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post updated 28 February 2024

House designs

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of New Residential Designs. We cover completed Residential buildings, new home designs and house competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary residential buildings.

New Residential Property Designs

Major Contemporary Residential Designs added to this page:

February 10, 2024
Red Oak Residence, Austin, Texas, USA
Design: LaRue Architects
Red Oak Residence Lake Austin Texas
photo : Casey Dunn
Red Oak Residence Lake Austin, Texas property

16 Jan 2024
QL House, Faro, Portugal
QL House Portugal
photograph : Fernando Guerra
QL House, Faro

May 22, 2023
The Reel House, Colorado, USA
Design: Matteo Cainer Architects
Reel House Colorado, Victorian home
image courtesy of architects practice
Reel House Colorado – Victorian home renewal

11 Sep 2022
RCR House, Anadia, central Portugal
Design: Visioarq Arquitectos
RCR House Anadia Portugal
photo : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
RCR House, Anadia

Oct 12, 2021
Ridge Oak Residence, Austin, Texas, USA
Design: Clayton Korte
Ridge Oak Residence Austin
photo © Chloe Gilstrap
Ridge Oak Residence, Austin, Texas

Aug 24, 2021
Reimagined Adobe house, East Austin, Texas, USA
Design: Side Angle Side, Architects
Reimagined Adobe house in East Austin, Texas
photograph : Casey Dunn
Reimagined Adobe house in East Austin, Texas

31 May 2021
Quinta da Marinha House, Lisbon
Quinta da Marinha House, Lisbon

More contemporary new residential designs on e-architect soon.

New Residential Designs 2006 – 2020

30 Sep 2020
Rio Mau 2 House, Vila do Conde, Portugal
Rio Mau 2 House, Vila do Conde

June 15, 2020
Riverbend Residence, Jackson, Wyoming, USA
Design: CLB Architects
Riverbend Residence Jackson Wyoming - American Houses
photo : Matthew Millman
Riverbend Residence in Jackson, Wyoming

June 14, 2020
Red Rocks Residence, Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Architect: The Ranch Mine
Red Rocks Residence in Phoenix Arizona - American Houses
photograph : Roehner + Ryan
Red Rocks Residence in Phoenix, Arizona

May 21, 2020
Rustic Canyon Residence, Santa Monica, California, USA
Design: Conner + Perry Architects
Rustic Canyon Residence Santa Monica CA - American Houses
photography : Taiyo Watanabe
Rustic Canyon Residence in Santa Monica

20 Mar 2018
Restio River House, Pringle Bay, Overberg region, Western Cape, South Africa
Design: SAOTA
Luxury House in Pringle Bay

The Richard and Dion Neutra VDL Research House, California, USA
Design: Richard Neutra Architect; Richard and Dion Neutra Architects
The Richard and Dion Neutra VDL Research House

27 May 2013
Residence in Kifissia, Greece
Design: Tense Architecture Network
Kifissia Residence - New Residential Designs
photo : Filippo Poli
Residence in Kifissia
Metallic columns support a net of inox ropes where plants have started to climb in order to generate a volume equally important to the house’s prisms. When the plants are grown the green screen will be penetrated only by the black central column of the concrete shelter.

Roof on the Hill, Japan
Takarazuka Home - New Residential Designs
picture : Kai Nakamura
Roof on the Hill
This is a residential house located in a new development site in Takarazuka, Japan. Because of the solid nature of the ground, we decided to make a building only by putting a roof over the sloped terrain without modifying it.

New Residential Properties : Q-R

Key Contemporary Houme Designs alphabetical:
Red House, Oslo, Norway
Red House - New Residential Designs
photograph : Nils Petter Dale
The site for the house is a former garden on the east bank of a heavily wooded river valley. The building is placed perpendicular to the stream, to heighten the dramatic potential of the setting and to avoid obstructing the view for the house beyond.

Redelco Residence, California, USA
Redelco Residence - New Residential Designs
photo : Marvin Rand
In 1994, the architects began work on the project and while in construction the owner, due to circumstances beyond his control, halted all construction of the project. The client asked the architect if it were possible to alter/remodel the partially constructed house, which was a remodel/addition to a 1970s ranch style house, into a project that fit into current zoning and structural codes.

Reflection of Mineral, Japan
Reflection of Mineral
Atelier Tekuto, Photo : Makoto Yoshida

The Rink, East Lothian, Scotland
East Lothian House
photo from houseowner

River House, Jamaica, Virginia, USA
River House
photo : Alain Jaramillo, Douglas Bothner
The River House is a weekend retreat located on the Rappahannock River in Virginia. Sited on a preengineered and cleared site, the 3500- square-foot house marks the intersection of three landscapes: natural forest, wetlands, and a mile-wide river.

Ronald McDonald House, The Netherlands
Ronald McDonald House
image from architect studio
The Ronald McDonald House is located on Voordijk in Barendrecht. The brief asked for an environment that would offer a sense of security, a place in which families could relax, meet one another and exchange experiences.

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