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8 Feb 2022
Cancha House , Gonçalves, MG
Design: Estúdio HAA
Cancha House, Gonçalves, MG, Brazil
photo : Pedro Kok
Casa Cancha, Gonçalves, Minas Gerais, Brasil
After some conversations with the clients we scheduled the site visit. On the way there, after a paved road we got to a small steep dirt road, where we found a clearing in the vegetation, in the shape of a shell, there was the plateau where we were to embed the design.

28 Jan 2022
Colégio Pro Mundo Building, Aracaju, Sergipe state, northeast Brasil
Design: Coletivo de Arquitetos
Colégio Pro Mundo Aracaju building, Brasil
photo : Aluizio Accioly
Colégio Pro Mundo Aracaju Building
Volumetric purity and sober materiality in the architecture project of colégio pró mundo in the city of Aracaju, Brazil. With an architecture by Coletivo de Arquitetos, from Brazil, the educational project was designed with the challenge of accommodating the program of an elementary and high school in 900 square meters.

17 Nov 2021
Etapa School, Vila Mascote, São Paulo
Design: biselli+katchborian
Etapa School, Vila Mascote, São Paulo building
photo : Nelson Kon
Etapa School, Vila Mascote Building
In addition to the search for new natural light entrances, better clarity and a good institutional communication, the project used the 15m gap between Palestina street and Mascote avenue to create two accesses. The project program school consists of 2 blocks, with the largest one dedicated to classrooms and laboratories and the smallest dedicated mainly to administrative functions.

30 Sep 2021
Urban Kindness, Curitiba, Paraná
Design: Sum Architecture
Urban Kindness Garden Installation Curitiba
photograph : Eduardo Macarios
Urban Kindness Garden Installation, Curitiba
Inserted in a very urbanized area of Curitiba, Urban Kindness is a small garden framed by art and design. It is a private land lent to the community to be used as a public space for playing, relaxing and working.

27 Sep 2021
Fazenda Santa Elisa, Santo Antonio da Posse, SP
Design: Bruno Rossi Arquitetos
Fazenda Santa Elisa Office Santo Antonio da Posse SP
photo : André Scarpa
Fazenda Santa Elisa Office, Santo Antonio da Posse
The project from Fazenda Santa Elisa’s office, designed by Bruno Rossi Arquitetos, is located in Santo Antonio da Posse, in the interior of São Paulo – Brazil, and is part of a set of constructions carried out to modernize and adapt the farm’s facilities, whose main business carried out is the production of oranges.

17 Sep 2021
Desinchá store at Oscar Freire, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo
Design: SuperLimão, Architects
Desinchá Store, Oscar Freire, São Paulo
photo : Maíra Acayaba
Desinchá Store, Oscar Freire

14 Sep 2021
Ecumenical Space, Varginha, Minas Gerais State, Brasil
Design: Perkins&Will
Ecumenical Space Varginha Brasil
image courtesy of architects practice
Ecumenical Space, Varginha, Brasil
The history and tradition of Minas Gerais state, in the southwest region of Brazil, were the starting points to create a new Ecumenical Space in the city of Varginha. Conceived to receive and celebrate all religious beliefs, the landmark will be located next to a new condominium under development in the region.

26 Aug 2021
Igara Building, Alto Leblon, Rio de Janeiro
Design: Cité Arquitetura
Igara Building, Alto Leblon, Rio de Janeiro concept
picture : Studio VIR
Igara Building, Alto Leblon, Rio de Janeiro
Located on the corner of Igarapava and Sambaíba streets, in the lower part of Alto Leblon, in Rio de Janeiro, the Edifício Igara is an architectural project signed by Cité Arquitetura, led by the architects and partners Fernando Costa and Celso Rayol, with landscaping deisgn signed by Embyá and interiors project by Manga Rosa Arquitetura.

19 Aug 2021
Residential Bosque Do Horto, Jundiaí, São Paulo
Architect: Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados
Social club headquarters São Paulo
photo : Nelson Kon
Bosque do Horto Condominium in Jundiaí

17 Aug 2021
Contemporâneo Gávea residential project, Gávea, Rio de Janeiro
Design: Cité Arquitetura
Rio Apartments building Brazil
photo : Wagner Ziegelmeyer
Gávea Contemporâneo Rio de Janeiro
The premise in this Brazilian residential property is to promote the encounter between residents and the city, meeting the contemporary desire of being close to everything, and at the same time having the coziness of home.

