House Encuentros, San Luis, Argentina

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House Encuentros in San Luis

19 October 2023

Design: Architect Daniela Lusich

Location: San Luis, Argentina

House Encuentros San Luis Argentina

Photos by Arq. Gonzalo Viramonte

House Encuentros, Argentina

Casa Encuentros focuses on family life and friendships. It proposes to integrate the interior space to the natural environment, achieving balance in daily and social life.

House Encuentros San Luis

The territory

The main challenge was to generate a panoramic view towards the emblematic lake near the area, where some houses located nearby interfered with the scene.
As a solution, a natural 2 meters high elevation was used, starting at the southern end of the site. Moving towards the north, it levels the semi-basement where the domestic area and garages of the house are located.
This organic slope is part of the aesthetics, but it also provides functional elements, which allows the rain to drain, and elevates the main subject of interest: the panoramic terrace.

House Encuentros San Luis Argentina

The views

The terrace was built at the highest point, and it is considered the heart of the gathering. It invites you to enjoy the widest views offered by the environment, revealing the relief, the lake and the sky at all times.

House Encuentros San Luis Argentina

The interior

Its H-shaped structure is single-story. Entering through the main façade to the north, you can see the swimming pool, the gallery, and the translucent windows that merge the exterior views with the interior; the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room are integrated into a single environment.

House Encuentros San Luis

The distribution of the spaces in “Casa Encuentros” is designed to be inhabited in a dynamic way: enter and leave, go up and down, celebrate and rest.

House Encuentros San Luis

The social sectors of the north area connect through a corridor with the south area and its private sectors: two en-suite bedrooms and a room that functions as a playroom, desk or bedroom, with folding doors that allow closing or expanding for privacy from the rest of the house.

House Encuentros San Luis

The corridor

On the east and west sides of the corridor, two patios fill all the rooms with natural lighting.
The east patio joins the domestic area: the kitchen, the storage room and the garage, to provide comfort for daily use.
Similarly, the west patio joins the social area: the dining room, the living room and the entrance to the panoramic terrace.
At the southern end of the corridor there is a key intersection: all the landscapes blend together providing a 360° view of both the interior and exterior of the house.

House Encuentros Argentina

The materials

The construction is characterized by noble, organic, durable and timeless materials that do not interfere with the habitat and do not require any maintenance: concrete, stone, and recycled wood.

House Encuentros Argentina

The range of colors is neutral and sober, just as the surrounding context, but without losing its personality. Fabrics, leather, wood and natural fibers were used in the interior design. The art curatorship stands out for its organic shapes, colors and materialities that fill up each space of the house. Understanding the character of the natural environment, and taking advantage of it in order to weave it into the architecture, is part of DLM Arquitectura’s stylistic imprint.

House Encuentros Argentina

House Encuentros Argentina


The sun protection and privacy of “Casa Encuentros” is generated by its sunshades. They can be opened to take advantage of the views, or closed to enjoy privacy. During the night, “Casa Encuentros” issues lighting at key points, dim, natural, and reinforcing the concrete slab to create a comfortable atmosphere and to encompass the nocturnal personality.

House Encuentros Argentina

Highlights of this Modern San Luis House

Some of the highlights of the character of “Casa Encuentros” are:

. Its protagonist views: from the terrace, from the corridor, or from the infinity pool.
. Spaces designed for sharing.
. Its organic quality that takes advantage of the surrounding nature without losing its charm and contemporaneity.

House Encuentros Argentina

House Encuentros in San Luis, Argentina – Property Information

Architecture Office: Architect Daniela Lusich

Oficina de Arquitectura: DLM Arquitectura
Sitio Web: @dlm_arquitectura
E-mail de contacto: [email protected]
País de la Oficina: Argentina

Año finalización construcción: 2022
Superficie construida: 305.00m2
Ubicación: La Florida, San Luis, Argentina.

Arquitectos a Cargo: Arq. Daniela Lusich Marinoni
Equipo de Diseño: DLM Arquitectura
Ingeniería: Ing. Tomas Boulocq

House Encuentros San Luis Argentina

Créditos Fotografía: Arq. Gonzalo Viramonte
Sitio Web Fotógrafo/a: @gonzaloviramonte
E-mail de Fotógrafo/a: [email protected]

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Location: San Luis, Argentina, South America

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