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Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá house

15 February 2024

Location: Guarujá, SP – Brasil, South America

Architect: DB Arquitetos ; Decoration: Marina Salles Arquitetura e Interiores

Photos Fran Parente

A Family Refuge on the São Paulo Coast

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

Casa VJC Iporanga House in Guarujá

Conceived as a summer retreat, it is in a privileged residential condominium in Guarujá – a city located about 100km from the capital of São Paulo – the project for VJC House emerges as an oasis embraced by the Atlantic Forest, Brazil. With the architectural project commissioned to Brazilian architect David Bastos (DB Arquitetos), the steeply sloping terrain posed the challenge of delicately placing the house and ensuring its complete integration with the native vegetation. After eight years from the initial sketch to completion, the new home materializes through the overlay of five levels responsible for distributing the program.

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

Proposing the inversion of the traditional programmatic organization, in this project, the intimate wing arranged on the lower floors – sheltered by the dense vegetation and where there is greater tranquility – while the social and leisure wing is located on the upper levels, at the height of the treetops and openings frame the coastal landscape.

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

In the final stage of interior completion, the decoration project is led by architect Marina Salles (Marina Salles Arquitetura e Interiores) – who was also in charge of the interior renovation process of the couple’s main house, in São Paulo downtown.

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

An invitation to immersion, the proposal takes advantage of the double layer that surrounds the residence, from the palette of natural materials applied to the base, to the canopy of trees – alluding to a treehouse – suggesting a shelter. A pause to urban frenzy, this is the ideal place to slow down, emphasizing the calm lifestyle.

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

Dedicated essentially to leisure, on the top floor, the living, dining, and kitchen merge with the balcony, sun deck, and pool, enjoying moments of introspection. Gradually, the scenery embracing the residence revealed through generous glass panels framing the view unfolding on the horizon, like a canvas in constant metamorphosis.

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

Prioritizing interaction and shared moments among the family and friends, the layout of the living room turns towards the center of the space, while the transparency of the frames visually brings the flora indoors. The furniture features a mix of pieces: family heirlooms, new Brazilian design pieces, solid wood finds, and others specially designed by Marina Salles for the project.

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

In the ensemble, the pair of sofas crafted by Jocal complemented with the Gray 07 armchairs designed by Italian Paola Navone for Gervasoni (Casual Móveis). The armchairs upholstered in waterproof canvas from Ecosimple for protection against the effects of sea air. Additionally, there is the Xangai rattan armchair (Amazonia Móveis), indigenous benches (Dpot Objetos), a pair of nesting side tables (designed by the architect), as well as a chest, sideboard, and center tables in wood. These sourced and commissioned from a carpentry workshop in the city of Tiradentes, Minas Gerais.

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

Re-signifying the uses, the carefully chosen pieces loaded with stories take on new functions: the sideboard supports the bar, while the chest transforms into a side table. The house is in constant motion, organic like the residents who inhabit it. To achieve this, the choice of lighter pieces facilitates the rearrangement of the layout when desired. A comfort during colder days, the suspended fireplace proposes moments of reading.

Dressing the environment, the furniture arranged on a waterproof rug (Clatt), and color introduced through accessories and decorative pieces, such as cushions, ceramics, and vases.

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

In the dining room, the solid wood table, designed by the architect and executed by Prime Marcenaria, complemented by a set of Gana chairs (Franccino Giardini) – handwoven in rope and moisture-resistant fabric – comfortably seating up to 10 people.

Prioritizing the landscape framed on both sides – the first through large wooden and glass frames that mark the entire vertical circulation, and the second towards the balcony –, the lighting project, signed by Lightworks, avoids visual barriers in the line of sight for those seated at the table. The traditional use of pendants gives way to the Canoa lamp, designed by the same office. The piece, whose design references typical boats of the Brazilian coast, features continuous lighting, and the absence of visible bulbs gives it a delicate appearance.

