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post updated 22 October 2021

Argentina Architectural News

Contemporary Argentina Architecture News, chronological:

Argentina Architecture Designs – chronological list

22 Oct 2021
Encode Offices, Córdoba
Design: Avendaño – Boffi – Ferreyra, arquitectos
Encode Offices Córdoba
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
Encode Offices, Córdoba Property
Faced with the commission to propose a programming-oriented space for Encode Offices that could include the new trends that pose labor equity, connection, integration and recreation, Avendaño – Boffi – Ferreyra, arquitectos set the challenge of ensuring that architecture also represents these intentions.

21 Oct 2021
Memory House – Workshop, Córdoba

15 Oct 2021
Artist Studio – Cabañas Los Nidos, Los Nogales, Jujuy
Design: Barq’s architecture workshop
Artist Studio Jujuy Argentina
photo : Mavi Habil
Artist Studio, Jujuy
This project was born in 2017 with the commission to design three cabins of different dimensions to be built in the town of Los Nogales, 15 km from San Salvador de Jujuy. As designers of a mountain city (Alta Gracia, Córdoba), the landscape is a great component of our works and is a key piece when creating architecture.

4 Oct 2021
Standard 69, Córdoba
Design: CAPÓ studio
Standard 69 Córdoba
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
Standard 69, Córdoba Restaurant
CAPÓ studio planned Standard 69’s concept as a gastronomic experience based in the product, with small sharing plates with flavours from around the world. The idea was to create a place that delivered high quality food and service in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

7 Oct 2021
Textural House, Ciudad De San Francisco

20 Sep 2021
Crizia Oyster Restaurant, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Design: also architecture + anotherofda
Crizia Restaurant Ciudad de Buenos Aires
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
Crizia Restaurant, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Working on a haute cuisine gastronomic project was a challenge and a learning experience. The initial requirement of the client was austerity. The architectural project should not be imposed over the gastronomic proposal.

25 Aug 2021
Camellia Mixed-Use Complex, Villa Allende, Córdoba
Design: Estudio I LZ
Camellia Córdoba Mixed-Use Complex
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
Camellia, Córdoba Mixed-Use Complex
Camellia is a residential and commercial complex of 6 houses with 2 bedrooms and a commercial area. On a 600 sqm plot located north of the central area of the city of Villa Allende. In a urban environment in constant renovation and mostly residential, its location is privileged due to its proximity to service infrastructure and shops in the city.

25 Aug 2021
Atelier I, Pasaje Benjamín Gould 669 – Barrio Güemes, Córdoba
Design: Blasco Giraudo for Grupo Flaner
Atelier I Córdoba Argentina
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
Atelier I, Córdoba Building
Eight 45 sqm departments / offices make up Atelier I. A building located in Barrio Güemes, Córdoba Capital, Argentina. Intended for groups of young artists, designers, photographers, musicians, actors as well as legislators, lawyers, judges and accountants.

19 Jun 2021
Municipality Building, General Deheza, Córdoba
Design: Arq. Alejandra González
Municipality of General Deheza Córdoba
photo : Architect Gonzalo Viramonte
Municipality of General Deheza, Córdoba
Built in 1947, the Municipality Building is one of the first ones in the city of General Deheza. In its beginning, a public school for arts and crafts for women worked there, then different government agencies and after that the Public Registry and Monitoring Center.

29 May 2021
Dental Spa, Rio Tercero, Córdoba
Design: Karlen + Clemente
Dental Spa Rio Tercero Córdoba
photo : Architect Gonzalo Viramonte
Dental Spa, Rio Tercero Córdoba
The site is located in a central and sanitary area of the city of Rio Tercero. Its dimensions are 10.00 m wide x 15.00 m deep. Functionally, the two-storey project fits within the concept of an outpatient clinic.

