Orange Cinemas Beijing, Robert Majkut Building, Pacific Department Store

Orange Cinemas : Pacific Department Store Beijing

Building for Golden Harvest China design by Robert Majkut architects, Poland.

Robert Majkut designs a cinema for the biggest Asian cinema group

Design: Robert Majkut architects

On request of Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Group – a legendary Asian cinema company – Robert Majkut created the project of Orange Cinemas in Beijing. Official opening of the cinema will take place on 28th March 2011.

Orange Cinemas Beijing Golden Harvest Building
photo : Guo Fan

28 Mar 2011

Orange Cinemas in Beijing

Golden Harvest, being the power of Asian film industry, produced more than 600 films, and promoted two legends of action movies – Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Leading Asian cinema operator, Golden Harvest, is the owner of cinema chain of 28 multiplexes and 223 auditoriums. Over last few years Golden Harvest expanded its activities into Chinese and Taiwanese market, being the greatest cinema operator in Taiwan and Singapore.

Robert Majkut was invited to create the project for Orange Cinemas in Pacific Department Store in Beijing. Investors decided to choose Robert Majkut on the basis of his previous projects, especially Multikino Golden Terraces in Warsaw.

Orange Cinemas Beijing Orange Cinemas interior Beijing
photos : Guo Fan

Robert Majkut about the project

The process of creating such places is a great challenge. It is a creation of a total concept, which need to fulfil many requirements of future receivers, and encompass all aspects of the image and way of acting.

We created probably the most exclusive cinema in China.

Our project included some key elements like colour, form, kind of ‘energy’ shaped by the atmosphere, and multimedia solutions which were extremely important issue.

Black symbolises the murk from which the light appears – the essence of the cinema and its magic. Orange is a colour of a sunset, a symbol of an evening time for pleasant leisure and social meetings. Pink is the colour of fun and carefree happiness. These three colours and their meaning constitute the basis of this place.

Orange Cinemas Beijing opening Orange Cinemas opening Beijing
photos : Yasuhiro Hamasaki

Next element – form – is being realized in two ways. Through the shape of the sign between the rectangular screen and the shape of traditional Chinese lantern. It is a symbol of light and setting, held in one meaning, forming the magic of the cinema.

The second idea of form is smoothness of lines referring to the human body movements and traditional film tape which moves softly in the projector.

Multimedia are the third equally important element. Huge screens shape the pace and atmosphere of the interior. Films which are displayed in the cinema emphasize the smoothness and illusionary character of the cinema world.

All these elements create spectacular, and modern interior. Dark and black walls, colourful furniture, atmosphere of a living scenes, modern forms, softness of shapes…Our task was to create the most unique place in Beijing. I hope that we succeeded.

Project Description

Orange Cinemas interiors consist of Piano Bar zone, private VIP-rooms, Cigar Club, and three luxurious cameral auditoriums: Black Room, Orange Garden and Pink Sky. Lobby is a unique cameral club space with the collection of the latest works of art.

Robert Majkut, with his great experience, has created unique cinema interiors for many years. Also this project has a unique character. The designer tells a story about moving, turning forms, movement, sun, impressions, and illusion of the cinema. All these elements are expressed by colours, textures, and light. The space is created thanks to variable light of big screens, sounds from Piano Bar, and the intense play of colours.

Logo, inspired by manually painted Chinese symbols, was the basis for design of Orange Cinemas interior. The shape of the bar, carpeting patterns, shapes of door and table holders, openwork curtains, quilts, and wall patterns are the transformation of the sign form.

Smooth surfaces are the continuous game of escaping and overlapping colourful spots – starting with orange, through pink and dark chocolate hues, to dominating black. Big contrasts are on the one hand a background for multimedia performances, but on the other hand they are a perfect place for intimate meetings in the middle of the film scenes.

All furnishing elements – sofas, tables, bar stools and lighting – were individually designed by Robert Majkut. All is kept in consequent black, orange and pink colouring.

Material used in the concept are shiny stone, mahogany veneer, silk wallpapers, wool carpeting, leather, felt, and polished steel.

Total surface of the cinema constitutes 1000 sq meters. 3 auditoriums, of 30 seats each, are adjusted for 200 guests.

More information about Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest has not only popularized kung-fu films around the whole world but also, as the first Asian film producer, successfully appeared in Hollywood. The comedy hit Cannoball Run from the 1980s starring Jackie Chan and impressive cast of Hollywood stars, and teenage cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 1990s, were historical box-office records on, at that time independent, American film scene.

In 2010 Golden Harvest celebrated its 40 th anniversary of existence. Robert Majkut was one of the guests during this ceremony:

For any additional information please contact:

Robert Majkut Design, Warsaw, Poland

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Robert Majkut

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Location: Pacific Department Store, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

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