Cervantes Building, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Designed by Grizzo Studio, the Cervantes Building project consisted of the renovation and re-functionalization of a single-family home in a chalet from the 90s in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which the architects converted into a mixed-use apartment building, two homes, an architecture studio and a dental clinic

ÁBACO Decoration Store, Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

In the heart of the city of Villa Carlos Paz, Ábaco deco store began to experience a new resurgence from an old property. A store that speaks of home decoration, a store with products for them and them. With a strong premise of focusing the work on reusing, not demolishing, reinterpreting the use of existing spaces and transforming them to give them a new life, the intention took place in a property from the 50s.

Magnolia Collective Housing, Córdoba, Argentina

Designed by estudioLZ, Magnolia is a housing complex of 8 houses and two pre-existing houses. Located to the north of the peripheral area of the city of Villa Allende, Argentina. In an urban environment, where a large natural contour can be seen near the Saldan River, which had a great influence on the composition of the project

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