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Bunker House in Province of Buenos Aires

22 Feb 2023


Location: Rincón de Milberg, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Bunker House Rincón de Milberg Province of Buenos Aires

Photos by Alejandro Peral

Bunker House, Argentina

Bunker is located in the northern zone of Gran Buenos Aires, in a private urbanization with a consolidated and rhythmic fabric of two-story houses that surround a golf course and its lagoons. The house is implanted on a generously sized lot oriented towards the north at its back with close perspectives towards the course and long views of the surrounding vegetation.

Bunker House Rincón de Milberg Buenos Aires

The Bunker house begins by exploring the transition between the public and the private with the simple premise of generating a purely opaque facade towards the front and a completely transparent one towards the back, using displacement as a resource to organize the plan. The idea of a journey that exposes the architecture to the senses of the user who moves through it promotes a dynamic of sequential approaches that allows for the discovery of different environments and their spatialities, transforming the most mundane aspects of daily life into a sensory experience.

Bunker House Buenos Aires Argentina Bunker House Buenos Aires Argentina

The tour begins on the street, because that is where the architecture begins. As we approach the house, we are greeted by a simple but powerful volumetry, a concrete plane appears on the upper part reconstructing the front, and below it, a passage invites us to enter with different covered and uncovered situations that filter the arrival to the entrance. To the left, the garage and to the right, a music room with independent access stand guard, and upon crossing them, a first internal courtyard characterized by a pond of aquatic plants leads us to the entrance door.

Bunker House Buenos Aires

Upon entering, we find a double height with an upper internal courtyard that bathes the access situation with natural light. Around this space, the areas of use of the house are organized: towards the front of the lot, the service sector with its own circulation, and towards the garden, the social area. This vertical cut links with the private areas of the house on the upper floor.

Bunker House Rincón de Milberg Province of Buenos Aires Bunker House Rincón de Milberg Buenos Aires

The service area has its own lateral access that supplies the garage, laundry with pantry, a service bedroom, and a guest suite on the ground floor. A visible concrete partition contains the staircase, and upon passing it, an integrated space of formal living and dining room is revealed, contained by a library that separates it from the kitchen and its daily dining area.

Bunker House Buenos Aires Bunker House Buenos Aires Argentina

An internal courtyard links the most daily social areas with a large space of a grill and bar that seems to break with the logic of a square implantation, seeking the back of the lot as if it were an arm that rests on the left side and seems to embrace the first garden situation and the pool that colonizes the closest outdoor spaces. The grill area has fully sliding windows to integrate with this first garden laterally and towards the back with a second garden that ends in the background of the lot.

Bunker House Rincón de Milberg Buenos Aires

Ascending through the double height, we are greeted by an internal courtyard that dresses the upper circulatory space. Through it, a blind concrete partition runs from side to side, serving as a backdrop and transforming this space into a bunker that provides privacy to the area of intimate uses. Three en-suite bedrooms and the master suite are organized around the figure of this courtyard and open up to the surrounding spaces.

Bunker House Buenos Aires

Towards the golf course, a homogeneous facade is formed through the use of a curtain wall with solar control that seems to reflect the surrounding landscape. The cinema room and services of the main suite take advantage of the privacy and natural lighting of the internal courtyard. The choice of materials is minimized, enhancing the volumetric synthesis that characterizes the house. Exposed concrete plays a leading role and forms the main envelopes. The use of smooth formwork provides a uniform finish and highlights the vertical planes that make up the volumes. These volumes appear without openings or cuts, but some of their faces are dematerialized through the use of large glazed panels, maintaining the continuity of slabs and walls to generate envelopes.

Bunker House Rincón de Milberg Province of Buenos Aires

These concrete elements seem to rest on stone volumes with horizontal glass fissures, giving an effect of weightlessness that is enhanced by the presence of large eaves. To complete the materials palette, recycled black wpc and wood shingles are used, which provide lightness and warmth to the house. It provides transparencies and spatial insinuations of a very cubic volumetry, like a sort of contradiction. The integration of materials and the continuity of vertical and horizontal elements enhance the dematerialization of boundaries. At all times, interior floors become exterior and internal ceilings seem to extend towards the exterior space in the form of eaves, creating a sort of flow of spaces and continuity between the closest exterior spaces.

Bunker House Buenos Aires

Bunker House in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Building Information

Architects: OON ARCHITECTURE – http://www.oonarchitecture.com/

Project size: 600 sqm
Completion date: 2022
Building levels: 2

Bunker House Rincón de Milberg Buenos Aires Bunker House Rincón de Milberg Province of Buenos Aires

Photographer: Alejandro Peral

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Location: Rincón de Milberg, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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