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São Paulo Architecture News

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post updated 30 March 2024

São Paulo Architecture Designs – chronological list

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São Paulo Building News

São Paulo Architectural News – Brazil Built Environment Updates, chronological:

30 March 2024
Capivari House Extension,, Campos do Jordão, state of São Paulo
Design: VAGA Architecture office
Capivari House Extension, Campos do Jordão-SP, Brazil
photograph : Carolina Lacaz
Capivari House Extension Campos do Jordão

4 March 2024
VJC São Paulo House
Original architectural design: Studio MK27 ; Interior Design: Marina Salles Arquitetura e Interiores
VJC São Paulo House Design

15 February 2024
Casa VJC Iporanga Guarujá, SP
Architect: DB Arquitetos ; Decoration: Marina Salles Arquitetura e Interiores
Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home

Updated 21 December 2023
Nubank Headquarter, Pinheiros neighborhood
Architecture: Dal Pian Arquitetos
Nubank Headquarter São Paulo

17 November 2023
Residência Serra, Fazenda da Grama, SP
Residência Serra São Paulo

31 Aug 2023
Piauí Apartment
Architects: Superlimão
Piaui Apartment, Sao Paulo
photo : Maíra Acayaba
Piauí Apartment, Brazil

16 Aug 2023
Axial House
Architects: TAU Arquitetos
Axial House São Paulo Brazil
photo : Manuel Sá
Axial House SP

3 Aug 2023
Architects: Triptyque Architecture
Onze22 Apartments São Paulo Brazil housing
photo : Maíra Acayaba
Onze22 Apartments São Paulo housing
TRIPTYQUE Architecture presents Onze22, a residential building transcending the classic tower block as a set of overlapping, suspended slabs, interspersed with glass walls. Due to this structure framing the urban landscape in 360-degrees, Onze22 promotes total fluidity between exterior and interior.

18 July 2023
Casa Malota, Chácaras de Recreio Malota Allotment, Jundiai, SP, Brazil
Architect: Aresto Arquitetura
casa malota
photo : Adriano Pacelli
Casa Malota, Jundiai, SP

20 April 2023
Retrofit Of The Bravo Paulista Building, Santos Avenue / Paulista Avenue, SP
Architect: Dal Pian Arquitetos
Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit São Paulo
photo : Nelson Kon
Bravo Paulista Building Retrofit SP
Located at the region of “Jardins” in São Paulo city the retrofit of Bravo Paulista has challenged this architecture practice to transform, to value and to give a new infrastructure to an existing office building. Its implantation, perpendicular to Santos Avenue, composes in sequence to Scarpa Building on Paulista Avenue.

São Paulo Building Designs in 2022

19 Dec 2022
Residência Braúnas, Bragança Paulista, SP
Architect: Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos – RMAA
Residência Braúnas, Bragança Paulista – SP
photo : André Scarpa
Residência Braúnas, Bragança Paulista

3 Nov 2022
Araucária Greenhouse, Campos do Jordão, SP
Architect: Angá Arquitetura
Araucária Greenhouse Abernéssia São Paulo
photo : Carolina Lacaz
Araucária Greenhouse, Campos do Jordão
The Araucária Greenhouse is situated on land that was bought by her great-grandparents, this house is where Carolina, one of the architects of Angá Arquitetura, spent all of her childhood holidays. She went for both summer and winter vacations with her brother and grandmother and stayed for the entire month.

24 Oct 2022
Cashew Tree House, Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil
Architects: Terra Capobianco + Galeria Arquitetos
Cashew Tree House Ubatuba São Paulo
photo : Nelson Kon
Cashew Tree House, Ubatuba

12 Oct 2022
Casa Colina, Fazenda Boa Vista, Porto Feliz, SP, Brasil
Architecture: FGMF
Casa Colina Porto Feliz Sao Paulo
photo : Fran Parente
Casa Colina, Porto Feliz

25 Aug 2022
Campus of the Pequeno Príncipe School, Ribeirão Preto
Design: GOAA – Gusmão Otero Arquitetos Associados, with It’s Informov
Escola Pequeno Príncipe São Paulo
photo : Rafela Netto
Escola Pequeno Príncipe São Paulo
The new Campus of the Pequeno Príncipe School, projected by GOAA- Gusmão Otero Arquitetos Associados, is distinguished by the integration of the buildings with external space and nature.

