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post updated 19 June 2021

New Argentine Houses

Residential Architecture Designs – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

6 Jun 2021
LOP House, Santina Norte, Valle Escondido, Córdoba
Design: Fanesi & Navarro Arquitectas
LOP House Santina Norte Córdoba
photograph : Architect Gonzalo Viramonte
LOP House, Santina Norte Córdoba
The LOP House is located in Córdoba, in the private neighborhood Santina Norte. The house was designed so that the spaces that compose it are used in their entirety, all the time.

28 May 2021
Villa Santina, Valle Escondido, Córdoba
Villa Santina Valle Escondido Córdoba
photograph : Architect Gonzalo Viramonte
Villa Santina, Valle Escondido Córdoba
Villa Santina is sited on a corner lot facing a historic school, we sought to protect the house from the outside and open it completely to the inside. The property was designed on two levels, a ground floor for the social area and an upper floor for the private area.

26 May 2021
Villa Balcon, Lake Piedras Moras Córdoba

25 May 2021
Villa AV, Rio Tercero Córdoba Home

24 May 2021
Villa on Lago, Embalse Córdoba

13 Apr 2021
Casa SAB, Cañuelas Country Golf Property

13 Apr 2021
Casa Palermo, Villa María Córdoba

8 Apr 2021
Villa Allende Residence, Córdoba

21 Jan 2021
Casa La Inesita, Villa Allende, Cordoba
Design: Andres Alonso Architecture Workshop
Casa La Inesita Cordoba
photograph : Architect Gonzalo Viramonte
Casa La Inesita, Córdoba
La Inesita is a 550 sqm building, formed by 6 homes, arranged over an 800 sqm lot, located in a residential neighborhood of Villa Allende City, Cordoba, Argentina. The city has suffered a densification process which has worried a sector of the population, who sees this development as a threat to the single-family household residences of some neighborhoods and, consequently to the way these were perceived and experienced a few years ago, endangering its identity as a city-town.

7 Jan 2021
Casa DP, Córdoba
Design: PSV Arquitectura
Casa DP Cordoba
photo : Architect Gonzalo Viramonte
Casa DP, Córdoba
This property is structured by two large volumes that dialogue and define its layout on the ground. A large horizontal prism sits along its length and contains the social sectors of the house. Next to it, an imposing cube is attached containing the private sectors of it.

28 Dec 2020
LN Residence, Buenos Aires

9 Dec 2020
Lula’s Loft, Buenos Aires Interior

4 Sep 2020
Casa 1/3, Villa San Nicolás, Córdoba
Casa 1/3 Villa San Nicolas Cordoba
photography : Architect Gonzalo Viramont
Casa 1/3 in Villa San Nicolás, Córdoba
The house is a single rectangular volume, supported in the upper part of the lot against one of its dividing walls, taking advantage of the best views towards the mountain and giving it privacy when detaching it from the ground. The approach is very simple and respectful of the topographic and natural environment.

30 Apr 2020
Q2 House in Mendiolaza, Córdoba

8 Apr 2020
Mendiolaza House in Cordoba

7 Apr 2020
House LP.0405 in Rosario

6 Apr 2020
Casa FL in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba

30 Mar 2020
Villa Allende House, Villa Allende, Córdoba
Architects: Santiago Viale Arquitecto
Villa Allende House Cordoba Argentina
photography : Architect Gonzalo Viramont
Villa Allende House in Cordoba
This new property located in Villa Allende, in a wide terrain and mostly flat, which front is oriented towards east and with presence of medium size trees in its perimeter whereas exempt in the centre.

25 Mar 2020
Casa PM in Mina Clavero, Córdoba House

23 Feb 2020
El Salvador House, Palermo, Buenos Aires
Architecture: Estudio Abramzon
El Salvador House Palermo Buenos Aires
photography : Estudio Abramzon
El Salvador House in the Palermo Neighborhood, Buenos Aires
Two volumes of housing are implanted supported on the front and back of the lot according to the scale of the neighborhood.

10 Jan 2020
PLC House in Villa Allende Golf, Cordoba

9 Jan 2020
GD House in Cordoba

7 Dec 2019
The White House, Buenos Aires
Architecture: RTN architects
The White House Buenos Aires - Argentina Houses
image courtesy of architects office
New House in Ciudad de Buenos Aires
This new property is located in a residential area where tall buildings are particularly restricted and they require neighborhood approval to be built.

2 Dec 2019
Las Caballerizas, Salta Province
Design: Carolina Vago Arquitectura
Stables House Salta Argentina Houses
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
The Stables House in Salta, Lerma Valley
A weekend house built from the recycling of old stables. In this work the initial plans were only a starting point to start dreaming.

