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Villa 4.0, The Netherlands

Hilversum Home: Contemporary Property in Holland – design by Dick van Gameren Architecten

21 Mar 2016

Villa 4.0. Renovation, Hilversum, The Netherlands

Dutch studio Mecanoo has completed the last of a series of renovations on a 1967 home in Hilversum, The Netherlands, called Villa 4.0., reports designboom.

The original building completed in 2011 was designed by dick van gameren in collaboration with iding interior design and michael van gessel landscape.

26 Jun 2013

Naarden Residence

Design: Dick van Gameren Architecten

Location: Naarden, The Netherlands

Villa 4.0
photo © Pedro Kok

Naarden Residence Holland

The principle guiding our new intervention has been to create a house that is sustainable and to reinstate the lost relationship between the house and the landscape. First step was to preserve as much as possible the existing house, limiting both the amount of waste and of new materials. Outer walls and roofs were modernized by adding insulation and replacing all windows.

Naarden Residence Holland
photo © Pedro Kok

The central section walls were removed to create a new spatial heart for the house; a living hall giving access to all other parts of the house. The physical bond between house and landscape has been consolidated by an all-glass pavilion attached to the living hall reaching out to the brook. The large skylights of the hall turn the original house’s plan into a three dimensional sculptural shape.

Naarden Residence Holland
photo © Pedro Kok

They are also an essential part of the carefully designed system of natural ventilation, the base for the energy concept keeping it comfortable with a minimal energy usage. A floor heating/cooling system is fed by a thermal storage unit. Extra heat sources in winter are a large woodstove in the kitchen and the new glass pavilion that accumulates warmth on sunny days. A solar heat collector on the roof provides the warm water. Further savings of energy are realized by using only LED lighting. All waste water is purified and reused.

Naarden Residence Holland Naarden Residence Holland Naarden Residence Holland
photos © Pedro Kok

Villa 4.0 images / information from Dick van Gameren Architecten

Dick van Gameren architecten, NL

Location: Naarden, the Netherlands

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