1 June 2022
Museu Brasileiro da Escultura e Ecologia, R. Alemanha, 221 – Jardim Europa
Design: Paulo Mendes da Rocha Architect
MuBE São Paulo, Brazilian Sculpture Museum
image from architectural visualiser
MuBE São Paulo, Brazilian Sculpture Museum

28 May 2022
Pergola by the dam renovation, Piracaia, SP
Architect: Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos – RMAA
Pergola by the dam in Piracaia, SP, Brazil
photo : Nelson Kon
Pergola by the dam in Piracaia
A pergola over 30 years old, positioned on the banks of a dam in Piracaia, in the countryside of São Paulo, has been completely renovated by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados. One of the main new features – the absence of the two front columns – inspired the project’s name: Pergolado dos Dois Apoios (Two Supports’ Pergola).

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São Paulo Architecture News 2021

22 Nov 2021
Alameda Restaurant, Rua Angelina Maffei Vita, 463 – Pinheiro
Design: biselli+katchborian with Zanatta Figueiredo Arquitetos Associados
Alameda Restaurant, Esporte Clube Pinheiros building
photo : Nelson Kon
Alameda Restaurant, Esporte Clube Pinheiros
The Alameda Restaurant, located in Esporte Clube Pinheiros, signed jointly by the Brazilian architecture offices Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos and Zanatta Figueiredo Arquitetos Associados, arises from the challenge of materialize, in an area of great interaction and convergence of the club, a construction in synergy with the existing rich and generous landscape patrimony.

21 Nov 2021
Ed Bandeira, near Vila Madalena Subway Station
Architect: UNA arquitetos
Ed Bandeira São Paulo apartment building
photograph : Leonardo Finotti
Bandeira Building São Paulo
The Bandeira Building, near Vila Madalena Subway Station, is delicately inserted in the city, with the design of two volumes articulated together and with open gardens that expand the public walkway. Its shape responds to the desire to guarantee the best views of the living rooms and bedrooms of the apartments, spaces protected by a continuous balcony that expands into the living areas.

17 Nov 2021
Etapa School, Vila Mascote
Design: biselli+katchborian
Etapa School, Vila Mascote, São Paulo building
photo : Nelson Kon
Etapa School, Vila Mascote Building
The Brazilian architecture office Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos, led by the architects Artur Katchborian and Mario Biselli, are the responsible of the new retrofit and expansion project of Etapa School, in a building orignally designed in 1984 by the brazilian architect Paulo Bastos in São Paulo (Brazil).

17 Sep 2021
Desinchá store at Oscar Freire, R. Oscar Freire, Jardim Paulista
Design: SuperLimão, Architects
Desinchá Store, Oscar Freire, São Paulo
photo : Maíra Acayaba
Desinchá Store, Oscar Freire
For the creation of its first store, Desinchá counted on Superlimão to solve a challenge: to create an incredible experience that, at the same time as faithfully representing the brand, would still serve as a selling point. The challenge was even greater since the chosen location was a small 16m2 store in the heart of Oscar Freire street.

19 Aug 2021
Residential Bosque Do Horto, Jundiaí
Architect: Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados
Social club headquarters São Paulo
photo : Nelson Kon
Bosque do Horto Condominium in Jundiaí
The location delimited for the project, inside a high-end residential condominium in Jundiaí, is situated on a site with a natural slope, an admirable view facing north and a beautiful lake. The main idea was to minimally change the original site, but at the same time provide some sights of the extremally beautiful landscape of the forest.

14 Aug 2021
TRD House

12 Aug 2021
Project Yoga, Vila Madalena, SP
Architect: Superlimão
Project Yoga São Paulo Brasil
photo : Israel Gollino
Project Yoga SP
The 1990s residence was purchased by a couple of clients who wanted to transform it into a meditative place for yoga classes, in addition to coworking and rental rooms. With that in mind, Superlimão’s project had to accommodate a large room for classes, a reception area on the ground floor, a studio and coworking area on the top floor, and a room for rental in the old smaller house in the back.

21 Jul 2021
Melo Alves 645, near Paulista Avenue in the middle of the city,
Architect: MOS Incorporadora, Brazilian firm of real estate development with internal architecture team
Melo Alves 645 Building São Paulo tower
3d rendering © Blackhaus
Melo Alves 645 Building
The Melo Alves 645 Tower highlights the urban context, the sights surrounding the building, and people’s well-being. Such characteristics are found in the residential building located in the heart of Jardins neighborhood, close to infrastructure and facilities available in the neighborhood.

