Sea of Mirrors AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro art installation, Brasil architecture photos

Sea of Mirrors, AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro

27 June 2023

Design: Cité Arquitetura

Location: 2nd floor of AquaRio, Praça Muhammad Ali, Gamboa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sea of Mirrors, At the edge of Guanabara Bay

Sea of Mirrors AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro art installation
photo : Dani Leite

Photos by Dani Leite, Mateus Keiper, and Ari Kaye

Sea of Mirrors at AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The intervention “Sea of Mirrors” is the result of a partnership between Cebrace, Grupo Cataratas and Instituto do Vidro, designed by Cité Arquitetura. Occupying AquaRio, a reference point in the harbor region of Rio de Janeiro, the installation proposes a journey of discoveries for its visitors using image and sound technologies associated with the most diverse current glass and mirror solutions.

Sea of Mirrors AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro art installation
photo : Dani Leite

At the edge of Guanabara Bay and with the reinvention of Rio de Janeiro’s harbor as its backdrop, the city of Rio de Janeiro and its nature became the greatest source of inspiration for the project’s narrative. The twilight reflected on the waves, the glistening water running down the mountainous slopes, the peaks that cut through the mist on winter mornings, the reflections on buildings: small details that translate the world around us inspire this intervention in its poetry.

Sea of Mirrors, AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
photo : Ari Kaye

References for this space emerge from natural and human constructions, where each crevice translates into architecture a way of reading the world and the people who are here, their passions and concerns. The path created had each room designed according to elements of nature, folklore or Brazilian vocabulary, especially from Rio de Janeiro, turning them into feelings such as calm, disorder, peace, surprise, torment and others.

Sea of Mirrors, AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
photo : Ari Kaye

Starting from the space Afluência, like the meeting of two rivers that will flow together, a path of unveiling our surroundings, bodies and images starts. In a sequence of twists and turns, interspersed with a careful selection of sound and light, the visitor follows Escarpas, Clareira, Iara, Meandros, Bruma, Ressaca, Marola and Cais: in an order of impact and contrasts, each space seeks an experience of revelation by provoking different emotions.

Sea of Mirrors AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro art installation
photo : Dani Leite

After a thousand reflections and fragments of ourselves, the public encounters another version of themselves. As they say, “no one can step into the same river twice, because the waters are not the same, nor the individual”. Thought to provoke, “Sea of Mirrors” instigates from start to finish and leaves us with the question: what world is around us?

Sea of Mirrors AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro art installation
photo : Dani Leite

Sea of Mirrors, AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Installation Information

Location: AquaRio – Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil
Client: Grupo Cataratas e Instituto do Vidro
Construction: Ricardo Tendler e Alexandre Rodolfo
Date of completion of the project: 2023
Built area: 670 m²

Architecture: Cité Arquitetura (Celso Rayol e Fernando Costa)
Collaborators:Daniel Osório, André Caterina, Lúcia Andrezo, Vanessa Moreira, Bianca Naylor, Carla Felix, Carol Santos, Eduardo Romano, Fernanda Chreem, Giovanna Soares, Júlia de Queiroz, Leonardo Leal, Leonardo Milano, Lila Monteiro, Lucas Apostolo, Luiz Eduardo Rayol, Mateus Keiper, Mateus Fragoso, Taís Barcellos
Consultants: Suzane Queiroz, Carolina Pimenta, Thiago Nascimento, SincaVidros
Management: William Castro
Structure: Ricardo Tendler, Alexandre Rodolfo
Photos: Ari Kaye, Dani Leite e Mateus Keiper
Installations: Grupo Cataratas, Ricardo Tendler, Alexandre Rodolfo, Marcelo Garga
Fire: Grupo CO2
Lighting Design: Inov
Automation and Audiovisual: Unloop
Images: Ari Kaye
Suppliers: Inov, Beaulieu, Stillo Rio, Cebrace, Blindex, Vidros Belém

Sea of Mirrors AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro art installation
photo : Dani Leite

Sea of Mirros

Visiting hours:
• Weekdays: 9am to 5:30pm, last entry at 5pm
• Weekends and holidays: 9am to 6:30pm, last entry at 6pm

AquaRio’s opening hours: 9am to 6pm (last access at 5pm)
Address: 2nd floor of AquaRio | Praça Muhammad Ali, Gamboa (in front of Warehouse 7 and 8 of the Port of Rio)
Tickets: From R$30,00*
*The exhibition has special prices for school visits

Sea of Mirrors AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro art installation
photo : Dani Leite

Cité Arquitetura

Cité Arquitetura is a 10-year-old company, whose partners’ combined experience goes back more than 30 years. Founded by architects Celso Rayol, president of AsBEA-RJ, professor and post-graduate of PUC-Rio, and Fernando Costa, board member of Ademi-RJ and post-graduate of FGV, Cité Arquitetura values organization and method in the creation of projects and has a multidisciplinary technical team, prepared to design in different scales and programs.

These attributes ensure quality control and more synergy in the meeting of works with the city. Moreover, we believe that the projects that brought us awards are fruits of our understanding that designing is not a monologue, but part of a wider dialogue with the city.

Sea of Mirrors AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro installation
photo : Mateus Keiper

Among some of his award-winning works are Sorocaba 112, one of Cité’s first, and the modernization of the JK Memorial in Brasília, nominated for Building of The Year in 2017 by Archdaily; the Borges 3647, winner of the AsBEA/RJ Award in 2017 in the Residential Buildings category, part of the yearbook of Projeto magazine in 2020, and nominated for the 2022 Work of the Year Award in Archdaily Brazil; Miguel Couto, on the shortlist for the Domus Award for Restoration and Conservation, an international award from Build magazine; and the Multipurpose Complex, at Ilha do Fundão, awarded in the Professional category of the 2015 Saint Gobain Award. Cité was named Most Client-Focused Residential Architecture Studio by Build Magazine in 2021.

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Location: AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America

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