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Key New Chinese Property Developments in the Capital: Architectural Project Updates

post updated 20 January 2023

Beijing Architecture Designs – chronological list

Beijing Architecture News 2022

Beijing Architecture News in 2022, chronological:

16 Dec 2022
Sleeping Lab – Arch, Huangmuchang Village
Design: Atelier d’More
Sleeping Lab Arch Huangmuchang Village Beijing
photo : Atelier d’More
Sleeping Lab Arch, Huangmuchang Village
The Sleeping Lab – Arch project is located in Huangmuchang Village on the outskirts of Beijing. It is a two-story brick-concrete building, originally used as residence and office. Atelier d’More was commissioned to renovate this run-down building into a boutique hotel.

17 Nov 2022
CapitaMALL Wangjing
Design: CLOU architects
CapitaMALL Wangjing Beijing China
photo : Xia Zhi
CapitaMALL Wangjing
CapitaMALL Wangjing, the first large commercial complex developed by CapitaLand in Beijing’s Wangjing area, has brought commercial prosperity to the Wangjing community since its opening in 2006. In 2021, CLOU architects won a design competition and collaborated with CapitaLand to renovate this long-standing community beacon, responsible for the overall space branding upgrades of CapitaMALL Wangjing.

17 Nov 2022
Dongcheng Courtyard House
Architecture: JSPA Design
Dongcheng Courtyard House Beijing China
image : JSPA Design
Dongcheng Courtyard House
Located in Dongcheng district in the ancient city of Beijing, the project consisted in the construction of a private courtyard house including the refurbishment of an existing Ming’s dynasty building along the street.

6 Oct 2022
SINOVAC High-Tech Achievements Transformation Project, Changping Life Science Park, Beijing, Northern China
Design and Project Architect: Aedas
SINOVAC High-Tech Achievements Transformation Project, Beijing
image courtesy of architecture practice
SINOVAC High-Tech Achievements Transformation Project, Beijing

Guan Zi Zai House

24 Aug 2022
Light Echo TW showroom, Qikeshu Creative Park
Design: KiKi ARCHi
Light Echo TW showroom Beijing
photo : Eiichi Kano / Ruijing-PhotoBeijing
Light Echo TW showroom
In this new architectural project the arrangement of light is crucial to an image, whether it is in the basic lighting, atmosphere, mood rendering, characterization, etc. From pre-shooting to post-production, the video artists control the brightness, angle, and colour of light to form an atmosphere that fits the scene, and participate in narrative and expression.

19 August 2022
Collaborative Learning Center of Peking University Building, Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District
Design: FEI Architects
Collaborative Learning Center of Peking University Building
photo : FEI Architects
Collaborative Learning Center of Peking University
The Collaborative Learning Center of Peking University is located in the Second Teaching Building, adjacent to the canteen and the School of Mathematical Sciences. How to transform the original corner space under and around the staircase into a diversified, interactive and borderless space that integrates typical elements of Peking University and gives the students a sense of psychological identity is the focus of this project.

17 July 2022
Anna Garden Residence, Beijing, Northern China
Architects: KiKi ARCHi
Anna Garden Residence Beijing China
photo : Eiichi Kano
Anna Garden Residence
Changping District is 30km to the north of Beijing, the scenery of which is completely different from that of an international city. KiKi ARCHi has completed the renovation of Anna Garden Residence within 15 months there.

4 July 2022
Zhen Fund
Design: asap/ adam sokol architecture practice
Zhen Fund Office Interior Beijing
photo : Jonathan Leijonhufvud
Zhen Fund Office Interior
The Zhen Fund is a project that takes advantage of immersive urban views, while also conveying a sense of the significance and dynamism of the client’s work, and the tremendous joy and enthusiasm that is so characteristic of this company. asap was asked to create a fairly typical office fit-out for a prominent venture capital firm in Beijing.

2 July 2022
WILLchá Flagship Store
WILLchá Flagship Store Beijing Interior
photos by Jia Bin, Si You
WILLchá Flagship Store
When you wake up every morning, will you choose to brew a cup of pour-over coffee, or go downstairs for a cup of Starbucks at the street corner? Currently, coffee and cola seem to have gradually become the mainstream of people’s consumption.