7 July 2021
Kotori Restaurant, R. Cônego Eugênio Leite, 639 – Pinheiros
Design: Coletivo de Arquitetos
Kotori Restaurante Pinheiros building interior design
photography : Levi Mendes Junior (daytime photos) + Rubens Kato
Kotori Restaurante Pinheiros
This architectural design proposes an immersion into the japanese cultural imagination. Through the study of Japanese moorings and fittings that make use of wooden elements, the architecture project created by Coletivo de Arquitetos relies on this traditional oriental constructive reasoning to design the restaurant.

1 June 2021
You, Perdizes, Bartira Street
Design: Perkins&Will
You, Perdizes, São Paulo building by Perkins&Will
photo : Fran Parente
You, Perdizes São Paulo
The setting meets various housing needs, such as proximity to public transportation points, ease maintenance, service offering and shared environments, among others. The city lives an intense process of recovering people’s connection with the urban space, and the post-pandemic should intensify that need.

11 Mar 2021
Bruno Rossi Arquitetos Seoul exhibition

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São Paulo Architecture News 2020

24 Dec 2020
Clínica Lalutie

17 Nov 2020
Populos Headquarters

4 Nov 2020
SM Apartment, SP Urban Refuge

26 Oct 2020
Coffee House Divinópolis, Brazil

19 Oct 2020
New Leisure Area of the Grande Hotel Senac São Pedro, near São Paulo City
Architect: Levisky Arquitetos I Estratégia Urbana
Grande Hotel Senac São Pedro Leisure Area
photo : Ana Mello
Grande Hotel Senac São Pedro Leisure Area
With integration and qualification of spaces, this project extends options for recreational activities, sociability, ludic and thematic paths. Located in a valley area, the project takes advantage of the topography of the land to implement two building volumes connected by squares that in turn create areas for contemplation and leisure in the open.

17 Oct 2020
Chicko Restaurant, Campinas, Brazil

30 Sep 2020
Neutral Palette Apartment, SP

29 Sep 2020
Aimberê Perdizes Residential Tower, SP

11 Sep 2020
Canary Investment HQ

9 Sep 2020
JG House

5 Sep 2020
Toblerone House

17 Aug 2020
Dois Trópicos, R. Mateus Grou, 589 – Pinheiros
Architects: MNMA
Dois Trópicos in Pinheiros, São Paulo stairs
photo : Andre Klotz
Dois Trópicos São Paulo
“… the front door continues to appeal to our sense arrival. Call it the ceremony of coming home.”
Akiko Busch

12 Aug 2020
Valente building, Pinheiros
Architects: FGMF
São Paulo Architecture News
image courtesy of architects
Valente Building São Paulo
The Valente building, designed by award-winning Brazilian architecture firm FGMF Arquitetos, will bring to Pinheiros (neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil) its original architecture, causing great impact in the urban landscape, entirely conceived for user experience.

11 Aug 2020
NASP – Head office of Natura São Paulo, Av. Alexandre Colares, 1188 – Parque Anhanguera
Architects: Dal Pian Arquitetos Associados
Natura Headquarters São Paulo Architecture News
photos : Nelson Kon & Pedro Mascaro (drone photos)
NASP – Head office of Natura São Paulo
In 2011, Natura, a Brazilian multinational company of cosmetics and beauty products, promoted an architectural competition on invitation to its new administrative headquarters in São Paulo.

10 Aug 2020
SouSmile São Paulo, Pinheiros
Architects: SuperLimão Studio
SouSmile São Paulo dental health treatment
photo : Maira Acayaba
SouSmile São Paulo

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SP Architectural Updates 2019

20 Dec 2019
MER Apartment

26 Nov 2019
Refectory and Dressing Room, Santo Antonio de Posse, SP
Architects: Bruno Rossi Arquitetos and André Scarpa
Refectory Dressing Room SP
photo : André Scarpa
Refectory and Dressing Room Santo Antonio de Posse, SP
This new building is a services pavilion, located in the rural area of the São Paulo state interior, seeks to be a shelter for the orange harvest workers.

15 Nov 2019
Nubank Headquarter, corner of Rebouças Avenue / Capote Valente Street, Pinheiros neighborhood
Architecture: Dal Pian Arquitetos
Nubank Headquarter SP
photo : Nelson Kon
Nubank Headquarter Office Building
In a square-shaped plot the Rebouças Module consists of 46 office units, a ground floor theater and garage basements.