20 May 2021
Dome Business Plaza, north corridor of Avenida del Libertador, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Design: Forcinito Architects
Dome Business Plaza, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
image courtesy of architects practice
Dome Business Plaza, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
This premium office building, with 81 units and 4 commercial premises on the ground floor, is located in a key corner of the north corridor of Avenida del Libertador, within the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

13 May 2021
Casa La Georgina, Villa Mercedes San Luis

9 May 2021
CB Mona, Villa Mercedes San Luis

14 Apr 2021
Main Park Condominium, Buenos Aires

14 Apr 2021
Margot Restaurant, Barrio Guadalupe

14 Apr 2021
Stella Artois – Mercat, Buenos Aires Bar

13 Apr 2021
MG Housing, Córdoba City Property

11 Apr 2021
Kavak Office

12 Feb 2021
GIASA Real Estate Business, Villa María

4 Feb 2021
Creative Origin Shop, Villa María

1 Feb 2021
FRISTO Frozen Market, Villa María

18 Jan 2021
Rafaela Sapper Firefighters Detachment, Santa Fe

16 Dec 2020
Casa Agro Office, Córdoba

16 Dec 2020
Huemule Domes, Santa Cruz

9 Dec 2020
Lula’s Loft, Buenos Aires Interior

5 Oct 2020
Avenida Cordoba 120 in Buenos Aires
Avenida Cordoba 120 Buenos Aires Building
image courtesy of Foster + Partners
Avenida Cordoba 120 Buenos Aires Building
Construction begins on 35-storey office tower building at a key junction between city centre and harbour area main entrance. Through its materiality and spatial variety, it offers flexible workspaces for a range of companies, while enhancing its urban surroundings.

Argentina Houses
Argentina Houses – for the latest properties added

14 Sep 2020
Azaleas Housing Complex, Villa Allende

30 Jul 2020
Rancagua Station in Villa Retiro, Córdoba

24 Jun 2020
FITSHIP Gym in Business City, Córdoba

13 Apr 2020
Jardín Nº 1207 Dra. Sara Faisal, Santa Fe Kindergarten

3 Apr 2020
Collegiate Entreverdes Building in Buenos Aires

28 Mar 2020
Lazzarini Optics, Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba
Architects: Castellino Arquitectos
Optica Lazzarini Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba
photo : Architect Gonzalo Viramonte
Optica Lazzarini in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba Shop
The program’s resolution retained three “hard” and immovable sectors, the cash register area, the workshop area and the contact lens cabinet area, the rest were storage and display spaces.

16 Mar 2020
AER La Pampa Building in Buenos Aires

12 Feb 2020
Bocatoma Taproom, Cerro de las Rosas, Córdoba
Architects: VS Arquitectura
Bocatoma Taproom Cerro de las Rosas Cordoba
photo : Architect Gonzalo Viramonte
Bocatoma Taproom in Cerro de las Rosas, Córdoba
This craft brewery is located on a main avenue in the middle of a gastronomic boom. The clients have their own craft brewery in Rio Segundo, which is why, evidencing that they are producers was the fundamental requirement.

11 Jan 2020
Ñato – Restaurant in Barrio Jardín, Córdoba

9 Jan 2020
Judiciary Building in Nechochea, Buenos Aires Province

7 Jan 2020
Paroissien Street Office Building Ciudad de Buenos Aires

3 Oct 2019
Tokin Sushi Bar in Cordoba

30 Aug 2019
Deam Offices in Cordoba

12 Aug 2019
University Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Cordoba

1 Aug 2019
El Clásico de Quilmes Bar in Buenos Aires

22 Apr 2019
Lucciano’s, Av. De los Lagos 7010, Nordelta, Tigre
Architecture: FERRO & assoc.
Luccianos Ice Cream Shop in Nordelta Buenos Aires - Argentina architecture news
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
Luccianos Ice Cream Shop in Nordelta
This shop is the 34th of the Argentinian artisan ice cream cream company established in by Christian and Daniel Otero.

10 Apr 2019
Seguí Studio Apartment, Palermo, Buenos Aires
Architect: Carol Burton
Segui Studio Apartment in Buenos Aires - Argentina architecture news
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
Seguí Studio Apartment in Buenos Aires
The purpose of this architectural intervention is to rethink the internal space of a small apartment within a Palermo building built in the 1940s.

24 Mar 2019
White Curve Housing in Cordoba

27 Jan 2019
Plazza Jewelry in Villa María, Córdoba

23 Jan 2019
Ricky Fast Food Restaurant, Banfield, Buenos Aires
Design: Además arquitectura
Ricky Fast Food

22 Jan 2019
GZ Weekend House, Buenos Aires
Design: Además arquitectura
GZ Weekend House in Guernica Buenos Aires
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
New Weekend House in Buenos Aires
This project located inside a country-club in Guernica, arises from the need of building a weekend house with the particularity of being inhabited by two families.

