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ViILA NM New York : House by UNStudio

New York State residence, Catskills, USA – design by UN Studio

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ViILA NM, New York, USA
2000-07; destr. 2008
Design: UNStudio Architects

Location: Upstate New York, Catskills, USA

Family summerhouse


Sadly on February 5th 2008 VilLA NM in Upstate New York was destroyed by fire.

ViILA NM New York
photograph © Christian Richters

Family house: simple rectilinear form floating above landscape thus evoking seminal modern houses by Mies van er Rohe (Farnsworth) and Philip Johnson in America

The house was realised in April 2007 and was featured in a number of magazine articles, including a feature in the New York Times Magazine (October 2007).

VilLA NM also received an award in the Bienal Miami 2007 and was the runner up in the Best New Private House category in the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2008.

UNStudio hopes to be able to rebuild VilLA NM in the future.

ViILA NM New York
photograph © Christian Richters

In the design for this single family house the sloping site is used as a device for programmatic and volumetric organization. A box-like volume bifurcates into two separate volumes; one seamlessly following the northern slope; the other lifted above the hill creating a covered parking space and generating a split-level internal organization. The volumetric transition is generated by a set of five parallel walls that rotate along a horizontal axis from vertical to horizontal. The ruled surface maintaining this transition is repeated five times in the building. From inside the huge window strips from floor to ceiling allow a fluid continuity between interior and landscape. From the exterior the reflective glass seams to become one with its surroundings.

ViILA NM New York
photograph © Christian Richters

ViILA NM New York – Building Inforrmation

Client: Anonymous
Location: Upstate New York, USA
Building area: 300 m2
Programme: Single family house
Status/phase: Construction/ realization August 2006
Photography: Christian Richters

ViILA NM New York
photograph © Christian Richters

UNStudio: Ben van Berkel with Olaf Gipser and Andrew Benn, Colette Parras, Jacco van Wengerden, Maria Eugenia Diaz, Jan Debelius, Martin Kuitert, Pablo Rica, Olga Vazquez-Ruano Advisors

Project Consultant: Roemer Pierik, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

UNStudio Media Release

ViILA NM New York ViILA NM New York
photos from UNStudio Architects: images © Christian Richters

ViILA NM house – Catskills residence images / information from UNStudio

ViILA NM architects : UNStudio

Location: Catskills, New York, USA

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