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post updated 3 November 2021

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Contemporary Residence – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Guesthouse Ancram New York, USA – 11 Sep 2013
Design: HHF Architects and Ai Weiwei
Guesthouse Ancram - Contemporary Property Designs
photo : Iwan Baan
This property contains a bedroom, a workroom and a gallery for the two collectors’ art. It is designed by the interesting collaboration of Swiss architects and the world-famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

Fishing Lodge in Batak, Bulgaria – 18 May 2013
Design: Simon Gill Architects
Batak Building - Contemporary Property Designs
photo : Mike Daines
The architect says “Our aim was to create an enchanted place that would resonate with the great natural beauty and rich culture of its location. We felt it essential that the house created a presence that connected both to the landscape and Bulgarian traditions, rather than just creating a mute abstract object standing as something ‘other’ in the landscape. And this included reducing the impact of the house on the surrounding environment as far as possible.”

Glass House, Hampshire, England – 15 May 2013
Design: AR Design Studio
Glass House England - Contemporary Property Designs
photo : Martin Gardner
The owner’s love of glass fuelled their brief to construct a beautifully simple sculptural glass staircase and a contemporary glass extension, situated at the rear of the property in the space created by the ‘C’ shape of the building, which would open itself up to the garden.

Major Contemporary Houses added to this page:

Fish House, Sjngapore
Fish House - Contemporary Property Designs
picture : Patrick Bingham Hall
This modern tropical bungalow encapsulates the essence of living in the hot and humid climate of Singapore by creating open spaces which encourage natural ventilation and offer residents views to the ocean. The main design concept is to create a house which has close relationship with nature and this is achieved by having a swimming-pool linking the house with the landscape and ultimately visual connections with the sea.

Grid House, Brazil
Grid House - Contemporary Property Designs
photo from architects
Residential project “Grid House” – Casa Grelha – a house located in the ‘Serra da Mantiqueira’: a small valley was chosen, protected from the winds and close to the forest. Three main issues have guided the project conception: the demand for a single-story house, the wish to establish a direct relationship with the land and nature and also the need to provide privacy to the members of the family, with the main area located in one single building.

Famous Contemporary House:

Farnsworth House, USA
Farnsworth House
image © gm+ad architects
“an icon of 20th century modern architecture”
“The Farnsworth House is one of the most significant of Mies van der Rohe‘s works, equal in importance to such canonical monuments as the Barcelona Pavilion”.

Key Contemporary Homes alphabetical:

Fab Lab House, Spain
Solar house Spain - Contemporary Property Designs
photograph : Adrià Goula

Fallahogey House, Ireland
Fallahogey House - Contemporary Property Designs
image from architects studio

Falvey Home, Australia
Falvey House - Contemporary Property Designs
picture : Shannon McGrath

First & McGraw, Seattle
First & McGraw Washington
photo © Lara Swimmer

Florida Beach House, Western Australia
Florida Beach Home
photo © Peter Bennetts

Fluy House, France
Fluy House
photo © Jocelyne Van den Bossche

Folded House, Austria
Folded House Austria
picture : Max Nirnberger

FP House, Brazil
FP House Brasil
photograph : Leonardo Finotti

Fukaya Home, Japan
Fukaya House
image © Hitoyuki Hitai

Gallery House, Brazil
Gallery House
photo : Fabio del Rey

Garby house, Poland
Garby house
image from architect

Gary Neville House, Bolton, UK
Gary Neville House Bolton
picture from architect

Glashaus, Japan
image © Hitoyuki Hitai

Gooseberry Hill house, Australia
Gooseberry Hill house
photo © Shannon McGrath

Grangegorman house, Dublin, Ireland
Grangegorman house
photograph : Ros Kavanagh / ODOS architects

Great Barrier Island House, New Zealand
Great Barrier Island House
photograph : Simon Devitt

Greenwich home, USA
Greenwich house
photo : David Sundberg/ESTO

Gross House, Switzerland
Gross House
picture © Hannes Henz

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Celebrated housing by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona – flowing organic architecture:
Casa Mila, Spain
Contemporary Spanish home
image © Adrian Welch

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