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post updated 28 February 2024

House designs

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of new property designs. We aim to include Residential Properties that are either of excellent quality.

We cover completed Residential buildings, new home designs, architectural exhibitions and housing competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary residential buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

Contemporary Property Designs – Latest Houses

New Properties – latest additions to this page, residences from V-Z, arranged chronologically:

February 16, 2024
Woodland Retreat, Austin, Texas, USA
Design: Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture + Interior Design
Woodland Retreat Austin Texas property
photo : Whit Preston
Woodland Retreat, Austin, Texas property

Feb 6, 2023
Wabi Sabi Residence, near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Design: Sparano + Mooney Architecture
Wabi Sabi Residence in Emigration Canyon, Utah
photo : Matt Winquist
Wabi Sabi Residence in Emigration Canyon

Sep 4, 2022
Wilmette Residence, Wilmette, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Architects: Nicholas Design Collaborative
Wilmette Residence Cook County Illinois - American Houses
photo : Van Inwegen Digital Arts
Wilmette Residence, Cook County Illinois

July 22, 2022
West Residence, Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, USA
Architecture: concrete
West Residence New York Apartments
photo : Ewout Huibers
West Residence, New York Apartments

9 March 2022
Villa H1, S. João da Madeira, Norte region, Portugal
Design: Bruno H Gomes, Arquitectura
Casa H1 S. João da Madeira Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa H1, S. João da Madeira

Aug 20, 2021
Water Mill Residence, The Hamptons, Long Island, New York State, USA
Design: Mojo Stumer Associates
Water Mill luxury house in The Hamptons, Long Island
photo : Mark Stumer
Water Mill residence in The Hamptons, NY

Mar 2, 2021
Villa Ruchello, Santa Monica

June 4, 2020
Westport Residence, Lake Champlain, upstate New York, USA
Architect: Jill Porter
Westport Residence Lake-champlain New York State
photo © Jim Westphalen
Westport Residence on Lake Champlain

Apr 21, 2020
Yellowstone Residence, Big Sky, Montana, USA
Architects: Stuart Silk Architects
Yellowstone Residence Big Sky Montana
photo © Aaron Leitz
Yellowstone Residence in Montana

Jan 19, 2019
Wilkinson Residence, Oregon, USA
Design: Robert Oshatz Architect
Wilkinson Residence Portland Oregon - American Houses
photo : Cameron Neilson
Wilkinson Residence

2 May 2014
Yzerfontein Residence, Pearl Bay, Yzerfontein, South Africa
Design: SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects
Yzerfontein Residence

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New Properties 2006 – 2013

10 Oct 2013
Villa Escarpa, Praia da Luz, Algarve, southern Portugal
Design: Mario Martins
Villa Escarpa Algarve - Portuguese Houses
photo : Fernando Guerra (FG+SG)
Villa Escarpa

31 May 2013
Valongo House, Porto, northern Portugal
Design: CNLL
Valongo House Portugal
photo : Nelson Garrido
Valongo House

22 Aug 2013
Villa S, Upper Austria
Design: TWO IN A BOX Architects
New Properties - Villa S Upper Austria
photo : Simon Bauer
The villa is L-shaped and aligned to the south-west featuring generous glazing to the porch in front of the house and a garden with water areas. The light hill-side location, the expanded ground floor facing the street and the carport form a generous forecourt and entrance hall.

20 Aug 2013
Wind Vault House, Singapore
Design: Wallflower Architecture + Design
New Properties - Wind Vault House Singapore
photo : Jeremy San
As the brief was substantial, the overall form of the house needed to be pushed to the envelope limits. Naturally, there are also other considerations; the context and proximity of neighbouring homes, the daily sun path and the prevailing winds. Conceptually, the house design by Wallflower Architecture + Design is a raised reinforced concrete tube whose open ends are oriented in a general north-south direction.

20 Aug 2013
The Wall House, Singapore
Design: FARM, Architects
The Wall House Singapore
photo : Bryan van der Beek and Edward Hendricks
This is a tale of two houses – similar looking, yet independent and coming together to form a coherent whole. The two blocks sit on a sprawling piece of land, belonging respectively to the retired parents and one of their children.

26 Jun 2013
Villa 4.0, Naarden, The Netherlands
Design: Dick van Gameren
New Properties - Naarden Residence
photo : Pedro Kok
The principle guiding the architects for this new intervention was to create a house that is sustainable and to reinstate the lost relationship between the house and the landscape. The first step was to preserve as much as possible of the existing house, limiting both the amount of waste and of new materials.

17 May 2013
West Lake Hills Residence, Austin, Texas, USA
Design: Specht Harpman
West Lake Hills Residence Texas
photo: Taggart Sorensen
On a densely tree-covered site in the Austin, Texas exurb of West Lake Hills, Specht Harpman was tasked with the renovation and expansion of a modest 1970’s house. Much of the original internal structure was maintained, but the alterations sought to erase all visible traces of the original house.

4 Jul 2013
Weekend House, Kovagoszolos, Hungary
Design: Borsos Ágnes
New Properties - Weekend House Hungary
photo : Akos Matetelki
The capital element of the architectural concept was to keep in respect that scale of order, while adding the natural terrace system to its functions of today’s life complements. Modern materials were used, with the aim to ensure sustainability; the substances were weatherproof and time resistant.

4 Apr 2013
Villa W, Frankfurt, Germany
Design: Ian Shaw Architekten
New Properties - Villa Frankfurt
image from architect
This white, monolithic house will reside in a suburb of Frankfurt. From the street it will appear impenetrable, so delineating a clear demarcation between the public and private realms.The building’sfront elevation is articulated as a series of windowless blocks, its recessed entranceway the only glazed element of its north facing façade.

