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We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of New Properties. We aim to include New Property / residential projects that are either of good quality. We cover completed homes, new residential designs and architecture competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary properties.

New Property Designs – latest additions to this page:

Lubelso Home, Victoria, Australia – 21 Aug 2013
Design: Canny
New Property Designs - Lubelso Home Victoria
photo : Shannon McGrath
Lubelso’s Premium Double Storey Contemporary home was selected from the Lubelso Range for its broad appeal and suitability to the location. The modern, contemporary design was commensurate to the surrounding built form whilst making a subtle statement with its distinctive elegant lines and evident attention to detail. The home sits proudly amongst other grand homes in the area and thus, enhances the streetscape.

Jamberoo Farm House, near Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – 19 Aug 2013
Design: Casey Brown Architecture
New Property Designs - Jamberoo Farm House Sydney
photo : Patrick Bingham-Hall
Located on the edge of the coastal escarpment south of Sydney, the site enjoys beautiful views of rolling green hills and a distant panorama to the sea. The clients brief sought a new country residence with private guest accommodation and large entertaining areas. A microclimate of heavy rains, strong winds and western sun had to be addressed, coupled with the need for the new works to sit comfortably within the established character of a complex of existing buildings.

Kew House, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 19 Aug 2013
Design: Nic Owen Architects
New Property Designs - Kew House
photo : Rhiannon Slatter
The design solution by Nic Owen Architects resulted in little change to the overall footprint, consisting of the removal of a late rear extension ‘meals room’ and replacing it with ‘the claw’. Aptly named by the owners the new family-room embraced the sloping land reaching up to the rear raised garden.

Kloof 151, Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa – 25 Jul 2013
Design: SAOTA – Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects
New Property Designs - Kloof 151 Clifton Cape Town
photo : SAOTA
The client’s brief was for a family home with a guest and a ‘work-from-home’ wing spread over two levels. The home was not only to enjoy the dramatic views of the Clifton beaches, but also to engage with the natural fynbos on the slopes of Lion’s Head to the North.

Levin Residence, Arizona, USA – 11 Jul 2013
Design: Ibarra Rosano Design Architects
Levin Residence
photo : Bill Timmerman
The sun’s path and the client’s goals of having no steps combined into a design that needed to lift up off the ground in order to satisfy everything for which we were asked. Positioning the house to face the slightly east of south (the ideal solar orientation) means that the floor starts tangent to the earth on the east end and remains level as the land slopes downward, leaving the floor floating above the desert.

Landscape Villas, Ruurlo, The Netherlands – 2 Jul 2013
Design: Uri Cohen Architects
New Property Designs - Landscape Villas Holland
photo from architect
Due to the delicate location of the 2,200 sqm yard in the entrance to the new neighborhood in Ruurlo and the historical monumental farm behind the location, the municipality has announced an architectural competition. This scheme is based on the ambiguity of the location; on one hand it is a sequence of large objects on the edge of the neighborhood and on the other hand it is a part of the neighborhood of one family house.

La Selva Show Villa, Catalonia, Spain – 14 May 2013
Design: Studio RHE
PGA Catalunya Villa Spain
image from PGA Catalunya
Overlooking the perfected landscape of the PGA golf course we described a simple arced line in the landscape. This line of local Catalan stone creates a strong visual and structural anchor throughout the site for the contemporary house design, as sculpture in the landscape.

Laternser Valley Mountain Cabin, Austria – 1 Apr 2013
Marte.Marte Architects
Austrian Mountain Building
photo : Marc Lins
This is an intriguing rectilinear building, a rather pure retreat, dug into an Alpine slope. The boxy form is simply expressed and its light-coloured palette lets it merge into the snow in the winter months. The small tower is constructed from rough concrete but inside it is ‘warmer’ with various elements made from wood, notably the solid oak window frames. The two levels of the building are connected by a spiral staircase.

House in New Plymouth, New Zealand – 20 Mar 2013
Design: Saunders Architects
New Property Designs - House in New Plymouth
photo : Mark Harris
Situated up a long driveway far from the road this home is in a private setting surrounded by trees and with a beautiful distant view towards the Tasman Sea. The owners’ brief called for a large two storey home that was “different” but functional and easy to live in.

