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post updated 4 March 2023

São Paulo

Guide to São Paulo Architecture

e-architect pick what we believe to be the major examples of São Paulo Architecture.

We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across São Paulo and Brasil. The focus is on contemporary Brazilian buildings in SP.

We have 3 pages of São Paulo Architecture selections with links to many individual project pages.

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São Paulo Architecture News

SP Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

20 Oct 2013
São Paulo Architectural Walking Tours – launched by e-architect
Decameron São Paulo Buildings
photo : Pedro Vannucchi
São Paulo Architectural Walking Tours

26 Feb 2016
Casa Marquise, Sumaré, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Design: FGMF Architects
Marquise House - São Paulo Buildings
photograph : Rafaela Nettoi
Casa Marquise
This new São Paulo area house is a residence that is reminiscent of a Mexican central patio with a contemporary approach.

1 Feb 2012
Nestle Factory, Caçapava
Design: METRO Arquitetos
Nestle Factory Building Brazil
photo : Leonardo Finotti
Factory Building São Paulo
The main intention of the design for Nestle factory building visiting areas was to create a landmark in the generic landscape of the highway that connects São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, revealing the existence of a public and accessible space.

18 Oct 2011
House 4×30
Design: CR2 + FGMF
House 4x30 São Paulo Buildings
photo : Fran Parente
House 4×30 São Paulo
Encrusted in a row of narrow geminate houses, the story began more as a challenge rather than as an architectural project. How make the entire program of a house fit in that 4x30m lot, relying on a few illuminated surfaces? Even though the object is deceptively simple, the answer came across a lot of research.

26 Aug 2011
Design: studio mk27 – marcio kogan + mariana simas
photo : Pedro Vannucchi
São Paulo furniture store
The showroom of the Decameron furniture store is located on a rented site in the furniture commercial alley in São Paulo. To make the quick and economic construction viable, the project worked with the premise of a light occupation of the lot, basically done with industrial elements, which could easily be assembled. The space was constructed through a mixed solution, with maritime transport containers and a specifically designed structure.

26 Aug 2011
Casa dos Ipês
Design: studio mk27 – marcio kogan + lair reis
Casa dos Ipês São Paulo Buildings
photo © Reinaldo Cóser
Casa dos Ipês São Paulo
Ten years ago, when StudioMK27 tried to do a project using exposed concrete, many builders said that this was practically impossible. Yeah, Right – Brazil that has a vast modern tradition in the use of raw concrete? During a determinate period, in the 90´s, the use of the material declined sharply, restricted to the few architects that used it experimentally and sporadically, without fixing a constructive know-how.

São Paulo Building – Recent Designs

18 Aug 2011
Brasil Building
Design: Rosenbaum
Brasil Building São Paulo
image from architect
São Paulo Tower Building
The historic center of São Paulo, the largest city of Brazil and one of the largest in the world, it is an important cultural center with theaters, museums, restaurants and cinemas. With this, W Zarzur invited the Rosenbaum office to be responsible for the design project and front of its new venture.

28 Jun 2011
São Paulo Arquitetos win Dedalo Minosse Award, Italy
Grid House São Paulo Buildings
photo from architects
FGMF Arquitetos
In 2010, FGMF was the Brazilian Office to win the biggest number of awards, by academy and also commercial awards. The FGMF architects office, under the command of the young architects Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes and Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz and placed in São Paulo (Brazil) has just won one more international award: “The international award Dedalo Minosse”-“Prêmio Internazionale Dedalo Minosse”, delivered in Vicenza, Italy.

24 Feb 2011
‘The Other, the Same’, São Paulo Art Biennial
Design: Carlos M Teixeira
São Paulo Art Biennial design
photo from architect
São Paulo Art Biennial
With the theme “There is always a cup of sea to sail in”, the 29th. São Paulo Art Biennial incorporated six terreiros, or areas for events and rest, spread across the Biennial pavilion. Invited by curators Moacir dos Anjos and Agnaldo Farias, this text presents the author’s participation in the exhibition with terreiro The Other, The Same; an arena for dance events, theater and music that can be rearranged in other ways.

Contemporary São Paulo Building Designs

Major São Paulo Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

C16H14O3 house
Design: Marcio Kogan Arquitetos
C16H14O3 house
photo : Rômulo Fialdini
C16H14O3 house

Casa Panamá
Design: Marcio Kogan Arquitetos
Casa Panamá São Paulo property
photo : Nelson Kon
Casa Panamá

CEU Pimentas
Design: biselli+katchborian
CEU Pimentas São Paulo
photo : Nelson Kon
CEU Pimentas

Numero Bar, Jardins
Design: Isay Weinfeld arquiteto
Numero Bar São Paulo Buildings
image : Leonardo Finotti
Numero Bar

Top Towers – Housing
Königsberger Vannucchi Arquitetos
Top Towers São Paulo
image : Leonardo Finotti
Top Towers São Paulo

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Casa Curitiba
photo : Nelson Kon

Oscar Niemeyer

Porto Alegre House

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