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Sagrada Familia Motor Center in Cordoba

5 February 2024

Architecture: EEG Estudio Echaniz Gallo

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Sagrada Familia Motor Center Cordoba Argentina

Photos by Gonzalo Viramonte

Sagrada Familia Motor Center, Argentina

Once again our clients at Centro Motor, exclusive representative for the city of Córdoba of the Toyota brand, entrusted the studio with the creation of the after-sales and service location, also known as 2S.

Sagrada Familia Motor Center Cordoba Argentina

The project located on Av. Sagrada Familia 258, a few meters from Av. Colón. It was developed in a pre-existing building, to which modifications and improvements were made in order to adapt to the needs of the new activities to be carried out.

The progress of the work was planned in 4: façade/entrance/after-sales room, administration and management, services, workshop.

Sagrada Familia Motor Center Cordoba Argentina

At the entrance/facade, we sought to renew and highlight the building; a border was placed that occupies the total width of the land in which the brand stands out, emphasizing the entrance of vehicles. Users enter the building through a semi-covered space which stands out for the use of a double-height ceiling made of black lacquered barrisol, accompanied by LED strips that run the entire after-sales salon is followed by a large portico, made of red alucobond, which frames the double glass doors.

The after-sales room is distinguished by its natural lighting thanks to the glass system towards the façade, through which you can see the entire exterior.

Sagrada Familia Motor Center Cordoba

Inside it we can notice two uses: firstly, a waiting room that has a table with connectivity, and at the same time a space with armchairs for greater comfort, as well as a large interactive screen and a self-service cabinet. Suspended from the ceiling is an oval luminaire specially designed to embrace this space. In a second area are the customer service desks that are accompanied by a custom-made luminaire.

The use of biophilia was incorporated with the aim of renewing the oxygen of the environment, its location was planned according to the orientation of the most favorable sunlight for its growth.

The entire ceiling was made of white barrel perforated with acoustic properties with the exception of the sector on the workstations in which we worked with a rectangle of rounded tips in black lacquered barrel.

Sagrada Familia Motor Center Cordoba

The Administration and management is divided into the area of spare parts, guarantees, boxes and savings plans on the ground floor and on the upper floor there is the multipurpose room, a private office, rack and dining room/kitchen, and services.

The workshop is located in the back of the building where new air conditioning systems were installed, and replacement of metal ceilings, blind plates were replaced with translucent ones to generate natural light, epoxy paint on the floor and walls in accordance with the requirements and uses of each sector.

From the aforementioned resources and interventions, it was possible to generate spatial and visual continuity, as well as fluid circulation, forming the building as a unit, which responds to both the function and aesthetics to be implemented according to the new manuals and standards of the brand.

Sagrada Familia Motor Center Cordoba

Sagrada Familia Motor Center in Cordoba, Argentina – Property Information

Architecture Office: EEG Estudio Echaniz Gallo –

Project Name: Sagrada Familia Motor Center

IG: @estudioechanizgallo
Contact email: [email protected]
Office Country: Argentina

Construction completion year: 2023
Built area: 1160.36 m2
Location: Av. Sagrada Familia 258, Córdoba, Argentina.

Sagrada Familia Motor Center Cordoba

Photography Credits: Arch. Gonzalo Viramonte
Instagram Photographer: @gonzaloviramonte
Photographer E-mail: [email protected]

Sagrada Familia Motor Center in Cordoba, Argentina images / information received 050224 from Gonzalo Viramonte

Location:Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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