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CM House in Cordoba, Argentina

26 April 2024

Architecture: MZ architects

Location: Bela Vista Río Ceballos neighborhood, Córdoba, Argentina

CM House Cordoba Argentina residence

Photos by Gonzalo Viramonte

CM House, Argentina

Several years have passed, and I still remember perfectly when a renowned professor of Architecture from the National University of Córdoba spoke about how important it is for the city to spatially configure the corner. The neighborhood, area or place does not matter, it only matters to configure a key space in the city.

CM House Cordoba Argentina residence

This present teaching, added to the natural conditions of the terrain and the requirements on the part of the client, is that we began to outline the first ideas of this great project.

CM House Cordoba Argentina residence

From the first moment we imagined a typology that was flexible enough to arrange and enjoy the different spaces according to the requirements, trying at the same time to express the new family modalities in lines.

CM House Cordoba Argentina

Thus, we proposed a large, flexible and adaptable space, which houses the living room, kitchen, dining room, barbecue area and garage, free of any type of rigid partition, allowing through aluminum carpentry to open and close spaces, configuring scenes and needs – and use at ease.

CM Casa Cordoba Argentina

In turn, a presence entrance for the house, accompanied by a staircase that gives the sensation of levitation just by looking at it, finishes off the rest of the ground floor along with a study.

CM Casa Cordoba Argentina

On the upper floor there is an en-suite bedroom, two bedrooms with their respective bathrooms and the laundry room. Yes, laundry room on the upper floor, so that clothes do not have to circulate throughout the house when washing them; everything remains in the place where it is washed and stored, everything in the same

CM House Cordoba Argentina

Morphologically, this is where the greatest challenge lies. Having a lot above the street gave us the possibility of placing the desired morphology on a podium. Thus, in response to a particular requirement, we arranged an L-shaped split, to close the corner and not only hinder the views of passers-by towards the patio, but also to protect us from unfavorable facades from the climate.

CM House Cordoba Argentina residence

On the upper floor, something with the studio’s own stamp was proposed, but with a detail that distinguishes it from what has been done so far: building a completely closed box towards the south and super permeable towards the north, which, in addition, gives us the best visual. Thus, we proposed a system of fixed aluminum parasols that protect the carpentry that faces the hallway, achieving the desired privacy and, above all, the effect of a completely closed box.
CM House Cordoba Argentina

A cantilever of almost three meters over the entrance door, partly with a roof and partly without a roof, located right at the corner of the lot, and a pedestrian access ramp make up the entrance.

CM House Cordoba Argentina

The backyard
For the patio, we arranged the pool so that it is easily accessed from the ground floor as well as from the master bedroom through a secondary staircase. The athermal deck and the jacuzzi inside, responding to the client’s request, give it a special character.

CM House Cordoba Argentina residence

A great challenge for us to be able to imagine, project and build this home. Now, all that’s left to do is enjoy it!

CM Casa Cordoba Argentina

CM House in Cordoba, Argentina – Property Information

Architecture Office: MZ architects –

Contact email: [email protected]
Office Country: Argentina

Construction completion year: 2023
Built area: 320.00 sqm
Location: Bela Vista Río Ceballos neighborhood, Córdoba, Argentina

Architects in Charge: Marchetti Guillermo – Zuliani Emiliano

CM Casa Cordoba Argentina

Photography Credits: Arch. Gonzalo Viramonte
Instagram Photographer: @gonzaloviramonte
Photographer E-mail: [email protected]
Website Photographer: @gonzaloviramonte

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Location:Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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