12 Aug 2021
Project Yoga, Vila Madalena, SP
Architect: Superlimão
Project Yoga São Paulo Brasil
photo : Israel Gollino
Project Yoga SP

1 Aug 2021
Brasília, Cerrado-city
Author: Carlos M Teixeira
Brasília Cerrado-city by Carlos M Teixeira
The natural landscape around Brasília is the Cerrado, the tropical savanna that covers much of the country’s midlands and harbors some typological similarities with the scruffy vacant lots, brakes and thickets of large cities. The Cerrado is the wild grasses of Brasília and its environs, mixed with creeping weeds, sedges and rushes that invade the sidewalks and plague kept lawns (in this strict sense, Cerrado = urban grass).

21 Jul 2021
Melo Alves 645, São Paulo
Architect: MOS Incorporadora
Melo Alves 645 Building São Paulo tower
3d rendering © Blackhaus
Melo Alves 645 Building

9 Jul 2021
Floating Pavilion: Pavilhão Flutuante São Paulo

20 Jan 2021
Bilíngue Pueri Domus School, São Paulo

8 Dec 2020
Park Way House, Brasília
Architects: ARQBR
Park Way House, Brasilia
The Park Way House is located in a closed residential condominium and far from the urban center of the city, it is the Park Way neighborhood, whose predominant occupation is single-family dwellings.

5 Dec 2020
Panoramic House, Itajaí, Santa Catarina
Design: Schuchovski Arquitetura
Panoramic House Itajai
photograph : Eduardo Macarios
House FY in Santa Catarina State
The terrain is located In the middle of an Atlantic forest hill facing the sea. It was carefully selected for this great project by having one of the most privileged views of the sea.

26 Nov 2020
VA Apartment, Pato Branco, Paraná

26 Oct 2020
House of Coffee, Divinópolis
Architect: Tetro Arquitetura
Coffee House Divinópolis, Brazil by Tetro Arquitetura
visualization : Igor Macedo
House of Coffee, Divinópoliso
The house of coffee is a very special house made for a couple who loves this drink, and who makes some artisanal processes for their own consumption.

17 Sep 2020
LT Houses, Pato Branco, Paraná Homes

15 Sep 2020
Domnato Bakery, Belém, Pará

7 Sep 2020
JK House in Pato Branco, Paraná Property

6 Sep 2020
RG House, Pato Branco, state of Paraná
Design: Michel Macedo Arquitetos
RG House Pato Branco Parana
photo : Eduardo Macarios
House in Pato Branco
Conditioned by an environmentally protected area at the backyard, this residence diverges into two distinct priority facts, one environmental and another human: the uneven topography, characteristic of the city, and the contemplative value that the preserved vegetation offers to the residents on the most private limit of the lot.

13 Aug 2020
Biotic Brasilia masterplan extension

27 Jul 2020
Leisure Pavilion by the Dam

17 Jul 2020
New York Apartment in São Paulo

18 Jun 2020
CBM + BMPI Offices in Belo Horizonte

27 May 2020
Planet Smart City, Aquiraz, near Fortaleza, Ceará
Design: Studio Kyze Arquitetura e Design
Planet Smart City Aquiraz, Brasil
image courtesy of architects
Planet Smart City Aquiraz, Brasil
Planet Smart City, the global provider of smart affordable housing, has expanded its presence in Brazil with the launch of its fourth smart project in the country: Smart City Aquiraz. The 200-hectare site, which is located just 29km from Ceará’s capital Fortaleza.

19 Mar 2020
Business Incubator for Young Architects and Urbans Planners, Curitiba, Paraná
Design: Atelier 1901
Business Incubator for Young Architects and Urbans Planners Curitiba Brazil
image courtesy of architects
Business Incubator for Young Architects in Curitiba
Brazil launches Business Incubator for Young Architects and Urbans Planners. Founded in 2019, Atelier 1901 is a space dedicated to promoting capacitation and career-building advice for newly-graduatedprofessionals.

13 Mar 2020
SC Office, Rio de Janeiro
Design: Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados (RMAA)
SC Office Rio de Janeiro, Edifício Argentina
photo : Leonardo Finottis
SC Office Rio de Janeiro, Edifício Argentina
The Edifício Argentina, located in Botafogo Beach, is a significant business center of the city. It was built in 1978 during the Brutalism architecture of the 70s and has a central line distribution and two elevator blocks organization.

25 Mar 2020
UIA World Congress of Architects is postponed
27th World Congress of Architects – UIA2020RIO

27 Feb 2020
Flame Casual Bar, Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil
Design: Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos
Flame Casual Bar Curitiba Brazilian Architecture News
photograph : Eduardo Macarios
Flame Casual Bar in Curitiba
The architect Giuliano Marchiorato has accompanied the Flame Casual Bar since its birth, in the first project a result with a strong and cool identity was already obtained, bringing a more “dark” footprint and which refers to the main concept of the brand through dark tones, concrete and lighting indirect.

