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We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of New Residential Designs. We cover completed Residential buildings, new home designs and house competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary residential buildings.

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Major Contemporary Residential Designs added to this page:

Residence in Kifissia, Greece – 27 May 2013
Design: Tense Architecture Network
Kifissia Residence - New Residential Designs
photo : Filippo Poli
Metallic columns support a net of inox ropes where plants have started to climb in order to generate a volume equally important to the house’s prisms. When the plants are grown the green screen will be penetrated only by the black central column of the concrete shelter. The basalt-watery surface on which it is based reflects the light in the interior. Exposed concrete is dark tinted where a greater depth, a sense of anchoring was necessary. Artificial light is cautiously managed in order to protect the night and the intimacy that dim light offers.

Roof on the Hill, Japan
Takarazuka Home - New Residential Designs
picture : Kai Nakamura
This is a residential house located in a new development site in Takarazuka, Japan. Because of the solid nature of the ground, we decided to make a building only by putting a roof over the sloped terrain without modifying it. The house, spread on the terraced ground, has 3 meter by 3 meter grid steel frame. It consists of boxes, including a bedroom, a children’s room and a bathroom, and a residual space resulted from the subtraction of the boxes. On top of them is an undulating roof, whose slits allow sunlight to diffuse into the entire interior space.

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Key Contemporary Houme Designs alphabetical:
Red House, Oslo, Norway
Red House - New Residential Designs
photograph : Nils Petter Dale

Redelco Residence, California, USA
Redelco Residence - New Residential Designs
photo : Marvin Rand

Reflection of Mineral, Japan
Reflection of Mineral
Atelier Tekuto, Photo : Makoto Yoshida

The Rink, East Lothian, Scotland
East Lothian House
photo from houseowner

River House, Jamaica, Virginia, USA
River House
photo : Alain Jaramillo, Douglas Bothner

Ronald McDonald House, The Netherlands
Ronald McDonald House
image from architect

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