15 Jan 2019
Casa Cándida, Villa del Dique, Córdoba
Architecture: Karlen + Clemente
New Property in Córdoba - Argentina architecture news
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
New Property in Córdoba
From Karlen + Clemente’s study they try to interpret each project according to variables that can be synthesized in a single response, in a practical, concrete and, to the extent of our possibilities, artistic.

12 Jan 2019
Lucciano’s Ice Cream Café, Córdoba
Architecture: FERRO assoc.
Luccianos Ice Cream Cafe in Cordoba Argentina architecture news
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
New Café in Córdoba
This is the flagship store in Cordoba of Lucciano’s, the ice cream company established in 2011 by Christian and Daniel Otero, who want to satisfy the most demanding customers of artisan ice cream.

24 Oct 2018
MF House in La Plata

24 Sep 2017
CITO Centro de Investigaciones y Tratamiento Ocular, Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Design: BAAS – Brunzini Arquitectos y Asociados, architects
CITO Centro de Investigaciones y Tratamiento Ocular in Buenos Aires
photo : Andrés Negroni
CITO Centro de Investigaciones y Tratamiento Ocular
The CITO Surgery center is a specialized ophthalmology facility. The site location being so highly dense provides many sustainable benefits to the occupants of the building. Having close access to public transport, supermarkets, restaurants and other resources, can results in reduction of car usage for employees and patients.

30 Dec 2016
Nordelta Tigre Yacht Club House, Buenos Aires
Design: Estudio Ramos, architects
Nordelta Tigre Yacht Club House
photograph : Daniela Mac Adden
Nordelta Tigre Yacht Club House in Buenos Aires

17 Oct 2016
Buenos Aires Pedro Residence
Design: VDV ARQ, architects
Pedro House
photograph : Curro Palacios Taberner
Buenos Aires Residence

6 Oct 2016
MD House, Bariloche, Río Negro, Patagonia región
Design: ALRICGALINDEZ Arquitectos
House in Bariloche - Argentina architecture news
photo : Alric Galindez and Albano Garcia
House in Bariloche, Río Negro

1 Sep 2016
Valeria House, forest of Mar Azul – Valeria del Mar, Pinamar, Buenos Aires
Design: BAK arquitectos
Valeria House
photo : Daniela Mac Adden
New House in Pinamar
The purpose was to do an intervention in a place of significant landscape value, an opportunity to propose alternatives for design and construction, considering caring of the natural environment as a fundamental premise.

19 Aug 2016
Torcuato House Pavilion, Olivos Golf Club, Malvinas Argentinas, Buenos Aires
Design: Besonías Almeida arquitectos
Torcuato House Pavilion Argentina architecture news
photo : Federico Kulekdjian
Torcuato House Pavilion in Buenos Aires
The commission arises from the principals need to have an enclosure where they can be isolated from the activity of the house, and then facilitate the development of functions more relaxed and much more connected with the landscape.

25 Apr 2016
Casa Rampa, Patagonia
Design: Andrés Remy Arquitectos
Ramp House Patagonia
photo : Alejandro Peral
Ramp House in Patagonia

21 Apr 2016
New House, San Benito District, Escobar, Buenos Aires
Design: Besonías Almeida arquitectos
San Benito House Argentina architecture news
photo : Federico Kulekdjian
San Benito House in Buenos Aires

9 Mar 2016
La Parra Winery, Colegiales, CABA Argentina
Design: Epífita Arquitectura
La Parra Winery Building
photography : Estudio MiGO
La Parra Winery in Buenos Aires
All architecture is ephemeral and is future support for other architectures or activies. The ephemeral may be transferred to new media that is always constituted as a recipient of multiple configurations and variations through minimal efforts.

2 Apr 2015
New City Hall Buenos Aires, Parque Patricios
Design: Foster + Partners, architects
New City Hall in Buenos Aires Argentina architecture news
image from architects
New City Hall in Buenos Aires
Lord Foster visited Argentina for the opening of the new Buenos Aires Ciudad Casa de Gobierno, a sustainable building for the Mayor and 1,500 staff. It is the first civic project in Argentina by the celebrated British architecture practice.

Bicentennial Civic Center Córdoba Argentina

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