Open invitation for ideas and projects within the Built Environment in the Middle East. Entrants from Middle East countries only. Based on Europan.

Online proposal pages were launched on April 6 2009
We go ‘public’ on May 20

13 Jul 2009 registration deadline

Announcement of the architecture competition results on August 12
Forum of Themes and Sites towards MidEastPan1 will be held in the coming September.
This event will commence in January 2010.


This is a Middle Eastern open forum set to foster an alternative of cross fertilization and of transparent, intelligent, innovative and formfitting cooperation in the making of appropriate, successful, and sustainable places in the Middle East; a non profit democratic grassroots organisation which manages architectural competitions followed by implementations, held simultaneously and based on common themes and rules.

With the launch of the project and in order to animate a discussion towards the Forum of Themes and Sites in the coming September, a Design Ideas Competition is being held, an open invitation for ideas and project proposals within the Built Environment in the Middle East.
Following concurring suggestions the competition is now open to any individual or team – this architecture contest is indeed a Design Ideas Competition; an open invitation for any idea or project proposal within the Built Environment in the Middle East.

To date, we’ve emerged to be a community of 120 members from 37 countries!

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