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post updated 22 Feb 2020

Selection of New Home Designs

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of New Home Designs. e-architect cover completed homes, new residential designs and architecture competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary residential buildings.

New Homes – latest additions to this page:

Sikamino Residence, Greece – 8 Mar 2013
Design: Tense Architecture Network
New Residence in Greece - New Home Designs
photograph : Stelios Delis
The building shell is of reinforced concrete, exposed on roofs and walls. Iron frames, sun-protecting blinds, metallic shutters palliate the sense of transparency. The sculptural clarity of the concrete roof was attained by means of inversion of all beams but one, which abuts at the central column: the hearth. A tense, twofold merge of the 400m2 residence with its surrounding field is attempted: via an immersing into the ground and a simultaneous covering by the elongated roof.

SU House, Stuttgart, Germany
Design: Alexander Brenner Architekten
New House in Stuttgart
photo : Zooey Braun, Stuttgart
1 Feb 2013 – On a plot in a villa quarter at the edge of a forest in the south of Stuttgart, a villa thoroughly designed down to the smallest detail was build for an art lover and her family.

Stacking Green, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 23 Jul 2012
Architects: Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Ho Chi Minh City House
photograph : Hiroyuki Oki
Whoever wanders around Saigon, a chaotic city with the highest density of population in the world, can easily find flower-pots crampped and displayed here and there all around the streets. This interesting custom has formed the amused character of Saigon over a long period of time and Saigonese love their life with a large variety of tropical plants and flowers in their balconies, courtyards and streets.

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St. Patrick’s Cottages, Ireland
St. Patrick's Cottages - New Home Designs
photograph : Enda Kavanagh / ODOS Architects

St James Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland
St James Clontarf - New Home Designs
photo : Paul Tierney

Santa Elena House, Colombia
Santa Elena House
photo : Carlos Tobon

Santa Monica home, USA
Santa Monica house - New Home Designs
image from architect

Scottish Borders house design, Scotland
Scottish Borders house - New Home Designs
picture from architect

Secret House, Kuwait
Secret House
picture : Nelson Garrido

Secret Guest House, Mexico
El Secreto México
image from architects

Sentosa Cove House, Singapore
Sentosa Cove Building
photograph from architects

SHELL villa, Japan
SHELL villa
Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Signal Station House, Scotland
Signal Station House
photo from architect

Porto Alegre House, Brazil
Brazilian house
picture : Marcelo Nunes

Small House, Sydney, Australia
Small House Sydney - New Home Designs
photo : Trevor Mein

Solar Umbrella, USA
Stanwell Park Home
photo : Marvin Rand

Somosaguas House, Madrid, Spain
Somosaguas House - New Home Designs
picture from architect

Stanwell Park House, Australia
Stanwell Park Home
photograph : Michael Nicholson

Steel Study House II, The Netherlands
Steel Study House - New Home Designs
photograph : Marcel van der Burg

Storage House Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Storage House Tokyo - New Home Designs
photograph : Takumi Ota

Strata House, Japan
Strata House - New Home Designs
picture : Yoshiharu Matsumura

Studio-House Acorán, Canary Islands
Studio-House Acorán - New Home Designs
photograph : Efraín Pintos

Studio 197, Australia
Studio 197 - New Home Designs
photo : Kym Joseph

Summer house Vestfold, Norway
Summer house Norway - New Home Designs
photo : Nils Petter Dale

Sunshine Coast House, Australia
Sunshine Coast House
image from architect

Suntro House, Mexico
Suntro House - New Home Designs
picture from architect

Surfhouse, USA
Surfhouse - New Home Designs
photograph : Art Gray

Swan Street Residence, Australia
Swan Street Residence - New Home Designs
photo © Peter Bennetts

Swiss Alps Home, Switzerland
Swiss Alps House - New Home Designs
photo © Hannes Henz

Sycamore Home, Scotland
Sycamore House - New Home Designs
picture from architect

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