23 June 2022
Pifo Gallery, 798 Art Zone
Pifo Gallery Beijing Building
photograph : Jin Weiqi
Pifo Gallery Beijing Building
Pifo Gallery is one of the earliest major art intuitions in China dedicated to advancing the research and development of abstract art. After more than a decade of operation, the owner of the gallery invited ARCHSTUDIO to renovate the space, to improve its functions and adapt to future development demands.

20 June 2022
Baiziwan Social Housing, near the CBD
Design: MAD Architects
Baiziwan Social Housing Beijing architecture news
photograph : ArchExist
Baiziwan Social Housing
Baiziwan Social Housing is the first affordable housing project by MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong. Situated near the Chinese capital’s CBD (central business district), the project covers the area of 93,900 sqm, with a total construction area of 473,300 sqm.

23 May 2022
The Fintech Office
Interior Design: WIT Design & Research
Fintech Office Beijing, Ronghui International Building
photo : One Thousand Degree Visual
Fintech Office Beijing, Ronghui International Building
The Fintech Office and the Dragon Restaurant were simultaneously put into operation. An office building dedicated to serving the Financial Technology industry, the Ronghui International Building had received great support from the Beijing Government, but like many other businesses in Beijing including those in the CBD, it felt the bite of the pandemic.

13 May 2022
Mansion Feast Restaurant
Mansion Feast Restaurant Beijing

27 Apr 2022
BBMG Xi San Qi Science & Technology Park Phase I, Xisanqi, Haidian District
Design: Aedas
BBMG Xi San Qi Science & Technology Park Beijing architecture news
photo : CreatAR Images
BBMG Xi San Qi Science & Technology Park Phase I
The project is located in the core area of the high-tech corridor in Xisanqi, Haidian District, Beijing. It is surrounded by innovative technology parks and headquarters, with convenient access to the financial street and the Central Business District (CBD). In close proximity to several key urban rail transit lines, the project possesses excellent geographical conditions.

18 Apr 2022
In S&N Resort, Xidamo Village, Qingshui Town, Mentougou District, Beijing
Design: Penda China
In S&N Resort Mentougou Beijing architecture news
photo : Xia Zhi
In S&N Resort, Mentougou
Located in West Dharma Village, Fangshan District, Beijing, In S&N Resort is favorably sited amidst mountains and trees. Legend has it that the twenty-eighth generation of Bodhidharma disciples of Shaolin Temple in Songshan traveled across the world. When passing through the Baihuashan area, they built temples, spread Buddhism, did good deeds, and cured illness of local people under the protection of Bodhidharma.

12 April 2022
Jetlag Books pop up shop
Design: WIT Design & Research
Jetlag Books pop up shop Beijing architecture news
photo : One Thousand Degree Image
Jetlag Books pop up shop
Zhenhua Luo, the director of WIT Design & Research, was invited to design a pop-up shop named “The Cloud” based on the theme that “A bookstore runs away from home” in December 2021. In this case, bookstores no longer bear too much responsibility to be an iconic architectural representation of the city.

18 March 2022
Beijing Olympic Forest Park’s Runner’s Station
Design: TEMP
Beijing Olympic Forest Park's Runner's Station
photo : Weiqi Jin
Beijing Olympic Forest Park’s Runner’s Station
The Runner’s Station is built inside Beijing’s Olympic Forest Park as a public utility. Like others around China, this sports park that held the 2008 Olympic Games were tasked to install supporting services that better serve the locals.

4 Mar 2022
Pop-up Shop of Zhima Health
Design: Wang Yong
Zhima Health pop-up shop at Zhengda Center, Beijing
photo : Rock
Zhima Health pop-up shop at Zhengda Center
According to the biologists the process of aging results from the gradual accumulation of the genetic errors in cells and genes. The appearance of a new wrinkle is the result of the subtle effect the second law of thermodynamics has on the body.