1 Feb 2020
Tatersal Amador Aguiar, Lins, São Paulo State
Design: Bruno Rossi Arquitetos
Tatersal Amador Aguiar Lins São Paulo State
photograph : André Scarpa
Tatersal Amador Aguiar in Lins
The Tatersal Amador Aguiar consists in a complex to support Valonia Farm, an estate dedicated to cattle auctions field, located in Lins, a city in the interior of São Paulo State – Brazil. Its program provides basic infrastructure to the livestock show and guest reception, creating exhibition and confraternization spaces.

17 Jan 2020
Guaeca House, São Sebastião
Design: AMZ Arquitetos
Guaeca House Sao Sebastiao Brazil
photograph : Maíra Acayaba
Guaeca House in São Sebastião
This new Brazilian property is located at the seaside, on the northern coast of São Paulo, in a gated community where wide grassy streets connect the lots to the beach.

5 Nov 2019
The Coffee Prudente , Curitiba, Paraná
Design: Studio Boscardin.Corsi Arquitetura
Coffee Prudente Curitiba - Brazilian Architecture News
photograph : Eduardo Macarios
The Coffee Prudente
Transform small urban fragments, expand consolidated centers, raise awareness, bring a new concept and also change the routine of people.

29 Oct 2019
The Coffee Comendador, Curitiba, Paraná
Design: Studio Boscardin.Corsi Arquitetura
The Coffee Comendador Curitiba
photograph : Eduardo Macarios
The Coffee Comendador in Curitiba
This Brazilian building was inspired by simplicity and Japanese minimalism, the coffee reinvents the downtown area, changes people’s routine and opens up new possibilities. The downtown Curitiba coffee shop was incorporated into the entrance of a restaurant, embedded as a piece in a puzzle.

24 Oct 2019
Kite Apartment, Curitiba, Paraná
Design: Giuliano Marchiorato Arquitetos
Kite Apartment Curitiba - Brazilian Architecture News
photo : Eduardo Macarios
Kite Apartment in Curitiba
This Brazilian property is composed of an armed wooden structure that supports a paper plane.

19 Oct 2019
Pampulha Church in Belo Horizonte

27 Sep 2019
Vitória Eurico de Aguiar Salles Airport (VIX) – Airportia

16 Sep 2019
Agora Tech Park, Perini Business Park

29 May 2019
Toca do Urso, Ribeirão Preto: Brazilian Colorado Brewery

8 Oct 2018
Marília Fit Cafe, Belo Horizonte, Brasil
Design: David Guerra Arquitetura e Interiores
Marilia Fit Cafe in Belo Horizonte - Brazilian architecture news
photograph : Jomar Bragança
New Cafe in Belo Horizonte
The walls are filled by a structure of rectagular wooden boxes, in diferente sizes and permeabilities, which are responsible to compose the interior of the store, in a clear reference to the public market and all it’s smells and flavours. The same concept is verified on the facade in yellow aluminum.

6 Aug 2018
New Manaus Hotel Building, Amazonas, North Region of Brasil
Design: AMZ Arquitetos
Manaus Hotel by AMZ Arquitetos
photograph : Maíra Acayaba
Manaus Hotel Building
The hotel is located near Amazonas Theater in the historic city center of Manaus, a renovation of an old house from the early 20th Century and the construction of a new attached building in the center of the block.

31 Jul 2018
Sense Bike Headquarters, Belo Horizonte, Brasil
Design: BCMF Arquitetos
Sense Bike Headquarters in Belo Horizonte
photograph : Gabriel Castro
Sense Bike Headquarters Building
“Sense Bike” is a Brazilian manufacturer of high performance bicycles, willing to compete in quality and beauty with the big global brands. The company is part of a larger business group, and demanded its own headquarters closer to the growing Belo Horizonte market, including a showroom attached to its corporate office.

10 May 2018
A Mata Atlântica Forest, São Paulo
Design: Balmori Associates
A Mata Atlantica Forest Brazilian Architecture News
image courtesy of Eduardo Lazzarini
A Mata Atlântica Forest in São Paulo

26 Apr 2018
Goose Island Brewhouse, Largo da Batata, São Paulo
Design: SuperLimão (Brazil) + Mckinley Bukkart Architects (Canada)
Goose Island Brewhouse in São Paulo - Brazilian Architecture News
photograph : Maíra Acayaba
Goose Island Brewhouse

21 Mar 2018
New International Airport of Belo Horizonte, Belo Horizonte
Design: Bacco Associated Architects
New International Airport of Belo Horizonte
photograph : Ana Mello
New International Airport of Belo Horizonte
BACCO Arquitetos is the office that signs the project of the New International Airport of Belo Horizonte, inaugurated last year.