Lucerne Classic Car House, Auckland, New Zealand – 1 Nov 2012
Daniel Marshall Architects
Lucerne Classic Car House
photo : Emily Andrews / Ernie Shackles
Sited on the edge of the ancient crater that embraces Orakei Basin with extravagant views to inner Waitamata harbour and Auckland city. The brief for Daniel Marshall Architects was very specific, with garaging a number of classic cars a primary concern.

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New Homes, alphabetical:

Industrial Designer House, Japan
Industrial Designer House
image : Masao Nishikawa

Jellyfish House, Marbella, Spain
Marbella house
picture : Jan Bitter

Jigsaw Dublin, Ireland
Dublin house extension
photo : Ros Kavanagh

Juniper house, Sweden
Juniper house
picture : Åke E-son Lindman

JustK, Tübingen, Germany
photograph : Brigida González

Kames House, Scotland
Kames House
image from architect

Kangaroo Valley House, Australia
Kangaroo Valley House
photograph © Brett Boardman

Karaka Bay House, New Zealand
Karaka Bay House
photo © Mark Smith

Kelardasht Villa, Iran
Kelardasht House
image from architect

Keyhole House, Kyoto, Japan
Keyhole House
photograph : Koichi Torimrua

Khan House, London, UK
Khan House
photo : Sue Barr

Klein Bottle House, Australia
Klein Bottle House
image : John Gollings

Knoll Maleny Residence, Australia
New Property Designs - Knoll Maleny Residence
photo © Aperture Architectural Photography

Korinkyo House, northern Japan
New Property Designs - Korinkyo House
photograph by Makoto Nakayama

Kurakuen Residence, Japan
Kurakuen House
photograph : Eiji Tomita

Kurakuen II House, Japan
New Japanese house
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai

La Caracola seashore house, México
New Property Designs - La Caracola seashore house
photo : PCW and Roberto Beltran

Lal Lal Cabin, Australia
New Property Designs - Lal Lal Cabin
photograph : John Brash

L2Q House, Seattle, USA
L2Q House Seattle
image : Thomas M. Barwick Photography

La Reserva House, Chile

Laggan House, Scotland
New Scottish House
image : Andrew Lee

Lake Bled House, Slovenia
Lake Bled House
photograph : Tomaz Gregoric

Lake Mälaren house, Sweden
Lake Mälaren house
photo : Åke E’son Lindman

Lake Superior Weekend House, MN, USA
Lake Superior House
photograph : Peter Kerze

Landscape Room, Ireland
Adamstown Central
photo : Christopher Heaney + LiD Architecture

Large Tree Home, Bulgaria
New Property Designs - Large Home Tree
photo : Borislav Ignatov

Leaf House, Sydney, Australia
Leaf House
photo : Hugh Rutherford

Leap House, Australia
New Property Designs - Leap House
image from architect

Leiden House, The Netherlands
Leiden House
photograph : Luuk Kramer

Leijser House, Scotland
New Property Designs - Leijser House
picture : Keith Hunter

Lemesos House, Cyprus
New Property Designs - Lemesos House
photo : Andy Soteriou / Christos Papantoniou

Libeskind Villa : ‘House of the Future’
Libeskind Villa
image from SDL

Lidingo houses, Sweden
Lidingo houses
photograph : Ake Eson Lindman

Lightwell house, Japan
New Property Designs - Leijser House
image : Yoshiyuki Hirai

Lismhor House, Scotland
Modern House Scotland
photo from houseowner

Little one-room house with a curve, Japan
Little one-room house with a curve
photograph from architect

Ljubljana house, Slovenia
New Property Designs - Villa Old Oaks
image : Tomaz Gregoric

Long house, London
New Property Designs - St Johns Wood house
photograph : Hélène Binet

LOVE HOUSE, Yokohama, Japan
photo : Masao Nishikawa

Lower Mill Estate, England
New Property Designs - Oxfordshire House
image from architect

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Dupli.Casa, Germany – contemporary residence
Ludwigsburg house
picture : David Franck Photographie

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