28 Feb 2022
Design: CLOU architects
CLOU Office Beijing Interior
photo : Banye Lin
CLOU Office, Beijing Interior
One year after launching a Shanghai branch near the Bund, CLOU’s Beijing office has now expanded into sparkling new premises. Within the familiar surroundings of Sanlitun SOHO, the space has doubled in size to occupy half a tower floorplate on the 17th floor, with a fully glazed facade offering sweeping views across Sanlitun and into the mountains of North Eastern Beijing.

17 Jan 2022
Beijing Sub-Centre Library
Design: Snøhetta
Sub-Centre Library Beijing building design
image : Plomp
Sub-Centre Library
The new Beijing Sub-Centre Library due to complete by the end of 2022, will offer a contemporary yet timeless space for learning, knowledge sharing and open discussions, as well as celebrating the cultural richness of Beijing and China at large. Aiming to set new standards for sustainable library design, the Beijing Sub-Centre Library will become distinctly different to conventional libraries, utilizing technology, smart design and local resources.

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Beijing Architecture News 2021

Beijing Architecture News in 2021, chronological:

8 Dec 2021
Beijing CR Land Instreet

3 Nov 2021
WAA Riverside Gastropub Space Design, Chaoyang, Liangmaqiao
Architects: Fon Studio
WAA Riverside Gastropub, Chaoyang, Beijing Architecture News
photograph : Fon Studio
WAA Riverside Gastropub, Chaoyang
There are many kinds of catering brands in Beijing Liangmaqiao area, young entrepreneurs have gathered here for new business during recent years. WAA is a space with the business format of creative food and craft beer, based on a flexible site, customers dining here compose of various scenarios.

27 Oct 2021
LU Style Restaurant
Architects: LDH Architectural Design
LU Style Restaurant Beijing Architecture News
photo : Lu haha
LU Style Restaurant
Attracted by its reputation, guests sit down in Lu Style, a transition space from a busy city to a quiet one, feeing satisfied and also sense of ceremony. In this three-story building, the designer separated the interior from the exterior with a super-large glass curtain wall, shielding the hustle and bustle but not isolating the nature.

20 Sep 2021
Harmay Universal Beijing
Design: AIM Architecture
Harmay Universal Beijing interior design by AIM
photograph : Wen Studio
Harmay Universal Beijing
Asked to design a store in a theme park and looking at its context, we could not avoid asking ourselves how to go about this. How can we create a unique experience in a place where experience is king? Do we go with the current or swim upstream? Do we try to stand out or blend in?

17 Sep 2021
Dongfeng Park Architecture Studio, Jiangtaiwa Village, Chaoyang District
Design: Beijing China Virtue Architectural Design Co., Ltd led by Chunli Zhang
Office Space of Dongfeng Park 3# Yard, Beijing
photographs : Shuo Chen and Chun Fang
Office Space of Dongfeng Park 3# Yard
Located in between the East 4th-5th Ring Road, Dongfeng park is suburban city park that functions as one part within the first defensing green belt safeguarding the Beijing City. With its municipal division in Jiangtaiwa village, this office project becomes an ideal working space for the designers, and the chief architect Chunli Zhang hopes to provide the staff with an enjoyable space where gets to be relaxing, feel free and closest to nature.

6 Sep 2021
Songzhuang Micro Community Park, Tongzhou
Design: Crossboundaries
Songzhuang Micro Community Park Beijing
photographers : YANG Chaoying, BAI Yu
Songzhuang Micro Community Park
Beijing’s rapid economic transition, unique political atmosphere, and immense urban growth have shaped a trajectory of prominence of art villages in its metropolitan region dating back to the 1900s.

2 Sep 2021
Donghulin Guest House, Mentougou, western area of Beijing City
Design: Fon Studio
Donghulin Guest House, Mentougou, Beijing Architecture News
photo : Fon Studio
Donghulin Guest House in Mentougou
In the western area of Beijing City, numerous ancient villages scattered among the rolling hills. Although most of the historical relics have not been preserved, the lifestyle of the local folks on the hills remains as it has been for centuries.