31 Jan 2013
Zero Energy House, Lokeren, Belgium
Design: BLAF Architecten
New House in Belgium
photo : Stijn Bollaert
26 Feb 2013 – The allotment creates a condition that is both generic and specific, context and non-text. The house deals with this condition in an apparently indifferent way, whilst in fact it is questioning the allotment: it is reformulating the concept of the front, side and back facade by addressing the surroundings in equivalent ways, and it is consciously leaving any kind of fencing behind.

20 Jan 2013
New Property in Thailand
IDIN Architects
New Property in Thailand
photo : Spaceshift Studio
21 Jan 2013 – As a house, the function areas of living room, dining room, and service are supporters for the private areas of bedrooms. The bedrooms are like the boat which the river is supporting underneath for sailing. The idea was developed into the building orientation by maintaining the basic elements but completely reveal the story, functions and context.

16 Oct 2012
Whale House, Toronto, Canada
Design: Atelier Reza Aliabadi > rzlbd
New Properties - Toronto house
photo : borXu Design
The Whale house is another spatial experiment by rzlbd, a monochromic contemporary manifesto that evolves around a central detached box painted in red standing free inside a three storey height foyer. The building appears to have swallowed the box symbolizing the contemplation space inside the spacious jaw of the whale that swallowed Jonah.

10 Oct 2012
Winged House, Singapore
Architect: K2LD Architects Pte Ltd
Winged House Singapore
photo : Patrick Bingham Hall
A private family residence situated on a uniquely shaped triangular plot, the Winged House frames the site with two prominent forms – the trapeziums. These forms open towards the main view at the back of the site where 3 existing majestic palms are, and of lush greenery. These embracing forms carve out and frame a middle garden for friendly and private gatherings.

4 Sep 2012
Villas Isla de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
CMV Architects
New Houses
photograph from architects
The construction consists of a cubic volume that is placed in the plot in order to release surface in the south zone where the swimming pool is located. Open spaces are designed, with great openings to the outside based on the orientation to the sun. This way, the relation between the interior and the outside is present from any point of the dwelling.

3 Aug 2012
V4 House, São Paulo, Brazil
Architecture: studio mk27 – marcio kogan + renata furlanetto. Interiors: studio mk27 – diana radomysler
New Properties - Casa V4 house São Paulo
photograph : Nelson Kon
With each new project contemporary architecture is forced to optimize spaces and use the maximum of each square meter of the site. V4 House is a rare anti-example. Its occupation of the land is very far from the maximum coefficient.

added 6 Apr 2012
Vame, Pearl Bay, Yzerfontein, South Africa
SAOTA Architects
Pearl Bay House
photos : SAOTA
South African Holiday Home

added 2 Apr 2012
Voelklip Beach House, Hermanus, near Cape Town, South Africa
SAOTA Architects and Antoni Associates
Voelklip House
photo : SAOTA & Adam Letch
Voelklip Beach House

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Valtos House, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, UK
Valtos House
photo © Keith Hunter

Villa 1, The Netherlands
New Properties - Villa 1
photograph : Bas Princen

Villa ad Alzate, Italy
New Properties - Villa ad Alzate
photo : Filippo Simonetti – Brunate

Villa Berkel, The Netherlands
New Properties - Villa Berkel
image : Pieter Kers

Villa con piscina, Italy
New Properties - Casa del Masso
photo : Filippo Simonetti – Brunate

Villa Dali, The Netherlands
Villa Dali
photograph : Christiaan de Bruijne

Villa Deys, The Netherlands
New Properties - Villa Deys
photo : Rien van Rijthoven

Villa Gardone, Lake Garda, Italy
New Properties - Villa Gardone
picture Courtesy Richard Meier and Partners

Villa L, The Netherlands
Villa L
picture from architect

Villa L Almere, The Netherlands
New Properties - Almere Residence
photograph : T.T.B.

picture © Christian Richters

Villa Pinia, Latvia
New Properties - Villa Pinia
image : Jari Jetsonen

Villa Roces, near Bruges, BelgiumHouse Roces
photo : Tim Van de Velde

Villa Röling, The Netherlands
Villa Röling
picture : Pieter Kers

Villa at Toten, Norway
New Properties - Villa at Toten
photograph from architect

Villa Valldoreix, Spain
Villa Valldoreix
photo from architect

Villa Valk, The Netherlands
Villa Valk
photograph : Pieter Kers

Villas Fasano, Brazil
Villas Fasano
photo : Leonardo Finotti

Wave Rider House, Australia
New Australian House
picture from architect

Westmere House, New Zealand
Westmere House
photo © Mark Smith

Whale Beach House, Australia
Whale Beach House
courtesy of Kraig Carlstrom

White House Strand, Norway
White House Strand
photograph : Ivan Brodey

White House, Scotland
White House Coll
photo : Ross Evans

Wicklow House, Ireland
Wicklow house
photograph : Ros Kavanagh / ODOS architects

Wilson Residence, Australia
Wilson Residence
photo : Peter Scott

Windhover, Ireland
Windhover House
photograph : Paul Teirney

Wind-dyed house, Japan
Wind-dyed house
photograph : Hiroshi Ueda

Witikon Villas, Switzerland
Witikon Villas
photograph : Gaston Wicky

X House – Ecuador Building
X House
image : Sebastián Crespo

Yokohama House, Japan
Daylight House Japan
photograph : Koji Fujii / Nacasa&Pertners Inc.Zen house, Japan
Zen house
picture from architect

Zimmerman House, USA
New England house
photo : Adrian Welch

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