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22 Dec 2021
Heritage for All for Canada’s heritage buildings
Design: Human Space, inclusive design consultancy of BDP
Connaught Building Toronto, Ontario
image courtesy of architects practice
Heritage for All, Toronto, by Human Space
Toronto-based inclusive design consultancy to tackle the challenge of addressing accessibility of heritage buildings while preserving historical integrity. The inclusive design consultancy hopes that this initiative will inform and advance future national accessibility standards for federally-owned heritage buildings.

28 Nov 2021
Wrap House

27 Nov 2021
Newnham Campus Food Hall

22 Oct 2021
La Belle Maison Mansion
La Belle Maison Mansion Toronto
photo : Property Vision Media
La Belle Maison Mansion
Critically acclaimed Canadian television series Schitt’s Creek follows the drama of the wealthy Rose family, who are forced to move from their opulent mansion into a rundown motel in Schitt’s Creek, Canada after they are swindled out of their fortune. The fictional small town was named after its founder, Horace Schitt.

15 Oct 2021
Milky’s Cloud Room, Stackt Market – 28 Bathurst Street
Design: Full Fat Design
Milky’s Cloud Room Toronto
image courtesy of architects practice
Milky’s Cloud Room Toronto Café
Milky’s officially opened their second location, Cloud Room, in a shipping container at Stackt Market. Embracing slow coffee, the new location features dynamically changing lights and a brew bar for making hand made coffee and tea.

27 Sep 2021
Kennebec Lakehouse, Arden home, Ontario

16 Sep 2021
Out(side)In House, Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario
Architecture: Atelier RZLBD
Out(side)In House Scarborough Bluffs Ontario
photograph : Borzu Talaie
Out(side)In House in Ontario
As nature seeps through a crack of a stone, or as from a wound of one’s heart blooms a new, unforeseen joy and peace, a nameless empty room becomes a sanctuary, a small universe, whereone’s soul can truly rest. Located near Scarborough Bluffs, the panoramic horizon of Lake Ontario, Out(side)In House offers a void that leads the inhabitants to see the inner horizon, suggesting life inits deeper meaning.

26 Aug 2021
Botfield House, Etobicoke
Design: Ancerl Studio
Botfield House, Etobicoke

11 Aug 2021
Scarlet Fire Cannabis Dispensary
Design: SevenPoint Interiors
Scarlet Fire Cannabis Dispensary Toronto
photo courtesy of architects office
Scarlet Fire Cannabis Dispensary
The unexpected, one-of-a-kind store celebrates Dead Head founder David Ellison’s passion for cannabis, music, magic, and psychedelia. Former Toronto securities lawyer, David Ellison, tuned in, turned on and dropped out of the rat race to open a Grateful Dead inspired cannabis store Scarlet Fire Cannabis Co., that Marijuana Venture Magazine calls “a dispensary experience unlike any other”.

31 Jul 2021
Therme Canada | Ontario Place, West Island
Design: Diamond Schmitt
Therme Canada Ontario Place Toronto Redevelopment
image courtesy of Diamond Schmitt
Therme Canada Ontario Place
Therme Canada has engaged the Toronto based, global architecture firm, Diamond Schmitt to lead the design of Therme Canada | Ontario Place, a year-round landmark waterfront destination that reconnects people to Lake Ontario. The design for Ontario Place’s West Island is grounded in the planned expansion of public park space, and honours and celebrates Ontario Place’s history, including the iconic 1967 Pods and Cinesphere.

3 May 2021
Mackay Laneway House
Mackay Laneway House

26 Mar 2021
Edition, 764 St. Clair West, Wychwood-Cedarvale neighbourhood, Midtown
Architecture: StudioAC
Edition’s Second Location Toronto
photograph : Double Space Photo
Edition’s Second Location
High concept cannabis brand opening in the Wychwood-Cedarvale neighbourhood of Toronto. Following the launch of contemporary cannabis dispensary Edition’s first location at The Annex, which was heralded by the high design community, we are pleased to announce the opening of Edition’s Second Location within the Toronto cannabis market.