26 Aug 2021
TAO Residence, Lincoln Park real estate
Design: HONG Designworks
Tao Residence Beijing by HONG Designworks
photo : Tan, Xiao / Ten Photography Studio
Tao Residence Beijing by HONG Designworks
TAO Residence locates in Lincoln Park real estate, Beijing. The owner hopes this life space contains comfort and controllability, fill with the exploration of freedom and interaction.

4 Aug 2021
La maison Xun, Beilucaoyuan Hutong
Design: LDH Architects
La maison Xun Hutong Beijing
photo : Wang Ting from Dalian AsYouSee
La maison Xun, Beilucaoyuan Hutong
Located within a quadrangle courtyard in Beilucaoyuan Hutong in Beijing, La maison Xun, a Chinese style restaurant, has been put into operation quietly. Unlike other popular high-end restaurants today, it boasts its comfortable modern art and antique architectural pattern.

14 July 2021
San San De Jiu. 3li Community, Sanlitun District
Design: Fon Studio
San San De Jiu. 3li Community, 3.3 building Beijing Architecture News
photo : Fon Studio
San San De Jiu. 3li Community
In big cities, people are always looking for a chill and fun place to have a rest. Those places usually hide at the corners of a noisy business district. The number of entertaining spots in Sanlitun District is growing fast to meet those demands.

5 July 2021
Harmay Xidan Beijing interior design

3 July 2021
WELL Living Lab

1 July 2021
「AtelierTing」Vintage Lifestyle Space Renovation

4 Feb 2021
Beijing International Exhibition Centre
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Beijings International Exhibition Centre
render : Atchain
Beijing’s International Exhibition Centre
As the cultural, academic and civic centre of China, Beijing has also developed into one of the world’s centres of communication and scientific research. With its own station on Line 15 of the Beijing Subway, the International Exhibition Centre is located next to the city’s Capital International Airport and has grown to become an important venue for conferences, trade fairs and industry expos attended by delegates from across the globe.

10 Feb 2021
Asia Financial Center & AIIB HQ

7 Jan 2021
Magic Bar Beijing Interior

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Beijing Architecture News 2020

11 Dec 2020
OPPO Store Interior

3 Dec 2020
Dujiangyan Zhongshuge-X+Living store

1 Dec 2020
Xu Lei’s Art Studio

26 Nov 2020
WuliEpoch Culture Center

25 Nov 2020
BIT Sports Center

19 Nov 2020
Courtyard Kindergarten
Design: MAD Architects
Courtyard Kindergarten Beijing
photo © ArchExist
Courtyard Kindergarten by MAD Architects
As one enters the interior from above, the atmosphere feels warm and bright. Responding to the sensitive sense of scale and comfort experienced by children, the interior of the building is suspended from a single aluminum grille, which lowers the visual height of the scheme while instilling the interior with a family-like warmth.

30 Oct 2020
Beijing Zhongshuge Lafayette store interior
Architects: X+LIVING
Beijing Zhongshuge Lafayette store
photo : Wu Qingshan
Beijing Zhongshuge Lafayette store design
It’s the second time for Zhongshuge bookstore to land in Beijing. This time it joins Lafayette department store, where the classical gardens and the reading space collided from three different perspectives in the fashionable commercial area.

28 Oct 2020
Beijing Galleria-Instreet Renovation

3 Aug 2020
Apple Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
Architects: Foster + Partners
Apple Sanlitun, Beijing store by Foster + Partners
image courtesy of architects
Apple Sanlitun Store
The design is the result of a close collaboration between Apple’s teams and the integrated engineering and design teams at Foster + Partners.

1 Jun 2020
Utter Space Photography Studio
Architects: CUN DESIGN
Utter Space Photography Studio Beijing Architecture News
Space photography : WANG Ting
Utter Space Photography Studio
Design is not just creation and decoration, but exploring and choosing by heart. With the development of trend and fashion, the media has become more and more diversified in images. Under this background, more photographers of different styles have appeared.

