10Up 2013 Design Contest, Young Architects Forum of Atlanta, Building

10Up 2013 Design Competition : YAF Atlanta Design Contest

YAF Atlanta Competition, Georgia, USA

7 Feb 2013

10Up 2013 Design Competition

Mar 1 2013 at 11:59 pm – registration closing

Mar 10 2013 at 11:59 pm – submission deadline

YAF Soliciting Entrants for 10Up 2013 Design Competition

10Up 2013 Design Competition
image from organisers

The Young Architects Forum of Atlanta (YAF Atlanta), a program of the American Institute of Architects Atlanta, is pleased to announce its fourth Annual design competition entitled 10Up. We are inviting innovative designers to step up to the 10Up challenge! This year, Modern Atlanta (MA) and YAF Atlanta are teaming up with the Lifecycle Building Center and The Architecture and Design Center to create a series of events around the 10Up installation. This year also marks the first time 10Up will be installed inside an historic structure, a former factory designed by world renowned architect Albert Kahn.

10Up 2013 Design Competition
image from organisers

Each year, Modern Atlanta (MA) hosts a celebration of architecture and design with a week of events in and around the city of Atlanta. This year, the executive directors and founders of MA have once again asked YAF Atlanta to hold a competition for a temporary outdoor installation that will act as a beacon for this week of events. The structure is to be installed and operational before and during the MA 2013 Design is Human events currently planned for June 1 to June 9, 2013. The project is not only to accentuate the series of events organized by MA, but it will also be an event in its own right, celebrating young talents exhibiting their work to Design is Human patrons.

Nathan Koskovich,10UP Committee Co-Chair
Nghi Duong, 10Up Committee Co-Chair
Doug Hanna, YAF Co-Chairman
Brent Amos, YAF Co-Chairman

For more information visit: http://www.aiaatl.org/yaf/ or contact: [email protected]

“Winning Submission will be built and published.”

The goal of this temporary installation is to create a unique spatial experience that complements the MA 2013 Design is Human event with a large scale design element accessible to event patrons.


• Two of the three critical dimensions (LxWxH) must not exceed 10’-0”. All aspects of public safety should be accommodated.
• Construction budget to be determined
• Assembly or disassembly should require no more than 24hrs respectively.
• Though Volunteer labor may be available, the winning entry is responsible for executing and coordinating the construction process and the follow-up deconstruction.


Special care should be taken in the selection of materials and construction techniques; those that can be prefabricated and installed quickly–installed and removed within 24hrs–with simple tools and an untrained assembly crew are recommended. Modularity is encouraged; one or two individuals should be able to move and/or carry pieces of the project by hand. Consideration should also be given to the possibility of reassembly; some installations may be installed in other locations in the future. In the spirit of the endeavors toward sustainability and our partnership with the Lifecycle Building Center, the use of reclaimed or recycled materials is encourage to decrease manufactured waste and by-products.


Lifecycle Building Center
1116 Murphy Avenue, SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

Originally the home of the LinkBelt Corporation, the 1914 structure’s interior presents a unique opportunity for a dramatic installation.


• 1st – TBD – Cash Prize
Construction budget 4 passes to Modern Atlanta Design is Human Week Inclusion in MA’s Design is Human Magazine
Inclusion in AIA Atlanta’s Design Equilibrium publication
• 2nd – TBD – Cash Prize 2 passes to Modern Atlanta Design is Human Week Inclusion in MA’s Design is Human Magazine Inclusion in AIA Atlanta’s Design Equilibrium publication
• Honorable Mention (2) Inclusion in MA’s Design is Human Magazine

Fees – TBD

Entrants will be contacted by e-mail with contest information and given a random entry number. All working files (building plans, 3D models, etc…) will be emailed to entrant after registration has been confirmed.


Early Registration ends February 15th at 11:59 p.m.
General Registration ends March 1st at 11:59 p.m.
Submission due March 10th at 11:59 p.m.
Winners will be notified by e-mail by March 15th.

Submission Guidelines

Submit the following:
• Two 24×36 .jpg images at 300 dpi showing the major design elements of the participant’s project. The submission should demonstrate the design’s feasibility for installation within the allotted time and budget constraints.
• A description of the participant’s project in 500 words or less
• In the lower right corner of the participant’s submission, include participant’s YAF assigned entry number.
• No names may appear on the submissions. Submissions that include participant names will not be judged.

Email submissions to [email protected].

• Submissions must be compressed into a single zip file.
• File folder title should be 10Up_”participants’s YAF assigned entry number”.
• Subject of e-mail should be participant’s YAF assigned entry number.

10Up 2013 Architecture Competition / YAF Atlanta Design Contest images / information from Young Architects Forum of Atlanta

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