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Casa Manaca in Cesário Lange, SP

20 May 2024

Architects: VAGA Arquitetura

Location: Cesário Lange, São Paulo, Brazil, South America

Casa Manaca Cesario Lange Brazil property

Photos by Carolina Lacaz

Casa Manacá, Brazil

The Casa Manacá project, located on a corner lot in the city of Cesário Lange, São Paulo – Brazil, established relationships with various pre-existing elements on the site. Designed by the VAGA Arquitetura office, it promoted an interaction between the landscape and the architecture of the residence.

Casa Manaca Cesario Lange SP

Casa Manaca Cesario Lange SP

The relationship with the street, ideal insolation, and privacy were the main relationships established, requiring different levels of interaction between interior and exterior. For this purpose, the spatial distribution of the house is organized around three interconnected programmatic nuclei.

Casa Manaca Cesario Lange Brazil property

These nuclei are housed in two large intersecting volumes: the first, for services, configuring the front of the house towards the street, next to the nucleus of collective activities, open to the view of the lake and the garden. The second, configures the intimate volume, facing a private garden which, besides bringing greenery into the environment, offers freshness and privacy to the bedrooms. The transition between the nuclei occurs gradually, as collective activities extend into the intimate volume through the integrated living room and kitchen, without losing their autonomy.

Casa Manaca Cesario Lange Brazil property Casa Manaca Cesario Lange Brazil property

The construction system, composed of a steel structure and masonry walls, was defined prioritizing the efficiency of the work and the speed of construction.

Casa Manaca Cesario Lange Brazil

The metal roof is a protagonist in the project and serves as an articulation element between the two volumes of the house, passing over the social entrance and overlapping the lower-ceilinged intimate area.

New property in Cesario Lange SP

It is supported by a central gutter beam that runs through the entire building longitudinally, serving as a structural element, rainwater drainage, and passage for installations. Additionally, the shape of the roof ensures higher ceilings in the areas of collective activities, forming large eaves that provide sun protection on the north face.

New house in Cesário Lange Brazil

New home in Cesário Lange, Brazil

Being a property intended for sale, the Casa Manacá project became a challenge for the architects, due to the uncertainty regarding the final client, which influenced the aesthetic and functional decisions of the residence. Consequently, low-cost solutions were adopted, yet executed with technical and aesthetic refinement.

Casa Manaca Cesario Lange SP

The goal was to ensure a result that would please potential buyers while simultaneously establishing a high standard of quality for the other constructions in the condominium.

Casa Manaca Cesario Lange Brazil Casa Manaca Cesario Lange Brazil property

Casa Manaca in Cesário Lange, São Paulo – Building Information

Architecture: VAGA Arquitetura –
Authors: Fernando O’Leary, Pedro Domingues, and Pedro Faria
Collaborators: Gabriela Inomata
Client: NR Construção e Incorporação
Complementary Projects and Consultancies: Monteiro Soluções em Engenharia (Foundations, Structure, Electrical Installations, Hydraulic Installations, Gas), SEIVA Arquitetura e Paisagem (Landscaping)

Casa Manaca Cesario Lange SP

Suppliers: Ecoflame Garden, Decameron, Wooding, Punto e Filo
Location: Cesário Lange, São Paulo – SP, Brazil
Project Year: 2017
Construction Year: 2023
Project Area: 568.38 sqm

Casa Manaca Cesario Lange Brazil

Photography: Carolina Lacaz

Casa Manaca, São Paulo, Brazil images / information received 200524

Location: Campos do Jordão, São Paulo state, Brasil, South America

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