Guarujá, SP – Brasil, by DB Arquitetos

In the corner where the set of retracted frames converges, determining an “L” protected by greenery, the positioning of the Canela table (turned solid wood, by Fernando Prado for Dpot) suggests a space for games and meals. In the ensemble, chairs (Amazonia Móveis) protected by a waterproof cover (Ecosimple), and a floor lamp from Olho Móveis. The finalization comes from ceramics and arrangements in clay pots.

In the shade of the rustic wood pergola, the balcony integrated with the living and dining rooms, echoing the connection with nature. In harmony with the materials found on the surfaces of the architecture, the table is surrounded by a set of chairs of the same model as those found at the dining table, reinforcing the continuity between indoors and outdoors. In the external living area, a sofa and armchair from Taúna with Sunbrella fabric, a pair of Acqua poufs from Nani Chinellato, and a wooden coffee table accompany a pair of loungers – existing ones from the clients and brought from the main address.

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá home, São Paulo

An ode to the coastal atmosphere, in this residence, the palette of natural materials seeks to translate the concepts of comfort and lightness. In architecture, granite cover the floors inside and the pool deck, while wood applied in the slatted panels, ceiling, and perimeter louvers in Cumaru wood. In decoration, the mix of pieces in wood, linen, straw, rattan, and ceramics suggests the simplicity of an authentic beach house, without forgetting easy maintenance and durability against the effects of time and sea air.

Encouraging an integrated experience with nature, on the terrace, the absence of enclosures intensifies the residents’ connection with the landscape, like an observatory where the sea seen above the treetops.

Guarujá, SP – Brasil, by DB Arquitetos

Supporting contemplation, the set of Astúrias Fixa armchairs, designed by Brazilian designer Carlos Motta, accompanies reclaimed wooden chests for a lounge overlooking the cove. On the opposite side, facing the treetops, a daybed (by CR Santos Tapeçaria) prioritizes rest under the sunlight.

Warmth and serenity define the intimate wing. For this, the material selection of the original interior design project values the experience. In the bedrooms, the duality of the slatted wood panels that surround the facades, sometimes acting as a half-height guardrail, sometimes as bi-fold louvers, adds a layer of protection.

In decoration, the beddings follow the nuances found in the landscape, in shades of beige, green, and blue, and the cotton covers of the pillows and bed runners specially produced by Estúdio Avelós. In the master suite, the Xangai armchair (Amazonia Móveis) in Tauari wood and rattan, adorned with a cushion (Dpot Objetos) and a basket of natural fibers for blanket storage.

Guarujá, SP – Brasil, by DB Arquitetos

With special attention to details, each of the suites received the customization of beddings, including a beach bag, bathrobe, and towels – embroidered with nautical-themed illustrations, specially sketched by Marina Salles, and developed by a specialized supplier. The colors follow those applied to the bed linens.

Also protected by slatted wood louvers, in the home theater, linen curtains filter natural light when the louvers are open. The inviting linen-upholstered seating harmoniously contrasts with the striped tapestry in orange and green. On the wall, a composition of straw baskets creates a graphic pattern on the surface and enhances local craftsmanship.

Guarujá, SP – Brasil, by DB Arquitetos

Casa VJC Iporanga, Guarujá, São Paulo – Property Information

Project: Casa VJC Iporanga
Location: Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil
Conclusion Year: 2023
Area: 660 m²
Architecture: DB Arquitetos
Decoration: Marina Salles Arquitetura e Interiores
Decoration team: Marina Salles, Marina Campidelli, Juliana Fonseca
Lighting design: Lightworks (Airton Pimenta)
Construction: Mareô
Manufacturers: Jocal, Amazônia Móveis, Dpot, Gervasoni, Casual Móveis, Franccino Giardini, Atelier Carlos Motta, Prime Marcenaria, CR Santos Tapeçaria, Dpot Objetos, Ecosimple, Trousseau, Estúdio Avelós, Regatta Tecidos, Nani Chinellato, Clatt.

Text: Matheus Pereira

Photography: Fran Parente

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Location: Iporanga, Guarujá, São Paulo, SP, Brasil, South America

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