21 Mar 2020
Junshan Cultural Center

20 Mar 2020
Aqua Health Clinic

18 Mar 2020
Pinzhen Galeries Flagship Store

28 Feb 2020
Sunshine Insurance Financial Center Building

4 Feb 2020
Cultural Center of Longfu Building

Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant, 1 Dashilan Street, Xicheng District
Design: IN • X, Architects
Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant Beijing Architecture News
picture : Shi Yunfeng
Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing

8 Jan 2020
Eric Parry Architects win Beijing Architecture Competition

Wednesday 8 January 2020 – The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) have today announced that Eric Parry Architects have won the competition to design a new Ambassador’s Residence for the British Embassy in Beijing on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The aim of the project was to design a modern Residence that provides a platform for the Ambassador to project Britain’s global influence.

Tony Whitehead, FCO Director of Estates said: ‘We are delighted to announce Eric Parry as our lead architect on the proposed new Residence in Beijing. To reflect the scale of our ambition in China, we are looking to provide a state of the art building that will better reflect the image that Britain wants to project and help facilitate our presence in China for many years. We believe Eric and his team have the expertise and experience to help us fulfil that vision’.

David Morley, RIBA Architect Adviser commented: This promises to be a significant work of architecture, marrying east with west and expressing the essence of Britishness in a progressive way. Happily the competition attracted some very talented architects and it will be wonderful to see Eric Parry’s winning ideas brought to fruition.”

Eric Parry Architects was selected from a shortlist with four other architectural practices:

• Allford Hall Monaghan Morris
• Carmody Groarke
• Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
• Manser Practice

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Beijing Architecture Designs – chronological list

Beijing Building : A-C

Beijing Architecture Designs : D-L

Beijing Architectural News 2019

Beijing Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

19 Nov 2019
Leeza SOHO, Lize Financial Business District
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Leeza SOHO by Zaha Hadid Architects Beijing Architecture News
photo : Hufton+Crow
Leeza SOHO Beijing Building
This 45-storey 172,800m² tower responds to demand from small and medium-sized businesses in Beijing for flexible and efficient Grade A office space.

29 Sep 2019
Beijing Daxing International Airport

23 Sep 2019
Da Wang Jing Mixed-use Development

9 Sep 2019
Oh Yeah Brewing in Beijing CBD by hcreates

19 Aug 2019
Ambassador’s Residence at the British Embassy

27 Jul 2019
MUSÉE Flagship Store in Beijing Qianmen

25 Jul 2019
Sample Office for Poly in Future Metropolitan

5 Jul 2019
Brii Biosciences Global R&D Center Beijing

25 Jun 2019
Vitaland Kid Restaurant

24 Jun 2019
Apartment 55

30 May 2019
Rewilding Garden Beijing
Design: Grant Associates
Rewilding Garden Beijing Expo 2019 landscape
image courtesy of Grant Associates
Rewilding Garden Beijing
A garden design for the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) at the International Horticultural Exposition – Expo 2019 Beijing has opened to the public, giving people a chance to experience ‘wild’ nature in the Chinese capital.

8 May 2019
Courtyard House Plugin
Architect: People’s Architecture Office
Courtyard House Plugin Beijing Architecture News
picture © People’s Architecture Office
Courtyard House Plugin
This prefabricated modular system was first developed as a prototype for installation within courtyard houses in the traditionally Muslim district of Dashilar.

17 Apr 2019
Sanhe Kindergarten

13 Mar 2019
Quad House

Chinese Capital City Building Updates Archive

Beijing Architecture News up to 2018, chronological:

20 Nov 2018
Courtyard Kindergarten in Beijing

12 Sep 2018
ASTUDIO Photography Studio, Art Valley, Chaoyang District
Design: United Units Architects
Astudio Photography Studio Beijing Architecture News
picture © ASTUDIO
Photography Studio in Chaoyang District
United Units Architects (UUA) ASTUDIO is a photography studio founded by the renowned photographer Li Xiaoliang and his team.

30 Jul 2018
The Dog House
Design: Atelier About Architecture
The Dog House Beijing architecture news
photograph : Sun Haiting
The Dog House in Beijing
This is a residential project designed for the owner and their beloved dog, for the dog’s needs on medical care and good living. We call it the Dog House.

