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Ícone Planeta in Sorocaba, São Paulo

28 May 2024

Architects: Königsberger Vannucchi

Location: Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil, South America

Ícone Planeta, São Paulo, Brazil residential building

Photos by Pedro Vannucchi

Ícone Planeta, São Paulo, Brazil

Ícone Planeta, a new high-end residential development designed by Königsberger Vannucchi for Construtora Planeta, has been built in the southern area of Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo. With more than 22,000 m² of built area and a single 141-meter-high tower, the residential building, the tallest in the interior of Brazil, was erected after 37 months of construction, a record time for a project of this size.

With a history of technically challenging urban impact projects in major centres, Königsberger Vannucchi’s portfolio, built over 52 years of existence, includes buildings that have accredited it for the Ícone project. In 2022, the firm signed the Platina 220 project, currently the tallest building in the city of São Paulo and a landmark in the creation of a new urban axis in the East Zone of São Paulo.

Ícone Planeta, São Paulo, Brazil residential building

He is also responsible for projects such as Brascan Century Plaza, Stadium Alphaville and Curitiba Universe – marked by their mixed-use architecture – and which, through their implementation, qualify the relationship with the urban context.
Initially, the project for Ícone Planeta was to be designed at a height of approximately 80 metres. However, after carefully analysing the characteristics of the site and the product, as well as intense interaction between the office and the client throughout the process, the desire arose to create an icon that would challenge traditional vertical limits, becoming a reference in the city.

Ícone Planeta, São Paulo, Brazil residential building

“In our design process, interaction with the client is fundamental. We believe that this is how the best solutions emerge for the project, built with four hands, and Ícone Planeta is a great example of this,” says Alexandre Daud, Associate Director of Königsberger Vannucchi.

The architectural configuration is staggered along the height of the building. With a triangular layout of three flats per floor, the building integrates harmoniously into the angled terrain, providing unobstructed views, lighting and cross-ventilation for all the apartments. The result is a unique volumetry that can be seen from different vantage points in Sorocaba and the surrounding area.

Ícone Planeta, São Paulo, Brazil residential building

The large terraces and windows positioned at the vertices of the “triangle” contrast with the surfaces of the bedroom façades, emphasising the striking grid of the building’s structure and adding lightness to the whole.

The project is characterised by the minimal use of walls and railings, resulting in a large garden open to the city, thus promoting urban gentleness. “There is a very pleasant relationship between the pedestrian and the glazed lobby, enhanced by the relationship with the green of nature.

We don’t need to build cities with grids. The separation between public and private is resolved with architectural solutions that take advantage of the building’s position on the plot and the topography of the land,” says Daud.

Ícone Planeta, São Paulo, Brazil residential

The structure was one of the challenges faced, not only because of its imposing height, but also because of the building’s unique slenderness. The project underwent a rigorous wind tunnel test, which determined the building’s wind loads and stresses.

The solution, proposed by the engineers responsible for the structural calculation, envisaged thick concrete walls forming a central core in the building, also used for vertical circulation, supported by a robust foundation, a large block of 1,600 cubic metres of concrete, guaranteeing the building’s stability.

The communal areas have been strategically positioned on high floors, providing breathtaking views of the city. The Sky Health Club & Spa, located on the 21st floor, offers facilities such as a massage and hydrotherapy room, while the Sky Lounge & Gourmet, located on the 29th floor, provides an exclusive environment for residents.

Ícone Planeta, São Paulo, Brazil residential

As a differential, the development features a concierge with delivery service, a hall with independent social and service entrances, parking spaces for visitors, photovoltaic energy for the leisure area, LED lighting in the shared areas and a rainwater reuse system for washing and irrigation taps.

The stairwells’ night lighting, powered by a system of photovoltaic panels, not only reinforces the building’s striking presence in the city, but also enhances the surrounding landscaping and provides safety and comfort on public pavements. “The idea is for the Ícone Planeta to be a real beacon for the city, a point of reference for the people of Sorocaba and even for helicopters and aeroplanes, which have no route in the vicinity of the building, but can be located at night with this lighting,” explains Ricardo Guimarães, chairman of the board of Construtora Planeta.

Ícone Planeta, São Paulo, Brazil residential

Ícone Planeta in São Paulo – Building Information

Architecture: Königsberger Vannucchi – https://www.kvarch.com/

Project: Ícone Planeta
Location: Sorocaba (SP)
Project start: 2019
Completion: 2023
Land area: 2703 m²
Built area: 22.079,31 m²
Height: 141 m

Architecture and Landscaping: Königsberger Vannucchi
Co-authors: Jorge Königsberger – Gianfranco Vannucchi – Alexandre Daud – Claudio Inserra – Carla Estrella
Team: Daniel Ferrer – Ana Peral – Cesar Marques – Monique Genari – Henrique Malvone – Luiza Parreira – Breno Veiga – Caio Nunes – Karina Godois
Executive Director: Daniel Toledo
Development and Construction: Construtora Planeta
Structure: França & Associados
Building Installations: SKK Engenharia
Foundations: Consultrix
Lifts: Atlas
Façade Consultancy: The.Eng
Structural Consultancy: PBC Engenharia
Acoustic Consultancy: Audium
Interior Architecture: Simone Guimarães Arquiteta e Associados

Main suppliers:
Structure: JRNS
Frames: Bimetal
Concrete: Supermix
Masonry: Technologys
Paints: Coral e Suvinil
Glass: Tempermax
Ceramic flooring: Eliane
Vinyl flooring: Eucatex

Background on Königsberger Vannucchi Arquitetos Associados

In 1972, we founded our company to design new relationships between people and the city. Since then, we have developed urban, residential, commercial, hotel, institutional, and mixed-use projects.

We are a space that creates, provokes, and rethinks architecture based on the relationships and experiences it can make.

By considering all aspects and everyone involved in each project and interaction, we have discovered and revealed what is profoundly true, valuable, and essential.

We have completed over 1,000 projects. All of them are unique to us. They have been shaped by the perspective of courageous, creative, and passionate people who, like us, believe in the value of each transformation.

Background on KV partners

Jorge Königsberger holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Universidade Mackenzie – FAU/Mackenzie. He has served as a professor at FAU/FAAP and FAU/Mackenzie, as well as director of Brazil’s Institute of Architects – IAB/SP.

Gianfranco Vannucchi earned a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo – FAU/USP.

Both are former presidents of Brazil’s Association of Architecture Offices – AsBEA [acronym in Brazilian Portuguese].

Daniel Toledo holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of São Paulo – POLI/USP. He joined Königsberger Vannucchi in 2013 and became a partner in 2016.

Ícone Planeta, São Paulo, Brazil residential

Photography: Pedro Vannucchi

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Location: Sorocaba, São Paulo state, Brazil, South America

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