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Modern House – 20th Century Property

Modernist Residential Architecture across the globe – 20th Century Homes

Modern Houses

This page lists the principal Modern House designs across the globe. e-architect aim to select Modernist residences that are either of top quality or interesting or ideally both.

Key Modernist architects include Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius. Frank Lloyd Wright and Alvar Aalto designed Modern homes but generally in a more contextual style rather than the ‘International Style’ associated with Modernism. One of the most famous Modern homes is by Pierre Chareau – the Maison Dalsace or ‘House of Glass’ in Paris. Towards the end of the 20th century architects such as Luis Barragan developed the Modern style of architects such as Le Corbusier and added their own mark on the Modernist tradition, resulting in some beautiful home designs.

Villa Tugendhat : Villa Tugendhat, Czech Republic, designed by celebrated 20th Century architect Mies van der Rohe:
Villa Tugendhat
photo from architects
Villa Tugendhat Brno

We cover completed Modern Houses, architectural exhibitions and property design competitions.

Modern Homes – Major Examples

Architect: Property, Location

Aalto, Alvar: Villa Mairea, Noormarkku, Finland
Aalto, Alvar: Own House, Helsinki, Finland
Aalto, Alvar: La Maison Louis Carre, France
Ando, Tadao: Azuma House, Japan
Ando, Tadao: Koshino House, Japan
Ando, Tadao: Kidosaki House, Japan
Barragan, Luis: House & Atelier for Luis Barragan, Mexico
Barragan, Luis: Fuente de los Amantes, Los Clubes, Mexico
Barragan, Luis: Cuadra San Cristobál, Los Clubes, Mexico
Breuer, Marcel: Koerfer House, Switzerland
Breuer, Marcel: Stillman House III, CT, USA
Breuer, Marcel: Gagarin House II, CT, USA
Chareau, Pierre: Maison Dalsace (Maison de Verre), France
Corbusier, Le: Villa Savoye, France
Corbusier, Le: Villa Stein, France
Corbusier, Le: Villa La Roche Jeanneret, France
Corbusier, Le: Sarabhai House/ Shodhan House, Ahmedabad, India
Goff, Bruce: Bavinger House, Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Goff, Bruce: Joe Price House & Studio Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA
Goff, Bruce: The Ford House, Aurora, Illinois, United States of America
Goldfinger, Ernö: 2 Willow Road, Hampstead, London, England
Gwynne, Patrick: Homewood House, Esher, Surrey, England, UK
Johnson, Philip: Johnson House, New Canaan, Connecticut, USA
Lescaze, W. E.: High Cross House, Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon, England, UK
Lloyd Wright, Frank: Kaufmann House, United States of America
Lloyd Wright, Frank: Houses in Oak Park and River Forest, USA
Lloyd Wright, Frank: Taliesin East/ Taliesin West, USA
Loos, Adolf: Villa Müller, Prague, Czech Republic
Loos, Adolf: Tristan Tzara Home, Montmartre, Paris, France
Meier, Richard: House in Old Westbury, United States of America
Meier, Richard: Douglas House, United States of America
MLTW [Moore, Lyndon, Turnball and Whitaker]: The Sea Ranch, USA
Neutra, Richard: Kaufmann Desert House, USA
Office for Metropolitan Architecture : Maison á Bordeaux, France
Office for Metropolitan Architecture : Villa Dall’Ava, Saint Cloud, Paris, France
Tremaine: House in Montecito, southern California
Van der Rohe, Mies: Farnsworth House, United States of America
Van der Rohe, Mies: Brick Villa, Germany
Venturi & Rauch: Vanna Venturi House/ Peter Brant House, USA
Venturi & Rauch: Carl Tucker III House, United States of America

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Frognal Road House
picture © Nick Weall

Modern Housing

Atelier 5: Terrace Houses at Flamatt, Switzerland
Atelier 5: Halen Housing Estate, Switzerland
Atelier 5: Apartment in Brugg, Switzerland
Aymonino, Carlo + Aldo Rossi: Housing Complex, Gallaratese Quarter, Milan, Italy
Chareau, Pierre with Bijvoet, Bernard: Maison Dalsace, Paris, France
Corbusier, Le: L’Unite d ‘habitation, Marseilles, France
Corbusier, Le: L’Unite d ‘habitation, Berlin, [West] Germany
De Klerk, Michel: Eigen Haard Housing, The Netherlands
De Klerk, Michel: Apartment Blocks Henriette Ronnerplein, The Netherlands
Erskine, Ralph: Byker Redevelopment, Newcastle, England, UK
Gaudi, Antonio: Casa Batllo, Barcelona, Spain
Gaudi, Antonio: Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain
Horta, Victor: Hotel van Eetvelde / Maison et Atelier Horta, Brussels, Belgium

Celebrated Modern residence – International Style : form follows function:

Farnsworth House, Illinois, USA : Mies van der Rohe, Architect
Farnsworth House
image © gm+ad architects

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Modernist Houses in more detail

Major Modernist Homes, chronological:

Schröder House, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Gerrit Rietveld
A famous Modern house, De Stijl design, influenced by Mondrian

Wittgenstein House, Vienna, Austria
Paul Engelmann & Ludwig Wittgenstein (philosopher)
Modern home for Margaret Stonborough

E1027, Roquebrune-Cap Martin, France
Eileen Gray

Maison Clarté, Geneva, Switzerland
Le Corbusier

Schminke House, Lobau, Germany
Hans Scharoun, architect

Casa Malaparte, Capri, Italy
Adalberto Libera & Curzio Malaparte

Wichita House, Kansas, United States of America
Richard Buckminster Fuller

Sugden House, Watford, England
Alison & Peter Smithson, architects
Not very well known home by famous Modern architects

Vanna Venturi House, Pennsylvania, USA
Robert Venturi
Another famous modern house – postmodern design, for his mother, Vanna Venturi

Koerfer House, Tessin, Switzerland
Marcel Breuer

Capsule House K, Karuizawa, Japan
Kisho Kurokawa, architect
Late 20th Century classic – urban housing withinthe Modern tradition

Moebius House, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos – UNStudio

House, Darmstadt, Germany
Peter Behrens, architect
Early Modern house

House (for his father), Shaanxi, China
Ma Quingyun, architect

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Modern Architecture Funding – Getty Foundation Keeping it Modern – 29 Jul 2016

Modern Architecture Conservation Grants 2016 – Keeping It Modern by the Getty Foundation – 29 Jul 2016

English Houses

Modern Architects + Modern Architecture

Casa Mila La Pedrera, Barcelona : Antoni Gaudí, Architect
Spanish house
photo © Adrian Welch

Modern Houses : images of key 20th Century residences

Casa Batllo – Barcelona House by Antoni Gaudí Architect

Contemporary Houses

New Houses – Key Contemporary Properties

Tokiwa House, Japan : Kenji Tagashira
Contemporary Japanese House
house picture : Kei Sugino

Klein Bottle House, nr Melbourne, Australia : McBride Charles Ryan
Australian House
house picture : John Gollings

Maison á Bordeaux, France : OMA
Maison á Bordeaux
house image : Hans Werlemann

Slice House Brazil, Porto Alegre, Brazil : procter-rihl, architects
Brazilian house
house image : Marcelo Nunes

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