22 Sep 2019
La Cascada House, La Cascada Country Golf, Cordoba City
Architects: MZ Arquitectos
La Cascada House Cordoba - Argentina Houses
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
La Cascada House in Cordoba
This property is located to the southwest of the City of Córdoba, this detached house is designed for a couple of doctors and their three children.

12 Sep 2019
L House, Buenos Aires
Architects: Alric Galindez Arquitectos
L House Pacheco Buenos Aires - Argentina Houses
photo : Albano Garcia
L House in Pacheco, Buenos Aires
Along the street´s promenade, a construction catalogue is displayed. Due to this, the reduction of components in the design language, the material as an expression itself, and the presence of the building as a definition in its own.

12 Sep 2019
CASA LLV, Córdoba
Architects: FLV Arquitectura
Casa LLV Cordoba - Argentina Houses
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
CASA LLV in Cordoba
This property in a closed neighborhood in the southern area of Córdoba, borders the background with a green landscape of great landscape granted by a channel that crosses the neighborhood from axis to axis.

10 Sep 2019
CS House in Bariloche, Bariloche, Río Negro
Design: Alric Galindez Arquitectos
CS House Arelauquen Bariloche - Argentina Houses
photography : Javier Agustín Rojas, Albano Garcia and Jeremias Thomas
CS House in Arelauquen, Bariloche
New residence located over a dry hill with little vegetation. When one stands there, we naturally face towards the landscape trying to include both the mountains and Gutierrez Lakes in one view.

10 Sep 2019
Castaños House, Buenos Aires
Architects: Barrionuevo Villanueva Arquitectos
Castanos House Tigre Buenos Aires - Argentina Houses
photography : Gonzalo Viramonte, Instagram @gonzaloviramonte
Castaños House in Tigre, Buenos Aires
A “succession of defined areas that are put in relation to each other as a set functions”.

5 Sep 2019
Castex House in Buenos Aires

4 Sep 2019
Palma House, San Isidro, Buenos Aires
Design: Alric Galindez Arquitectos
Palma House San Isidro Buenos Aires - Argentina Houses
photography : Albano Garcia
Palma House in San Isidro, Buenos Aires
Like a palimpsest, the landscape is rewritten on itself time and again. For many years, large country estates stretched out over the planes of the Pampas. As the city expanded, these were divided into smaller plots of land-in this case, a country estate with many old-growth trees has become a gated community.

3 Sep 2019
MD House, Bariloche, Río Negro
Design: Alric Galindez Arquitectos
MD House Bariloche Rio Negro
photography : Jeremias Thomas and Albano Garcia
MD House in Bariloche, Río Negro
Property located in the Patagonia region in Argentina in a site with a subtle slope and views towards the Gutierrez Lake and the Catedral, Ventana and Otto Hills.

14 Aug 2019
D House, Bariloche, Río Negro
Design: Alric Galindez Arquitectos
D House Bariloche Rio Negro
photograph : Albano Garcia
D House in Bariloche, Río Negro
The distance between the object and its surrounding implies decision making regarding how to begin a dialogue amongst them. In this case, the land has semi forest like characteristics with a vast view over the Catedral mountain. Hence this duality between near and far superposed, invites the search for a focus adjustment in the look.

21 Apr 2019
Casas MG, Country Field of Flight III, Lot 04C. Córdoba, Córdoba
Architecture: Cabanillas Gonzalo
MG Houses in Cordoba
image courtesy of architects office
MG Houses in Cordoba
New Argentina homes in a residential neighborhood about 18 km from the city of Cordoba. The basic idea of the houses was to preserve the great unevenness of the terrain and the stunning views of the place to the small mountains.

24 Mar 2019
White Curve Housing, Villa Allende, Córdoba
Architect: Andres Alonso
White Curve Housing in Cordoba
photo : Gonzalo Viramonte
White Curve Housing in Cordoba
The request was for 3 housing units on two floors with 2 bedrooms and a surface per unit of 100 sqm, intended to be sold.

6 Mar 2019
Casa Nagus, Manantiales, Cordoba
Casa Nagus in Manantiales Cordoba
photograph : Gonzalo Viramonte
Casa Nagus in Manantiales
“Behind the Tree” was the starting point for a house that IASE ARCHITECTS thought should include how the first host to arrive at the house, but framed and protected as a protagonist not only for the visitor or who walked step, but inside and the day of the inhabitants.

31 Jan 2019
House MC2, Córdoba, Argentina, South America
Architecture: Gastón Castellano
Casa MC2 in Cordoba
photograph : Gonzalo Viramonte
Casa MC2 in Córdoba
The house MC2 is located in the south of the city of Córdoba, within a residential neighborhood close to the racecourse. Its past, linked to the equestrian activity, is still a feature of the area.

