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Architectural Offices in China – Chinese Capital City Design Practices Contact Information

post updated 7 March 2022

Beijing Architecture Studios

Beijing Design Practices, contact details alphabetical:

Fax +86-10-5869-1317

Architect phone / fax e-mail / website address
Studio Pei-Zhu +86-10-86227468 [email protected]
Studio Zhu-Pei, C7 Universal Creative Park, 9 Jiuxianqiao North Road, Beijing 100015 P.R.CHINA
MAD Architects +86 10 64026632
+86 10 64023940
MAD Architectural Design Office
3rd Floor, West Building
No.7, BeiXinQiao
Beijing, China. 100007
SAKO Architects +86-10-5869-0901 SAKO Architects
1103 Tower 4, JianWai SOHO No. 39, East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District Beijing China
Sunlay Design Sunlay Design
Beijing, China

Beijing Architects Practices

Architects + Landscape Architects + Structural Engineers with offices in Beijing

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Intercontinental Sanlitun in Beijing
image from architects

The Beijing Architecture site aims to promote Beijing Architects as well as the country’s architecture. The page is a good starting point for selecting an architect.

Beijing Architects’ details are listed for an annual fee, likewise for Beijing Structural Engineers, etc.

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It is the responsibility of any company or architects practice – once listed and fee paid – to inform us if their architect office details are amended.

Beijing Architects

Location: Beijing, China, eastern Asia

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Beijing Architecture

Beijing Zhongshuge Lafayette store interior
Architects: X+LIVING
Beijing Zhongshuge Lafayette store
photo : Wu Qingshan
Beijing Zhongshuge Lafayette store design
It’s the second time for Zhongshuge bookstore to land in Beijing. This time it joins Lafayette department store, where the classical gardens and the reading space collided from three different perspectives in the fashionable commercial area.

Apple Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
Architects: Foster + Partners
Apple Sanlitun, Beijing store by Foster + Partners
image courtesy of architects
Apple Sanlitun Store
The design is the result of a close collaboration between Apple’s teams and the integrated engineering and design teams at Foster + Partners.

Utter Space Photography Studio
Architects: CUN DESIGN
Utter Space Photography Studio Beijing
Space photography : WANG Ting
Utter Space Photography Studio
Design is not just creation and decoration, but exploring and choosing by heart. With the development of trend and fashion, the media has become more and more diversified in images. Under this background, more photographers of different styles have appeared.

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