21 Feb 2018
IESB University Building, Brasília
Architects: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
IESB University Building in Brasilia
rendering : Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
IESB University Building in Brasilia
IESB’s inward-focused existing campus will be transformed by an L-shaped complex featuring a new academic allée and a generous entry precinct with facilities that serve both the university and the public.

29 Aug 2017
Bráz Elettrica, São Paulo
Design: SuperLimão Studio, Atelier Marko Brajovic and Estúdio Guto Requena
Bráz Elettrica São Paulo Pizzaria
photo courtesy of architects office
São Paulo Pizza Restaurant

14 Apr 2017
Skt.Mafia, Vila Velha, Espírito Santo
Design: ANGATU Arquitetos
Vila Velha Building
photography : Camila Santos
Skt.Mafia, Vila Velha
This design serves diverse uses: a skate park, store, event space and bar. The proposal’s idea is to create the ideal atmosphere for the skater and enhance the sensory experience.

25 Oct 2016
Iguaçu Housing, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil
Design: Smart! and Heloisa Crocco
Iguacu Housing - Brazilian Architecture News
image : Neorama (
Iguaçu Housing in Porto Alegre
This residential building in the south of Brasil has metal blades forming louvers and the ground panel, drawn from the research of the artist Heloisa Crocco. Views of the street, the slides highlight the building of its neighbors.

17 Oct 2016
Bar-Pool-Gallery, near Belo Horizonte, Nova Lima, MG
Design: BCMF Architects
Bar-Pool-Gallery by Belo Horizonte - Brazilian Architecture News
image : Jomar Bragança
Bar-Pool-Gallery by Belo Horizonte
Designed and built over just three months, this building was planned for the Casa Cor MG 2014 as a kind of a hilltop belvedere.

8 Oct 2016
Alameda dos Ipês Housing Development, Itajaí, Santa Caterina, south east Brasil
Design: OOIIO Architecture + Terra + Abramar
Alameda dos Ipes Housing in Santa Caterina
image from architects
Alameda dos Ipes Housing in Santa Caterina
This development comprises 430 social housing units within a new sustainable neighborhood in Itajai. The properties are designed to satisfy all requirements of the Brazilian social housing program “Minha Casa, Minha Vida”, intended to make the necessary standards to design houses for medium-low social classes.

14 Sep 2016
Riba in Leblon, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro
Design: SuperLimão Studio + André Piva Arquitetura with Laika Design
Riba Bar in Leblon
photograph : Anna Fischer
Rio de Janeiro Bar Design
The Riba bar opens its doors in Rio de Janeiro with the proposal to bring together the pleasure of “botecar” with a handmade menu, combined with a relaxed atmosphere in one of the most charming corners of Leblon, in the south of the city.

9 Aug 2016
Casa Italia for the 2016 Olympics, Rio de Janeiro
Interior design: Claudia Pignatale / Secondome with Edra
Casa Italia Brazilian Architecture News
image from architects
Casa Italia 2016 Olympics
Edra is pleased to announce its partnership with Casa Italia for the 2016 Olympics to be held this summer in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, between August 3 and August 21.

15 Jul 2016
Duetto Vitória Building
Design: ANGATU Arquitetos
Duetto Vitória Building - Brazilian Architecture News
photo from architect
Vitória Building

2 Aug 2016
New Leblon Offices in Brazil
Design: Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP
Leblon Offices Brazilian Architecture News
photograph : Roland Halbe
New Leblon Offices Building

27 Jul 2016
Structural Archaeology, Moeda, Minas Gerais
Design: Carlos M. Teixeira – Vazio S/A, architects
Structural Archaeology in Belo Horizonte - Brazilian Architecture News
image from architects
Structural Archaeology in Belo Horizonte

page updated 2 Oct 2016
Urca Penthouse, Rio de Janeiro
Architect: Studio Arthur Casas
Penthouse in Rio de Janeiro Brazilian Architecture News
photograph : Fernando Guerra
New Penthouse in Rio de Janeiro
A remarkable location between two carioca landmarks: the Sugar Loaf Mountains and the Guanabara Bay. The client bought an apartment in dire conditions but seized its extraordinary potential.

page updated 17 Oct 2016
Cais das Artes Project
Design: Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Metro Arquitetos
Cais das Artes Brasil
image from architects
Cais das Artes Brasil Building
The project “Cais das Artes”, a partnership between the Pritzker Prize winner Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Metro Arquitetos office.

18 Dec 2015
Museum of Tomorrow
Design: Santiago Calatrava architect
Museum of Tomorrow Rio de Janeiro
image from architect
Museum of Tomorrow Rio de Janeiro
The $55 m Rio building was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and is the centerpiece of a renovation of Rio’s derelict port area.

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