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New Home Designs

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of new property designs.

We cover completed Residential buildings, new home designs, architectural exhibitions and housing competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary residential buildings.

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TreeHouse, Naxxar, Malta – 28 Aug 2013
Design: Galea&Galea Architects
TreeHouse Malta
photo : Homeworks Malta
TreeHouse represents the timeless expression of Maltese contemporary residential values. By challenging the traditional concept of the dwelling and reinterpreting the role of local techniques and materials, the design concept explores sustainable adaptive reuse in a dynamic context. The fluidity of space is expressed horizontally in the open plan layout and vertically via the stairwells that flow through and fold in on the various levels, creating a vibrant backdrop to the lifestyle of the residents.

Tred Avon River House, Maryland, USA – 20 Aug 2013
Design: Robert M. Gurney Architect
House in Maryland
photo : Maxwell MacKenzie Architectural Photographer
This contemporary American house is crisply detailed and minimally furnished to allow views of the picturesque site to provide the primary sensory experience. The house was designed as a vehicle to experience and enjoy the incredibly beautiful landscape, known as Diamond Point, seamlessly blending the river’s expansive vista with the space.

Under Pohutukawa, New Zealand – 14 Aug 2013
Design: Herbst Architects
Under Pohutukawa New Zealand
photo from architect studio
The site with which the architects were presented was extremely challenging in that it was 90% covered in mature pohutukawa trees, the site being a part of a continuous belt of forest that edges the road along the beach front. The circumstances not so much allowed, but dictated a sensitive poetic response to a building that, in order to exist would require the destruction of a large number of mature trees. To do this the architects looked to the trees themselves to give us the cues that we needed.

Under the Moonlight House, Victoria, Australia – 31 Jul 2013
Design: Giovanni D’Ambrosio
Under the Moonlight House Australia
photo from architect practice
This residential project tries to integrate itself in the site through use of materials that have been used before and that are part of local historical background. House’s shape resembles typological archetypes used by country-men and cowboys that lived in the area. Stone, wood and metal are materials used for both structure and construction of the Project.

Tucson Mountain Retreat, Arizona, USA – 21 May 2013
Design: DUST
Tucson Mountain Retreat Arizona
photo © Jeff Goldberg / Esto
Elegant rammed earth house for Karen and David Francis whose primary residence is in San Diego. David grew up in Arizona so the Tucson Mountain Retreat and living in the desert are like a homecoming for him.

Three Glens Eco House, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland – 14 May 2013
Design: Mark Waghorn Architects
Three Glens Eco House Scotland
photo from architect
With the building process completed, Three Glens, the ultra modern eco farmhouse is finally a reality. Designed by Mark Waghorn Architects, Three Glens is a 450m2 five-bedroom farmhouse situated on a working farm near the village of Moniaive, Southwest Scotland. Its owners Mary and Neil Gourlay, are the third generation of the Gourlay family farming in the Cairn Valley.

U House, Ericeira, Portugal – 24 Aug 2012
Design: Jorge Graça Costa
Property Designs - House for a Professional Surfer
photograph : Fernando Guerra, FG + SG
A sustainable House for a Professional Surfer
The U House located in Ericeira, a World Surfing Reserve, was designed for José Gregório three times national Surf champion and a well known big wave rider, his wife and two daughters. This 300 Square meter house occupies a big lot, surrounded by a dense mesh of trees, on top of a hill overlooking Saint Lorenzo Bay. Our mutual interest in sustainability didn’t keep us from wholeheartedly embracing modern design.

Toblerone House, São Paulo, Brazil
Architecture and interiors: studio mk27 – marcio kogan + diana radomysler
Toblerone house São Paulo
photograph : Nelson Kon
The basic concept of the Toblerone House can be described as a unique image: a free first floor with large sliding glass doors which support a wooden box delimited by concrete beams. The first floor houses the collective program, with living room, utilities and kitchen. On the second floor are the three bedrooms, the den and a home theater. The conceptual and programmatic simplicity of the house joins a structural simplicity: a 14-pillared grid, organized in two lines, support the construction.

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Tangga House, Singapore
Property Designs - Tangga home Singapore
picture : Patrick Bingham Hall

Tangram House, Brazil
Tangram House Brazil
picture from architect studio

Te Kaitaka House, New Zealand
Property Designs - Te Kaitaka House
photo © Mark Smith

Te Mata House, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Property Designs - Te Mata House
photo © Mark Smith

Tel Aviv House, Israel
Tel Aviv House
photograph from architecture firm

Tokiwa House, Japan
Property Designs - Tokiwa House
picture : Kei Sugino

Triangle House, Norway
Triangle House
photograph : Ivan Brodey

Triangular House, Ecuador
Property Designs - Triangular House
picture from architects firm

Tugendhat Villa Brno, Czech Republic
Property Designs - Modern Villa
image : Adrian Welch

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