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Villa L – Lepelaarsplassen, Almere Architecture

New Residence in Holland, The Netherlands design by T.T.B. DuurzameArchitectuur.nl

8 Sep 2010

Villa L

Design: T.T.B. DuurzameArchitectuur

On the waterfront of the beautiful nature reserve The Lepelaarsplassen (Spoonbills lake) in Almere, the Netherlands, Villa L has been constructed. This villa is characterised by its compact form and its sustainability. Architect Gideon Maasland from T.T.B. DuurzameArchitectuur.nl made the design for this villa.

Lepelaarsplassen House Almere Residence Lepelaarsplassen Residence Almere
photographs : T.T.B.

The fine proportions are based on the Golden Section, giving the villa its harmonious look. The plastered main volume has been cut up by a wooden part. In this middle area all service spaces are positioned therefore keeping the main spaces free for polyvalent use. With its 145 square metres and 500 cubic metres the villa is rather compact which helped to keep the building costs low. Additionally the prefabrication of the timber frame elements contributed to a low building costs price of €205.000,-

Gideon Maasland:

“This villa is quite special. The proportions are really nice and the different spaces flow fluently from one to another. Due to various sustainability measures a very comfortable indoor climate has been achieved. This sustainable villa looks great and it feels really good.”

The villa is very sustainable. Calculations show that the energy use is 55% lower then the current Dutch regulations require, which are among the toughest regulations in Europe. To achieve this, the villa has its own heat pump installation which not only supplies the heating and the warm water, but also deals with the ventilation. By integrating these installations big savings are made. The timber frame elements with their 35 centimetres of insulation make it a highly insulated dwelling. The precise detailing and manufacturing keep the villa air tight, in order to prevent warm air to leak.

The windy location at the edge of the lake makes wind turbines profitable. A small wind turbine will be installed on the roof of the villa, where also PV panels (Photo Voltaic) will be placed. These will give the villa its own electricity supply.

The sustainability of the villa is not only put into technical installations. The architectural design holds many sustainability features. For example, the living kitchen and the two bedrooms of the children are oriented to the south west. To prevent these rooms from overheating the bedrooms have outdoor blinds. The pentice above the kitchen window prevents the high summer sun from entering, while allowing the low winter sun to shine underneath. The villa has a flexible plan and can be expanded easily.

Lepelaarsplassen Residence Villa L Lepelaarsplassen Villa L Almere
photographs : T.T.B.

Villa L has become a beautiful and future proof villa where sustainability and architecture are fully integrated.

T.T.B. DuurzameArchitectuur.nl

T.T.B. is a Rotterdam based architectural office in The Netherlands that specialises in integrating architecture and sustainability. Too often buildings are first designed by the architect while in a later stage some sustainability features are added. The mission statement of T.T.B. is that the sustainability must strengthen the architecture and vice versa. T.T.B. has conducted research for many years on the symbiotic relationship between architecture and sustainability and implements the results in her own designs.

The office, lead by architect Gideon Maasland, has a big variety of projects like villa’s, sport centres, offices, apartments and some small urban projects.

Ir. Gideon Maasland based in Rotterdam

Location: Lepelaarsplassen, Almere, Netherlands, western Europe

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