29 Jan 2019
House mq2, Mendiolaza, Córdoba, Argentina, South America
Architecture: bp.arquitectura
Casa mq2 in Mendiolaza Cordoba
photograph : Gonzalo Viramonte
Casa mq2 in Mendiolaza, Córdoba
The dwelling is implanted in a privileged landscape, with gorgeous visuals to the Small mountain ranges of the Punilla Valley, in a private neighborhood at the Northwest of Córdoba, in Mendiolaza City.

22 Oct 2018
MF House, Grand Bell II, City Bell, La Plata
Design: Estudio V2 Arquitectos
MF House in La Plata
photo : Alejandro Peral
MF House in La Plata
This single family home is located in a closed neighborhood of City Bell, on a plot of 900sqm with ash trees. The intention is to conserve most of the trees and generate spaces for expansion and larges visuals. The project is based on three specific premises: spatial flexibility, large environments and a fluid relationship with the outside.

Contemporary Argentina Houses Archive

Argentine Houses – chronological:

30 Dec 2016
Nordelta Tigre Yacht Club House, Buenos Aires
Design: Estudio Ramos, architects
Nordelta Tigre Yacht Club House
photo : Daniela Mac Adden
Nordelta Tigre Yacht Club House in Buenos Aires
The building was designed on two levels; the upper, with the best views for the social rooms and restaurant, whilst the secondary program such as storage, locker rooms and the gym are placed at the ground floor.

17 Oct 2016
Buenos Aires Pedro Residence
Design: VDV ARQ, architects
Argentine Houses
photo : Curro Palacios Taberner
Buenos Aires Residence
Located on an 800sqm plot in a gated community 30km away from Buenos Aires city, Pedro House is a medium scale family housing that responds to the requirements of an active social life, flexible spaces and visual amplitude, emphasizing the privacy.

6 Oct 2016
MD House in Bariloche, Río Negro, Patagonia región
Design: ALRICGALINDEZ Arquitectos
House in Bariloche
photographs : Alric Galindez and Albano Garcia
MD House in Bariloche
This contemporary property is located on a site with a subtle slope and views towards the Gutierrez Lake and the Catedral, Ventana and Otto Hills.

1 Sep 2016
Valeria House, forest of Mar Azul – Valeria del Mar, Pinamar, Buenos Aires
Design: BAK arquitectos
Valeria House
photo : Daniela Mac Adden
New House in Pinamar
The purpose was to do an intervention in a place of significant landscape value, an opportunity to propose alternatives for design and construction, considering caring of the natural environment as a fundamental premise.

25 Apr 2016
Casa Rampa, Patagonia
Design: Andrés Remy Arquitectos
Ramp House Patagonia
photograph : Alejandro Peral
Ramp House in Patagonia
This home is located in a privileged plot in Patagonia Argentina, surrounded by forests and incredible views to Limay River.

21 Apr 2016
New House, San Benito District, Escobar, Buenos Aires
Design: Besonías Almeida arquitectos
Argentine Houses in San Benito
photograph : Federico Kulekdjian
San Benito House in Buenos Aires
It is a lot in a residential area of a closed neighborhood belonging to Villanueva, whose characteristic is to have modified flooded low lands, creating artificial lagoons with scenic interest and filling sectors with the remaining soil for public and private use.

Contemporary Argentina Houses from 2015

Argentina Houses from 2015 – chronological:

30 Jan 2015
MR House, Buenos Aires
Design: Luciano Kruk
MR House
photograph : Daniela Mac Adden
MR House in Buenos Aires
Against a backdrop of rugged dunes typical of the Buenos Aires coastline, with a beautiful landscape, we were commissioned to design a house, with the request for a program of regular needs for a weekend house and a limited budget. The proposal seeks to preserve the most of the wonderful qualities of the place.

16 Dec 2015
Franz House, Mar Azul, Buenos Aires
Design: BAK arquitectos
Franz House
photograph : Gustavo Sosa Pinilla
Franz House
This work is the result of a process that begins with the construction in 2004 of a summer house in the forest of Mar Azul with the following premises.

11 Dec 2015
Wein House in Costa Esmeralda, Costa Esmeralda, Buenos Aires
Design: Besonias Almeida arquitectos
Wein House Costa Esmeralda
photograph : Daniela Mac Adden
Wein House in Costa Esmeralda
Costa Esmeralda is a real estate development over the dunes on the coast, 390 km from Buenos Aires. This is a recent urban development with young acacias and pines forestation and some sectors of consolidated forest.

18 Jun 2015
SC House in Bariloche, Arelauquen Golf and Country Club, Bariloche, Río Negro
Design: ALRICGALINDEZ Arquitectos
SC House
image from architects
SC House in Bariloche
This property develops in a sloped and forested site with a southern orientation and a wonderful view towards the Gutierrez lake.

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