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Contemporary Houses

We choose significant and interesting examples of Contemporary House Designs. We aim to include Residential Properties that are either of top quality. e-architect try to cover completed Contemporary Residential buildings, new house designs and housing competitions across the world. Our focus is on contemporary residential buildings.

Contemporary Property Designs – latest additions to this page, chronological:

Melkbos, Cape Town, South Africa – 23 Aug 2013
Design: SAOTA
Melkbos Residence Cape Town v
photo : SAOTA
This contemporary house tries to engage with the beautiful weather-beaten west coast landscape. The road-facing screen wall which mirrors the roughness of the landscape, is separated from the refined and highly detailed living spaces by a skylight which runs the full length of the house. From this screening element, the house is organized in a linear manner: all rooms have sea views.

Mandalay Beach Villas, Koh Samui, Thailand – 19 Aug 2013
Design: Mandalay Samui Developments
Mandalay Beach Villas Thailand Contemporary House Designs
photo courtesy of Anne Sophie Maestracci (SamuiPics)
The philosophy of Mandalay Beach Villas is crisp, clear and simple. Against a backdrop of unerring modern style and sophistication, we exist to create an unforgettable contemporary tropical experience for you. Beyond the design-led, classy environs, our team members are on a personal mission to create an impressive balance between form and function, inside and out, modern and tropical.

Moka House, Madrid, Spain – 23 May 2013
Design: A-cero Architects
Moka House Madrid
photo : Luis H. Segovia
A-cero presents a reform project of a house on the outskirts of Madrid. The project is intended to respond to customer needs in terms of distribution, placement and surfaces. Housing is developed on 3 levels, willing to 3 different levels. It has sought the perfect functioning of housing in relation to the needs of the property to adapt to an average gradient field and turning the main rooms of the communal areas of the development, looking for a better use of the views and use of free plot surface.

Matsushima Tree House, Miyagi, Japan – 9 May 2013
Design: Tree House Creations
Matsushima Tree House Japan
photo from architect
A lot of the time for this project was spent peeling the bark off of the trees that were sourced for the development. Everybody involved was devoted to do this and complete the design.

House in Muko, Kyoto, Japan – 1 Apr 2013
Design: Fujiwara Architects
Muko Building Contemporary House Designs
photo : Yano Toshiyuki
A mezzanine-floored residence consisting of a single-roomed space, located on a fan-shaped site. The movements of the sun can be felt inside the house all throughout the year. Light coming from the east strikes the louvered boards before entering the house and reaching deep into its interior.

M House, Singera, Moldova – 3 Apr 2013
Design: Marcel Luchian
Contemporary House Designs Moldova
photo from architect
This contemporary house is situated east-west, with most living spaces enjoying maximum daylight via strategically placed ventilating windows to south, east and west. This provides a variety of exposures and views of the surrounding area. Energy-efficient heat pumps provide supplemental heat and air-conditioning on occasions when it is required. Spray-foam insulation was used on all perimeter walls, at the roof and between the first and second floors to maximize the thermal efficiency of the structure.

Contemporary House in México
Design: Eduardo Hernandez Ch.
Contemporary House in México
photograph : Yoshihiro Koitani
18 Dec 2012 – Located in Valle de Bravo lake this contemporary property is located on a steep slope. Bordered by both a stream and by the lake itself, at one very narrow end there is a bridge that provides the only access to the site; the remaining sides are limited by the vegetation of neighbouring constructions and by thick forest.

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Mai Mai building, New Zealand
Mai Mai Contemporary House Designs
photograph : Patrick Reynolds

Main Beach House, Australia
Main Beach House
photo : Scott Burrows

Maison á Bordeaux, France
Maison Bordeaux Contemporary House Designs
photo : Hans Werlemann

Maison Louis Carré, France
Maison Louis Carré Contemporary House Designs
photograph © Collection Maison Louis Carré

Mapledene Road, London, England
Hackney house
photograph from architect

Matilde house, Ireland
Dublin House
picture from architect

Max’s house – design, France
Max's house
image from architect

Mercer Island House, WA, USA
Mercer Island Contemporary House Designs
photo © Jamie Cobeldick

Montblanc house, Japan
Montblanc house
photograph from architect

Montecito Residence, USA
Montecito Residence
picture : Tim Bies

Mormont House, Belgium
Ardenne forests Property Belgium
image from architect

Mountains & Opening House, Japan
Mountains & Opening House Japan
photo : Koichi Torimura

Mountain Retreat, New Zealand
Mountain Retreat
photograph : Patrick Reynolds

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