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Folded House Austria

Residential Development in Lower Austria: Architecture – design by xarchitekten

10 Apr 2009

Folded House

Location: Vienna Woods, Lower Austria


Design: xarchitekten

Pictures: Max Nirnberger, Lorenz Prommegger

Folded House Austria Folded House Austria Folded House Austria Folded House Austria

Contemporary Property in Austria

The client commissions a residential building which is considered as a statement of modern architecture and at the same time communicates with the rural environment. The interior is to be designed as an open living space and it is important to have a light and sunny living atmosphere.

Folded House Folded House Folded House Folded House

This modern residential building is situated in the Wienerwald (Vienna woods), a recreational area north of the city of Vienna. The slope property enables the residents to get a good view over a hilly and wooded landscape. The residential building stands out through its rural environment and its immediate proximity to the urban office buildings of the Danube City Vienna.

Folded House Folded House Folded House Folded House

The building fits into the surrounding landscape. The forms and materials, which correspond to the conception of the client, signalise exclusiveness. The folding of the rooms and the interior development realise an analytically clear structure. The building as a serpentine line enables residents a ground level access to the gardens on all levels. The garden, attic, bedrooms and living rooms are intertwined.

xarchitekten design xarchitekten design xarchitekten design xarchitekten design

The folded house combines two elements: The serpentine line gives the impression to create more space. The building enables the residents to enjoy the surrounding landscape with room-high windows to the south. The colour white emphasises this leading element. A protecting wall on the north side completes the folding of the room. The vertical development – realised as a light notch along the whole building – combines both elements. The light notch adds more light by additionally leading vertical daylight into the building and therefore enables a quick orientation.

Folded House Austria – Building Information

Text: Wolfgang Haas

Photos: Max Nirnberger, A-4020 Linz, Austria

Planning data:
Direct order: 2001
Start of planning: 2001
Start of construction Phase I: Jun 2003
Handing over Phase I: Aug 2004
Start of construction Phase II: Mar 2007
Handing over Phase II: Jan 2008

Constructional data:
Built-up area: 200 m2
Floor space: 300 m2
Construction Phase I: Concrete Structure
Construction Phase II: Wooden Structure

xarchitekten partners: David Birgmann, Bettina Brunner, Rainer Kasik, Max Nirnberger, Lorenz Prommegger

Folded House images / information from xarchitekten Oct 2009


Location:Vienna Woods, Lower Austria’

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Folded House Building

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