24 Mar 2021
Flower Pot Shop, Dundas St. W
Interior Design: Swisterski Design Inc.
Flower Pot Shop Toronto
photography : Donna Griffith Photography
Flower Pot Shop
You may have experienced it for yourself, or maybe as a spectator, too uncertain to venture deeper. That is, the nature of the legal retail cannabis experience. Swisterski Design, a Toronto based interior design firm, wondered if there was a way to change that perception.

11 Feb 2021
Beaconsfield Laneway Suite
Design: Creative Union Network
Beaconsfield Laneway Suite Toronto
photography : Andrew Snow
Beaconsfield Laneway Suite
The coach house reconstruction was the first phase in a larger rehabilitation project for a late 19th Century Victorian house in the city’s west end. The adaptive reuse of a former carriage house located on a public laneway required a sensitive design approach, which included extensive consultation with the Toronto City Planning, Heritage and Building Departments.

2 Feb 2021
Fūme Scent Lounge
Design: dkstudio architects inc
Fume Scent LoungeToronto
photograph : Ben Rahn / A-Frame
Fūme Scent Lounge
The Fūme Scent Lounge is a first of its kind boutique that reinvents the perfume shopping experience. The Lounge was about creating a completely fresh and dynamic experience that attracted millennials, stimulated all the senses, offered a digital and interactive experience, raising the boutique lounge to a level of art.

18 Jan 2021
White Box, 66 Wellington St W, Financial District, Downtown
Design: dkstudio architects inc
White Box Toronto
photograph : Michael Muraz
White Box Toronto Office Interior
InstarAGF is the young infrastructure investment arm of AGF financial advisors. Their new office is located on the 34th floor of the venerable iconic black steel towers designed by Mies Van Der Rohe.

6 Jan 2021
Brighter Days Ahead
Design: Giaimo
Brighter Days Ahead Toronto
photo © Giaimo
Brighter Days Ahead
In Fall 2020 Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) and Giaimo revealed a new temporary public art installation, Brighter Days Ahead, at The Oculus Pavilion in Toronto as part of a revitalization initiative. Designed by Toronto architecture firm Giaimo, and sponsored by Creative Silhouettes Inc., it is made of radiating yellow stripes that represent sun rays shining through the pavilion.

7 Jan 2021
Lakeshore Dental II

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Toronto Architecture News 2020

28 Dec 2020
Rosalie Sharp Pavilion

20 Dec 2020
Louboutin Luxury Boutique

11 Dec 2020
Rosalie Sharp Pavilion

3 Dec 2020
Former Bata Shoe Factory, Batawa, ON
Architects: Dubbeldam Architecture + Design and Quadrangle
Former Bata Shoe Factory Batawa - Toronto Architecture News
photography : Scott Norsworthy; Nanne Springer (suite interiors)
Former Bata Shoe Factory, Batawa
The late Sonja Bata pursued her passion for architecture and the built environment through the revitalization of the town of Batawa, located 175 km east of Toronto on the Trent river. As a sustainable community and satellite town adapted to 21st century living, where residents could live close to nature but maintain a connection to work through high-speed broadband, she envisioned Batawa as a model community for social and environmental sustainability.

2 Dec 2020
Permission Shop
Architects: Reflect Architecture
Permission Shop Toronto Architecture News
photography : Jeremie Warshafsky
Permission Shop
Despite online shopping being at an all-time high, this curated athleisure retailer builds a space to embrace all women and inspire confidence. Reflect Architecture was asked to design an environment that would celebrate form and curves, with a little tone for everyone.

30 Nov 2020
Hill & Dale Building

27 Nov 2020
Joe Fresh Flagship Store

26 Nov 2020
Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Design: Hariri Pontarini Architects
Art Gallery of York University building design
image courtesy of architects
Art Gallery of York University
The Art Gallery of York University’s (AGYU) new, stand-alone art gallery, to be designed and constructed by winning architectural firm Hariri Pontarini Architects, will embrace a vision of art and connectedness.