7 Nov 2019
The Coffee, Paulista Avenue, SP
Architecture: Studio Boscardin.Corsi Arquitetura
The Coffee Augusta São Paulo Architecture News
photo : Eduardo Macarios
The Coffee Augusta, Paulista Avenue
The concept of The Coffee is to be inserted in consolidated urban centers, but not always transformable buildings are found. Thus, a model was designed that allows the installation of coffee in vacant areas: a container.

18 Oct 2019
New Luxury Hotel Buildings
Architects: aflalo/gasperini arquitetos
Four Seasons São Paulo hotel building
photo : Daniel Ducci
New Luxury Hotels in São Paulo by Aflalo/Gasperini Arquitetos
Four Seasons São Paulo, Hotel e Residências Fasano Itaim and W São Paulo, all designed by Brazilian firm Aflalo/Gasperini Arquitetos and following the trend of hotel + residences.

1 Oct 2019
Hoegaarden Greenhouse Bar in SP

30 Sep 2019
Pamplona Square Digital Theater
Architect: Kruchin Arquitetura
Pamplona Square Digital Theater
photo : Daniel Ducci
Pamplona Square Digital Theater in SP
This architectural design is part of a mixed-use complex that brings together a commercial building, a research center and a restored big house. The Digital and Planetary Theater intended for scientific and educational presentations and operates by 360 degree immersion of the viewer in the projected images.

13 Sep 2019
SESC Guarulhos, Guarulhos, Sao Paolo, Brasil
Design: Dal Pian Arquitetos
SESC Guarulhos, SP, Brazil
photo by Nelson Kon / SESC-SP and Pedro Mascaro
SESC Guarulhos, SP
Winning project of the first public architectural competition promoted by SESC – Social Service of Commerce, in 2009. As a public use building gathering activities of culture, sports, teaching, health, recreation and leisure, SESC Guarulhos was conceived as a great democratic and inviting space that seeks to encourage and stimulate encounters, coexistence and interaction among people.

28 Aug 2019
Beacon School
Architects: Andrade Morettin Arquitetos And Gooa – Gusmão Otero Arquitetos Associados
Beacon Campus School São Paulo building
photograph : Nelson Kon
Beacon School São Paulo

16 Aug 2019
Floating pavilion, Santo Antonio de Posse, São Paulo, Brazil
Architects: BRRO Arquitetos
Floating Pavilion Santo Antonio de Posse
photograph : André Scarpa
Floating pavilion in Santo Antonio de Posse
A shading plane over the water. The Floating pavilion represents a building with no clear boundaries, without beginning or end, mimetized in the landscape, over the diffusive and reflexive territory of a water containment basin in a farm on the interior of São Paulo state – Brazil.

15 Aug 2019
Bath and Storage Pavilion, Santo Antonio de Posse, São Paulo, Brazil
Architects: BRRO Arquitetos
Bath and Storage Pavilion Santo Antonio de Posse São Paulo
photograph : André Scarpa
Bath and Storage Pavilion in Santo Antonio de Posse
The pavilion building is placed on the edge of the dam, a reservoir for the extensive surrounding farmland, in a city in the interior of São Paulo State. The need for this program arises from the demand of basic infrastructure for those who enjoy the small beach formed by the lake.

12 Aug 2019
Santa Elisa Farm Office in Santo Antonio de Posse

1 July 2019
Avenues São Paulo: The World School, Cidade Jardim
Architects: aflalo/gasperini arquitetos
Avenues São Paulo: The World School by aflalo/gasperini arquitetos
photo : Pedro Mascaro
Avenues São Paulo: The World School
New design of international school ‘Avenues: The World School’, at a quiet and tree-lined area in the Cidade Jardim neighborhood.

15 Jun 2019
Groenlandia House

9 Apr 2019
Google Campus in São Paulo

27 Mar 2019
Edificio POD, Rebouças, district of Pinheiros, SP
Design: FGMF Arquitetos
Edificio POD, Rebouças, Pinheiros, São Paulo
photography : Rafaela Netto
Edificio POD
A mixed-use building for the Nortis construction company and incorporator in Brazil, the renowned Brazilian office proposed an innovative format.