11 Jul 2018
MeePark CBD Place of Events
Design: Latitude Architectural Group
Meepark CBD Place of Events in Beijing
photograph : Hector Peinador
MeePark CBD Place of Events
Beijing has a growing demand for places to host different kinds of events. As a city in rapid transformation from an industrial heritage into the service sector, it requires spaces to hold business meetings, product presentations and leisure activities.

Jul 2018
Blue Note Beijing Jazz Club, 23 Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District
Design: Chiasmus Partners. Inc
Blue Note Beijing Jazz Club
photographer : Eric Zhang
Blue Note Beijing Jazz Club
The project is the first China branch of the age-old Jazz brand from New York. The site is the former American consulate to the Qing Dynasty, a landmark project in itself and just minutes of walk from the forbidden palace in Beijing.

Jul 2018
Office Environmental Design of Shiyue Media, Lang Park Vintage, Chaoyang District
Design: CUN Design
Office Environmental Design of Shiyue Media Beijing Architecture News
photographers : Wang Ting, Wang Jin
Office Environmental Design of Shiyue Media
In recently years, CUN Design has won a number of gold awards globally because of its unique thinking in the creative office environment design, making it become an unexpected force in this field.

Jul 2018
Hualong Private Terminal Space, Capital Airport
Design: Shishang Architecture
Hualong Private Terminal Space at Capital Airport Beijing
photographer : An Li
Hualong Private Terminal Space
The structure of the private terminal space is spacious, so all guests on the journey can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the terminal building and enjoy the nice food and the considerate service.

19 Jun 2018
MS-II Restaurant
Architects: WAY Studio
MS II Restaurant in Beijing
photographer : Zeng Hao, Fernie Lai
MS-II Restaurant in Beijing
Architecture, through the manipulation of Space, is the real-life magic for creating a reality that only previously existed in the imagination. This is the vision WAY Studio had when designing recently completed project “Aye by Meeting Someone” restaurant.

24 May 2018
Layering Yard, Qianmen
Architects: ARCHSTUDIO
Layering Yard in Gianmen Beijing
photograph : CreatAR Images (Luo Juncai)/Jin Weiqi
Layering Yard in Qianmen
Layering Yard is hidden in a traditional commercial block near the Qianmen of Beijing, with an area of about 500 square meters. The original architecture was a quadrangle courtyard commercial building with the characteristics of houses in the Republican period. Compared with residential houses, the houses here are bigger and higher.

19 May 2018
Beijing Area Three Art Museum, A No.1 Creative Park, Chaoyang District
Architects: CUN Design
Beijing Area Three Art Museum
photographs : Wang Ting & Wang Jin
Beijing Area Three Art Museum Building
Louis Kahn has said that if you fill your mind with things that does not belongs to you, they would never stay in your brain; you would forget them, and you would lose the awareness of defining your self-worth.

11 Apr 2018
Mafengwo Global Headquarters, Universal International Pioneer Park, No.9 Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District
Design: SYN Architects
Mafengwo Global HQ in Beijing
photograph : BenMo studio / YanMing
Mafengwo Global Headquarters
“When the IP Era is ushered in, brands pay more attention to their personalized performances than before, while enterprises show more care for employees’ office space and their identities of, enthusiasm for and emotion cultivation related to corporate cultures.

4 Apr 2018
Rua da Cunha Macau Hotpot
Design: Golucci Interior Architects
Rua da Cunha Macau Hotpot Beijing architecture news
photograph : Luluxi
Rua da Cunha Macau Hotpot
The identity design was derived from inheriting tradition and creating classic spirits. By using oriental jade green with classic bronze gold to present design consistency and extend the image of enjoyment of gathering together.

11 Mar 2018
Dian Dian Yipin Cha Chaan Teng
Architects: Golucci International Design
Dian Dian Yipin Tea Restaurant in Beijing
photograph : Lulu Xi
DianDianYiPin tea restaurant
DianDianYiPin is a tea restaurant which comes from Hong Kong. People who have been to Hong Kong know that tea restaurant is really popular because of its conveniences, efficient service and various food. Where there are streets and alleys, there are tea restaurants.

