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Fab Lab House, Barcelona

Solar Energy Home Spain design by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

21 Jul 2010

Fab Lab House

Solar house by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

FAB LAB HOUSE, where beauty meets energetic efficiency

– The house uses solar energy exclusively, is built out of timber, and applies cutting edge technology that will be widely available in the near future.

– The Fab Lab House was recently awarded the Public’s Choice Award at Solar Decathlon 2010 and is now on the market.

Barcelona, July 2010.

Fab Lab House Solar house Fab Lab House Spain Solar house Spain

The Fab Lab House, developed by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), is a self-sufficient building that marks a new paradigm of energetic efficiency through its innovative ability to generate energy, food and utensils. The house produces three times more energy than it consumes, and thanks to its elevated structure – which naturally creates a patio/orchard/kitchen space underneath to provide for food. Also, it incorporates state-of-the-art machinery which can build tools and everyday objects by using the very same parametrical designs used in the general design of the space.

The house has been designed by architects of over twenty different countries and developed by the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), The Center for Bits and Atoms of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the world network of Fab Labs, along with an important group of private firms. According to Vicente Guallart, Director of the IAAC, “the form of the house responds to its energy production potential.

While in the 20th century form followed function, in the 21st century, form will follow energy. Buildings must be like trees, which are self sufficient, and must follow natural principles. Rather than built, the project was manufactured, as digital manufacturing machine tools (known as 3D printers) were used in the construction process. This process partakes on the humanistic idea, advocated by Guallart, that things must be again produced in cities. Says Guallart “We produced our solar house with researchers, in accordance with medieval principles: the designer and the builder are the same person.”

Fab Lab House Solar house Fab Lab House Spain Solar house Spain

The Fab Lab House is not only a piece of social and technical engineering but also a design in full coherence to its immediate environment. The design is conceived to create a flexible structure which adapts to the climate of its location and is both visually and environmentally respectful towards its surroundings. It makes the most out of solar rays and natural drafts, and cuts therefore with the need for artificial heating or AC.

A prototype of the Fab Lab House was exhibited recently at the Solar Decathlon Europe Contest held in Madrid last month, and over 20.000 people visited it. The house was awarded the Public’s Choice Award at said contest, which showcases cutting edge sustainable architecture. The house is currently on the market, and its prize starts at 45.000 € for the smallest version.

Fab Lab House Solar house Fab Lab House Spain Solar house Spain

Location: near Barcelona, Spain

The FabLab house was first exhibited at SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE, an international competition for universities from all over the world; geared towards advancing knowledge on industrialized and sustainable homes, with a particular emphasis on high efficiency and energy self-sufficiency. The first Solar Decathlon Europe Competition, which took place in Madrid in June 2010, was based upon the US Solar Decathlon and consisted of the assembly and exhibition of 17 houses designed and built by the different participating universities from around the world. The FabLab House was visited by over 20.000 visitors during the Decathlon and was awarded the People’s Choice Prize.

Photographer: Adrià Goula

Spanish Solar house

Solar house images / information from Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Further information at:
Institute of Advanced Architecture: www.iaac.net
Fab Lab House: www.fablabhouse.com

Location: Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, western Europe

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