22 Mar 2019
SESC Avenida Paulista, Av. Paulista, 119 – Bela Vista
Design: Königsberger Vannucchi Architects
SESC Avenida Paulista Building SP - São Paulo Architecture News
photography : Pedro Vannucchi
SESC Avenida Paulista Building
The SESC Avenida Paulista project wins the Best Project of this edition and was laureate with the 1st place in the category “Institutional Building”.

15 Mar 2019
Portinari´s famous work – ‘War and Peace’, a gift to United Nations – will have a permanent release in the major University of Brazil, Universidade de São Paulo (USP).

Brazil will receive a reinterpretation of “War and Peace”, a gift from Brazil to United Nations in NY; Candido Portinari is one of the main Brazilian artists.

Led by the Portuguese Isabel Ruas and Gonçalo Ruas, architects Oficina de Mosaicos – a Brazilian reference for the creation, development and execution of mosaics and based in Brazil since 36 years ago – will create a re-reading of the panels ‘War and Peace’ in mosaic, to be exposed permanently at University of São Paulo (USP).

‘War and Peace’ by Candido Portinari for Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil:
War and Peace by Candido Portinari for Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil
image from architects

The initiative seeks to value Brazilian culture by bringing art to public spaces. The project is supported by Portinari’s son, João Portinari, and is in the fundraising stage.

The architect, Isabel Ruas, at the head of this project, reinforces that the re-reading is something very important for the culture of the country, mainly for its educational character. “We want to take schools, children and everyone to know this Portinari work,” she says.

With two panels of 45 meters high and 33 meters long each, the original version is at the headquarters of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York (USA). The painting was created at the request of the Brazilian government in 1952 and was given as a gift to the UN in 1956. The two panels meet separately – the ‘Guerra’ panel is at the entrance, while the panel depicting ‘Peace’ lies at the exit.

guerra e paz by Candido Portinari for Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil:
guerra e paz by Candido Portinari for USP, Brazil
image from architects

There-reading will be the same size as the original version. “It’s not a copy, because Portinari’s brushstroke will not be there. It will be the representation of the mosaic brushwork and will have its own shape”, explains Isabel.

To do this work, a foreseen expense of 3 million reais will be expected. The project will be executed via Rouanet Law and is in the fundraising stage. So far, some institutions have committed to investing, although they have not yet revealed the values. The process should last until September 2019. Among the works already done by Mosaic Workshop is the restoration of a mosaic by the artist Di Cavalcanti installed at the Teatro Cultura Artística, in the center of São Paulo.

For fund-raising, Oficina de Mosaico is receiving an e-mail via [email protected].

12 Mar 2019
Espaço Poétika
Architecture: Studio MEMM
Espaco Poetika São Paulo Architecture News
image from architects
Espaço Poétika in São Paulo
Studio MEMM has recently completed the project for an artistic production company specialized on theater plays, events, short and feature films in the city.

26 Feb 2019
Ribeirão Preto Residence

19 Feb 2019
Retrofit Apartment by Praça da República

18 Feb 2019
Casa Neblina

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São Paulo Architecture News 2018

30 Nov 2018
CasaViva BKO São Paulo, SP
Architects: Perkins+Will
CasaViva BKO São Paulo Residence
photo courtesy of architects
CasaViva BKO São Paulo

4 Sep 2018
Benzina Bar
Architects: Superlimão
Benzina Bar São Paulo Building News
photograph : Maíra Acayaba
Benzina Bar
The Group of Benzina Bar, a SuperLimão client also in other projects, was one of the pioneers in implementing the Fast Casual system in Brazil. The idea for the Benzina Bar project, that is located in São Paulo, was to create a young, interesting and at the same time an empowering environment for the customer to have the free will to come and go at the bar.

24 Aug 2018
SubAstor Cocktail Bar
SubAstor Cocktail Bar

10 May 2018
A Mata Atlântica Forest, São Paulo
Design: Balmori Associates
A Mata Atlantica Forest São Paulo Architecture News
image courtesy of Eduardo Lazzarini
A Mata Atlântica Forest in São Paulo
Located in the affluent neighborhood of Vila Olímpia, the park and mixed-use towers designed by Balmori Associates, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and Atelier 10 on a 3.84 hectare site (9.48 acre) opened summer of 2017. Back in 2009, the team had won an invited international competition.

