Collaboration with Nature Competition, Korean Contest 2009 Design News

Collaboration with Nature Design Competition

Sustainable Architecture Contest, Seoul, Korea

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sa2009 International Design Competition


Climate Action by Architecture

Eastern Methodology for Sustainable Design

24 Jul 2009

Organized by sa: seoul association of architects

Supported by Presidential Committee on Green Growth (Korean Government), Seoul Metropolitan Government

Sustainable Architecture Contest Korea


The built environment is globally responsible for about 40 per cent of global CO2 emissions, 40 per cent of solid waste generation and up to 40 per cent of global energy use. Compared with many other industry sectors the opportunities to reduce emissions are easier to achieve and more substantial. Small changes could potentially create massive waste and energy savings.

However, the most sustainable efforts are made by engineers in building industry. Architects have been relatively shy on this issue. Instead of relying on other profession to solve this problem, we call for architects’ response on this social issue not only by technologies but also by design.

Architect is the profession who is able to integrate many different components into a whole. If the whole is more than sum of its parts architects could achieve more substantial change than part-oriented technologies.

Eastern thinking toward nature is somehow different than Western idea. Eastern looking for symbiosis with nature while Western looking for controlling nature if not too stereotyped. The workshop will demonstrate Eastern architects’ reaction on the global agenda.

Collaboration with Nature Competition

1. Architectural students and professionals who have projects related with the sa2009 subject (team or individual)
2. Participants of sa 2009 inter design studio (team or individual)
3. Participants of sa 2009 summer workshop (team or individual)

Application Date: 2009. 7. 27 (Mon) ~ 2009. 8. 8 (Sat)
Submission: [email protected]

Entry Submission
Dates : 2009.8.10 (Mon) ~ 2009. 8. 14 (Fri)
Submission: [email protected]

* Detail will be followed by email after submission of application

Submission Material
1. Application Form
2. Project Presentation
– PPT or PDF file format, less than 10Mb
– less than 10 pages
– 1st page to be included 4 digit application number
– Korean or English to be used

Ken Yeang, RIBA, FAIA
Kerl Yoo, AIA
Moongyu Choi
Tesoc Hah, RIBA

1st Prize (1 project): Award Certificate and 2,000,000 KRW
2nd Prize (1 project): Award Certificate and 1,000,000 KRW
3rd Prize (4 projects) : Award Certificate and 500,000 KRW
Honorable Mention (10 Projects) : Award Certificate

* The winner will be given the opportunity of exhibition and publication. The prize money will be given for exhibition.

Location: Seoul, Korea

Award Ceremony and Exhibition Schedule
Jury Date : 2009. 8. 17 (Mon)
Result Announcement : 2009 8 18 (Tue)
Award Ceremony : 2009. 8. 27 (Thu)
Exhibition : 2009. 8. 28 (Fri) ~ 2009. 9. 6 (Sun)
Publication : 2009. 10.

sa Office: [email protected]

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Collaboration with Nature Competition.