Aug 13, 2020
Thermally Speaking
Design: LeuWebb Projects with Mulvey & Banani Lighting Inc.
Thermally Speaking Toronto, Ontario
photo : Doublespace Photography
Thermally Speaking
This responsive installation transformed Toronto’s Fort York Visitor Centre for Nuit Blanche 2019, providing a glimpse into a future of body temperature readings, creative data visualization and surveillance fields.

July 24, 2020
Markham Centre Campus, Regional Municipality of York, Southern Ontario
Design: Diamond Schmitt Architects
Markham Centre Campus York Ontario
image : Diamond Schmitt Architects
Markham Centre Campus
A new and innovative campus for York University will rise in the City of Markham adjacent to Toronto. The Markham Centre Campus is the first public university in York Region. It features a vertical campus building that is fully integrated with the area’s diverse, growing network of commerce, athletics, arts, and entrepreneurial communities.

June 25, 2020
Design: Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited with Wonder Inc.
Outside the Box Toronto Ontario
image courtesy of architects
This modular ‘front of classroom’ teaching support unit was designed to facilitate healthy, fresh air education during the time of COVID-19.

13 May 2020
Axis Condos, 411 Church Street, Downtown Toronto
Architect: IBI Group Inc.
Axis Condos Downtown Toronto, 411 Church Street
photo courtesy of architects
Axis Condos
A mixed use condominium project designed under the leadership of Mansoor Kazerouni, the Global Director of Buildings at IBI Group Inc., is a striking addition to the downtown Toronto skyline.

17 Mar 2020
Rosedale House

13 Mar 2020
Hibou House

11 Mar 2020
Valley Edge House

24 Jan 2020
York University Student Centre
Architects: CannonDesign
York University Student Centre Toronto Building
photograph © Connie Tsang
York University Student Centre
York University, Canada’s third-largest university, opened a second student center on campus, designed to respond to the changing needs of York’s large and diverse community.

21 Oct 2019
Heath House in Ontario

11 Oct 2019
Bellwoods Lodge in Downtown Toronto

28 Sep 2019
iQ Food Co.
Design: Mason Studio
IQ Food Co Yorkdale - Toronto Architecture News
photograph : Scott Norsworthy
iQ Food Co. in Yorkdale
For this retail flagship location, a grand yet welcoming environment provides a respite within Yorkdale Shopping Centre, one of Canada’s busiest malls. The Toronto based fast-casual restaurant is focused on delivering sustainably sourced and seasonally healthy food.

6 Sep 2019
Sara Restaurant, Entertainment District
Design: Odami
Sara Restaurant Toronto Architecture News
photograph : Kurtis Chen
Sara Restaurant
Cell phones have become as ubiquitous on our tabletops as our plates and cutlery. Perched amongst our meals and utensils, they relentlessly pull towards other people and places, interrupting the delight and the ritual of sharing a meal with company.

8 Aug 2019
Triple Duplex Housing

6 Jun 2019
Tom Patterson Theatre
Design: Hariri Pontarini Architects
Tom Patterson Theatre in Stratford Ontario
picture © Hariri Pontarini Architects
Tom Patterson Theatre in Stratford, Ontario
Construction update with placement of the new building’s final structural beam.

6 Apr 2019
Abacus Lofts

5 Apr 2019
Wong Dai Sin Temple, 378 Steeles Ave E, Markham
Design: Shim-Sutcliffe Architects
Wong Dai Sin Temple
photo courtesy of architects
Wong Dai Sin Temple Building
The Wong Dai Sin Temple is a modern sacred space that houses a dynamic Taoist community committed to their inner spiritual development through the ancient physical practice of tai chi.

19 Mar 2019
Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Transit Station, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Architects: Grimshaw
Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Transit Station Toronto Architecture News

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