Panorama House, Province of Buenos Aires

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Panorama House in Buenos Aires

24 Feb 2023


Location: Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Panorama House Province of Buenos Aires

Photos by Alejandro Peral

Panorama House, Argentina

Casa Panorama is located on a 1000 sqm plot facing a lagoon and develops on 500 sqm distributed over three levels. The single-family dwelling is undoubtedly the most elementary architectural piece, but this does not necessarily mean that the design reflection is always the same. Formal and spatial exploration, context, and connection with the customs of those who will live there make us delve into the search for new ways of living.

Panorama House Province of Buenos Aires Argentina

Although our home is the refuge that protects us from the outside world, it does not mean that it should separate us from it. On the contrary, that refuge should generate an encounter between the interior and exterior worlds; a habitable transition that transforms the everyday into sensible facts. In line with this idea, Casa Panorama seeks to integrate a vegetation and water-rich environment into each of the spaces of the house.

Panorama House Argentina

Panorama House Argentina

Not only do the main rooms dissolve their limits with glazed exterior frames, but the more sheltered areas, such as bathrooms and circulation areas, have internal landscaped courtyards. This makes the relationship with vegetation not only with the landscape but also with intermediate landscape situations that make up the passive design of the house. In summary: to mark the green within architecture as a sensory response for a reinvention of habitat. The volumetry shows a marked geometric imprint that defines its gestuality through straight lines and pure planes that enhance horizontality.

Panorama House Province of Buenos Aires Argentina

Volumes emptied to be inhabited are organized as compositional pieces supported on each other, without intercepting or interrupting each other. Always showing their structure and dematerializing their faces, the volumes form the tectonic character of the project from its conception.” The material as a premise ” The color palette – the authors continue the description – was tried to be reduced to two groups of materials: the stony and the wooden, all in their natural state. The exposed concrete appears as the main envelope, and the travertine floors provide their uneven character.

Panorama House Argentina Panorama House Province of Buenos Aires

Various types of woods, such as incense and kiri, add warmth to the ceilings, interior volumes, and sunshades installed to regulate the entry of sunlight. The functional areas are grouped into clear programmatic volumes that are divided by level. Some secondary ones, such as the wine cellar or the service sector, are distinguished by the use of dark wood as a differentiating element.

Panorama House Province of Buenos Aires Argentina Panorama House Province of Buenos Aires Argentina

As we approach the house, the main exposed concrete slab creates a large semi-covered area. This space features a series of perforations that define different green spaces and filter the transitions from the garage to the entrance door. A concrete cube that seems to support the plane covering us stops us to show the main door. Once inside, we are greeted by a library that composes an internal wooden volume, and, together with a secondary circulation and the vertical core, divides the service area and the social areas’ playroom.

Panorama House Province of Buenos Aires

A large integrated space of kitchen-dining-living, fully glazed, seems to merge with the gallery and the nearest exterior, and an upper slit in the slab allows nature to approach, crossing the floors covered with vegetation and letting natural light invade without permission. At all times, the interior floors and ceilings become exteriors, creating a kind of flow in the spaces that seem to have no physical limits.

Panorama House Province of Buenos Aires

The pool appears colonizing its surroundings, following the gallery, and visually connects the interior with the lagoon through the water. On the upper floor, a central axis marked by the linear staircase divides the two wings of bedrooms. One towards the front, which has two semi-suite bedrooms and a third en suite. Towards the back appears the master suite with full views of the lagoon.

Panorama House Province of Buenos Aires Argentina

A glass skin runs through it along its entire length and allows the dressing room and bathroom to appear integrated and have the same views of the lagoon and an upper internal patio. On the next level, and as a culmination of the volumetry, a large concrete tray appears containing a private desk with a terrace and enjoys impressive views of the exterior.

Panorama House Argentina

Panorama House in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Building Information


Project size: 500 sqm
Site size: 1000 sqm
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 3

Panorama House Province of Buenos Aires

Photographer: Alejandro Peral

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Location: Rincón de Milberg, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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