House I in São Paulo

14 May 2018
Jardim Paulistano Residence, SP
Architects: Perkins+Will
Jardim Paulistano Residence in São Paulo
photo : Daniel Ducci
Jardim Paulistano Residence in São Paulo
The ground floor holds common and reception areas such as living room, dining room and kitchen, all integrated with a green external area.

26 Apr 2018
Goose Island Brewhouse, Largo da Batata
Design: SuperLimão (Brazil) + Mckinley Bukkart Architects (Canada)
Goose Island Brewhouse São Paulo Property News
photograph : Maíra Acayaba
Goose Island Brewhouse
The American brewery, originally from Chicago city (USA), Goose Island Brewhouse brought to Brazil its concept of brewpub, a bar where beer is produced and consumed. SuperLimão Studio and the Canadian office McKinley Bukkart Architects were responsible for the development of the project.

23 Apr 2018
Casa Bélgica
Design: AMZ Arquitetos
Casa Bélgica, São Paulo House
photograph : Maíra Acayaba
Casa Bélgica – Luxury Home in São Paulo
Signed by AMZ Arquitetos, led by the architects Adriana Zampieri and Pablo Alvarenga; Belgica House is located in a green residential area in São Paulo, Brazil. The house program was organized in three blocks based on functions (service, sleeping and leisure spaces) piled up and arranged in a way that creates a constant indoor-outdoor integration.

19 Mar 2018
Cidade Jardim Residence, São Paulo, Brazil
Architects: Perkins+Will
Cidade Jardim Residence São Paulo Architecture News
photography : Daniel Ducci
Cidade Jardim Residence in São Paulo
The biophila concept praises constant contact with natural elements as a crucial tool to improve well-being and life quality. Located in São Paulo, the Cidade Jardim Residence was designed by Perkins+Will to offer a perfect balance between nature and construction.

Vila Olimpia Apartment in São Paulo

30 Jan 2018
BFC Corporate Building, Paulista Avenue
Architects: Perkins + Will
BFC Corporate Building - São Paulo Architecture News
image courtesy of architects
BFC Corporate Building Retrofit in São Paulo
Reference with its arches, the old building had to leave a private bank headquarters occupancy, with everything it represents: very closed, dark, facing inwards. And turn it into a place with greater thermal, acoustic and lighting comfort, without putting everything on the floor. In addition to creating an integration with the environment and enable dialogue with the pedestrian, without barriers such as grids or obstacles.

11 Jan 2018
Fire Department at Guarulhos
Design: MM18 Arquitetura
Fire Department at Guarulhos International Airport
photo : Pedro Vannucchi
Fire Department at Guarulhos International Airport
Updating of the Fire Fighting Section has left it capable of receiving the latest generation equipment and to attend events with large airplanes; program includes study room, library, cafeteria and rest area. The office MM18 Arquitetura, led by the architects Mila Strauss and Marcos Paulo Caldeira, was responsible for the Fire Fighting Section (SCI)project of the Fire Department at Guarulhos International Airport.

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São Paulo Architecture News 2017

18 Dec 2017
AQH Apartment
Architects: CR2 Architecture
Renovated Penthouse in São Paulo

24 Nov 2017
Urbanity São Paulo Tower Buildings
Architects: aflalo/gasperini arquitetos
Urbanity São Paulo Tower Buildings Urbanity São Paulo Tower Buildings
photograph : Ana Mello
Urbanity São Paulo Tower Buildings
This is a mixed use complex located in a ‘noble’ area in São Paulo. With a corporate and a residential tower plus a commercial space, Urbanity follows one of the biggest contemporary urbanistic trends in São Paulo.

30 Oct 2017
Contemporary House in Campinas
Architects: Mauro Lacio Arquitetura
Contemporary House in Campinas
image : Trama 3D Studio
CP House in Campinas
A couple looking for refuge and tranquility in a proposal that combines green areas and the comfort of a country house. These were the basis for this residential project. The idea was to create two blocks, in which one would have the social function of the house while the other the recreation area.

Bráz Elettrica São Paulo Pizzaria: Pizza Restaurant

Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand

Dom Pedro Complex, Campinas

Clube Dom Pedro II + III, Campinas

Dekmantel Festival São Paulo 2017

Airbnb HQ Office in São Paulo

Itahye House in São Paulo

Jardins Apartment in Sao Paolo

Una Pavilion, São Sebastião

Riccó Showroom

House MCNY in São Paulo

SM House São Paulo

White House in São Sebastião

Jungle House in Guarujá

Casa 6

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