22 Feb 2018
Beijing Shoping Plus City Outlet Mall, North Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District
Design: AaaM Architects
Beijing Shoping Plus City Outlet Mall
picture from architects
Beijing Shoping Plus City Outlet Mall
Next to the Olympic Media Village and Beiyuan Road North metro station, “North Star Shopping Centre” opened its door in 2010, right after the Beijing Olympic event.

20 Feb 2018
Tunghsu’s Mixed-Use Solar Complex
Design: LATITUDE Architects
Tunghsu’s Mixed-Use Solar Complex Beijing building design
picture from architecture office
Tunghsu’s Mixed-Use Solar Complex
Located at the southwest corner of Beijing’s fourth ring road, the development project for Tunghsu’s Mixed-use Solar Complex comprises an area of 32,000 m2. The project has been named after its promoter: the Tunghsu Group, a pioneer in renewable energy in China.

12 Feb 2018
Xiang Jiang House
Architects: Claesson Koivisto Rune
Xiang Jiang House
picture from architects office
Xiang Jiang House
The idea was to create a contemporary Scandinavian interior in an existing house that must remain true to its regulated style on the exterior. Thus, the interior contemporary Scandinavian ambience is in contrast to the ‘international-classical’ exterior.

29 Jan 2018
Mini Hill – Lily Nails Salon
Architects: ARCHSTUDIO
Mini Hill Lily Nails Salon Beijing Architecture News
photo © Jin Weiqi
Mini Hill – Lily Nails Salon
The nails salon is designed to achieve a kind of natural sense in artificial environment, and to attract customers by creating an amusing experience of being in the hill. The rectangular space of 60 sqm is embedded a hill that is gradually rising from outside to inside.

27 Jan 2018
InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun
Architects: CCD/ Cheng Chung Design
Intercontinental Sanlitun Beijing Architecture News
image from architects
InterContinental Sanlitun
The design concept of the hotel was inspired by the hexagonal diamond element in the building facade. Through the analysis of the formation of diamond, which is made from constantly refining of rough stone; the design adopted the cutting and luster characteristics of diamond to shape the space.

16 Jan 2018
Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre, North East Hebei Province, China
Design: Zhang Hai’ao (HDD) – Shanghai Huadu Architecture&Urban planning
Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre Building
photo : Su Shengliang
Mulan Weichang Visitor Centre, China
Mulan Weichang is located in the north east of Hebei province, connected to inner Mongolia grassland, which is one of the most beautiful landscapes on the earth. The ancient Chinese emperors used to hold autumn hunting festivals here through the history.

More contemporary Beijing Architecture News online soon

Chinese Capital Architectural Updates 2017

23 Dec 2017
751 Fashion Buyer Shop, Fashion Echo, 751D·park
Architects: Cun-Design
751 Fashion Buyer Shop
photographs : Wang Ting, Wang Jin
751 Fashion Buyer Shop
People agree that the urbanization nowadays is largely a byproduct of industrialization. In the past, you cannot imagine that how to call a city without any factories.

12 Dec 2017
POPPEE – Designers’ Brands Collection Store, Topwin Center, No.1 South Sanlitun Road
Architects: Atelier Tree
Poppee Designers Brands Collection Store
photograph : Shenme Li
POPPEE – Designers’ Brands Collection Store
Atelier Tree designed out a golden cloud floating within a concrete box, which perfectly displays a number of brands’ jewelries and creates a shocking brand vision of POPPEE Collection store itself.

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Buildings in the Chinese Capital City

Beijing Architecture Designs – chronological list

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Chinese Architect

20 Jul 2017
2022 The Winter Olympics Plaza, Shougang Garden, Shijingshan Zone
Architects: CCTN Architectural Design Co. Ltd
2022 The Winter Olympics Plaza
photograph : Chen He
2022 The Winter Olympics Plaza in Beijing

Home of the Future
Design: LAVA
Home of the Future in the Chinese Capital City

Orange Cinemas
Design: Robert Majkut, architects
Orange Cinemas

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