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Contemporary House Architecture – Examples of Innovative Homes – B

post updated 28 February 2024

House designs

New Residential Properties – Latest Houses

Residential Architecture News arranged chronologically:

September 24, 2023
Bevel House, West Lake Hills, Texas, USA
Design: Dick Clark + Associates
Bevel House Texas Southern USA
photo : Paul Bardagjy
Bevel House, Texas, USA

September 15, 2023
Bronwood Home Remodel, Los Angeles, Southern California, USA
Architecture: Blue Truck Studio
Bronwood Home Remodel

Feb 28, 2023
Bastion, Oregon, USA
Architects: Steelhead Architecture
Bastion House Oregon USA
photo : Jeremy Bittermann
Bastion House, Oregon, USA

Aug 11, 2021
Blue Bell Barn, Pennsylvania, USA
Design: Voith and Mactavish Architects
Blue Bell Barn Conversion Pennsylvania
photograph : Jeffrey Totaro
Blue Bell Barn Conversion, Pennsylvania

15 Jun 2021
Box House, Romarigães, Paredes de Coura, Northern Portugal
Architect: Tiago Sousa
Box House Romarigães Paredes de Coura
photography : Ivo Tavares Studio
Box House, Romarigães Paredes de Coura

23 Dec 2020
Beiriz House, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
Design: Raulino Silva Architect
Beiriz House Povoa de Varzim
photo : João Morgado
Beiriz House, Póvoa de Varzim

Apr 20, 2020
Boxy Bridge, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
Architects: SILO AR+D
Boxy Bridge House Fayetteville Arkansas
photo © Aaron Kimberlin
Boxy Bridge House in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Feb 6, 2020
Bouldin Creek Residence in Austin, Texas Home

Oct 23, 2019
Big Pine Retreat, Mazama, Washington, USA
Design: Prentiss + Balance + Wickline
Big Pine House Mazama WA
photo : Eirik Johnson
Big Pine House in Mazama, Washington

18 Jul 2019
Box XL Houses, Braga, Northern Portugal
Architects: Grupo Zegnea
Box XL Houses Guimaraes Braga
photography © João Morgado
New Houses in Guimarães, Braga

15 May 2019
Beachyhead, Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape Province, South Africa
Design: SAOTA
Beachyhead by Plettenberg Bay

18 Oct 2018
Beyond Residence, Cape Town, South Africa
Design: SAOTA – Stefan Antoni and Leah Johnson
Beyond Residence in Cape Town

Jun 14, 2018
Bailer Hill Residence, Friday Harbor, Washington, USA
Architects: Prentiss + Balance + Wickline
American Houses in Friday Harbor
photography : Eirik Johnson
Bailer Hill Residence in Friday Harbor, WA

Jun 4, 2018
Barrio Historico House, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Architect: HK Associates
Barrio Historico House in Tucson Arizona
photo : Bill Timmerman
Contemporary Home in Tucson

21 May 2013
B&N House, Madrid, Spain
Design: A-cero Architects
B&N House Madrid
photo from architects
B&N House
A-cero presents one of its latest projects of single – family detached house. It is a comprehensive reform of existing home whose owners found the need to reform both externally and internally to update its image.

29 Apr 2013
Brian Road House, Morningside, Johannesburg, South Africa
Design: Nico van der Meulen Architects
Brian Road House
photo from architect
Brian Road House
This 1960’s home, located in a prime area in a quiet cul-de sac of Johannesburg has been completely renovated. The glass wall between the living areas and the lanai folds completely away to create one huge living space, with the second lounge area leading onto the garden, and the dining opening onto the moat.

12 Mar 2013
House in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa
Design: Nico van der Meulen Architects
New House in the Serengeti
photo from architect
House in Bryanston
Upon entering through the gatehouse you look down the sloping driveway with several large cantilevers protruding from the building, some in rust, other areas clad with unfilled travertine, and an atrium behind a mentis grating screen. The front door is a large piece of pivoted frameless glass, leading into a double volume entrance hall and formal lounge with a view across the lounge and pool into the garden beyond.

13 Nov 2012
New Property in Turkey – Bodrum Houses
Design: Richard Meier & Partners
New House in Turkey
photo : Richard Meier & Partners
New Property in Turkey
Richard Meier & Partners unveils the first completed project in Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula, one of a series of new houses. These contemporary properties are typical for this famous american architect, using simple white-painted columes. Each prototype’s plan remains fixed regardless of its location.

15 Jan 2013
Bridge House, Achterhoek, The Netherlands
Design: 123DV architecture
Bridge House Netherlands
photo : Christiaan de Bruijne
Bridge House
This contemporary villa is set in a newly developed estate in the tree-lined landscape of the Dutch Achterhoek. Sustainability inspired the design of the house. The villa is self-sufficient. At any time, the occupants can go off the net without losing their energy supply.

Residential Properties : B

Residential Designs, alphabetical:

Bahia house, São Paulo, Brazil
Bahia house
photo from FD

Balancing Barn, Suffolk, England
Suffolk Holiday Home
design picture from the architect

Ballymahon home, Ireland
Ballymahon house - Residential Properties
picture : Richard Hatch

The Barn House, New Zealand
The Barn House
photograph : John Sheridan

Barn House Flanders, Belgium
Barn House
image : Kris Vandamme

Barrow House, Australia
Barrow House - Residential Properties
photo : Peter Bennetts

Barvikha Villa, Moscow, Russia
Moscow house
picture : ZHA

Barvikha Village House, Moscow, Russia
Barvikha House
photo : Alexey Naroditskiy

Bay Residence, Long Island, USA
Bay Residence
photo : Jeff Heatley

Belihuloya Mountains House, Sri Lanka
Belihuloya Mountains House - Residential Properties
photograph from architect

Bell-Simpson home, Scotland
New scottish home
photo from NORD

Bigger is Better House, USA
Bigger is Better House
image from architects

Big Rock House, Australia
Big Rock House - Residential Properties
image from architect

Biscuit House, nr Lyon, south of France
Biscuit House
picture from architects

The black floatings, Chiba, Japan
House in Yotsukaido - Residential Properties
photograph from architect

Black House, Kobe-city, Hyogo, Japan
Black House - Residential Properties
photograph : Yoshiharu Matsumura

Black House, Cambridgeshire, England
Black House England
photo : John Donat

Black & White House, Kuwait
Black & White House Kuwait
picture : Nelson Garrido

blowhouse – design, Flinders, Australia
design image : Courtesy of Paul Morgan Architects

The Blue house, London, UK
FAT house
photo © Adrian Welch

Blue Rock House, New York, USA
Austerlitz Home - Residential Properties
image from architect

Bluff Farm House, NSW, Australia
New Australian House
picture : Brett Boardman

Boukyo house, Japan
Boukyo house - Residential Properties
image from architect

Boxhome, Oslo, Norway
Boxhome Residential Properties
photo from architects

Bradley Residence, Arizona, USA
Bradley Residence
photo : Bill Timmerman

Brittlebush, Wisconsin, USA
American Desert Dwelling - Residential Properties
photograph from architect

Broken House, Katowice, Poland
Broken House - Residential Properties
image from architect

Butler House, Melbourne, Australia
Butler House Residential Properties
photo : Peter Bennetts

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