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post updated 19 October 2021

Italian Architectural News

Italian Building News

Italian Architecture Design – chronological list

19 October 2021
The Greenary: House around a Tree
Design: CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati, with Italo Rota
The Greenary: Parma Home, Northern Italy
photography : Delfino Sisto Legnani and Alessandro Saletta from DSL Studio
The Greenary, Parma Home
CRA unveils the Greenary, a private residence built around a ten-meter-tall ficus tree, located at the center of the living space. The traditional Italian farmhouse was redesigned to showcase new approaches to blur the boundaries between the natural and artificial.

29 Sep 2021
Polo della Memoria, centre of Pisa, Tuscany, central Italy
Design: Heliopolis 21, Architects
Polo della Memoria, University of Pisa building
photo : Andrea Testi
Polo della Memoria, University of Pisa building
Consecrated as ‘Polo della Memoria’, the new building of the University of Pisa by Heliopolis 21 – of which Alessandro Melis, the curator of the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, is a founding member, in collaboration with Roger Diener – looks to the future, to the excellence in architecture and to the environmental protection.

10 Sep 2021
Bistro Bergsteiger, Sesto Dolomites, North East Italy
Design: Plasma Studio
Italian Architecture News Appropriate Bistro Bergsteiger
photo : Florian Jaenicke
Appropriate Bistro Bergsteiger Sesto
Located in the midst of the Unesco Natural Heritage area of the Dolomites of Sesto, in a position used as a tourist hotspot, Bistro Bergsteiger fits properly and carefully into its natural and built context.

3 Sep 2021
Ferrero Technical Center, Alba, Piedmont, northwestern Italy
Design: Frigerio Design Group
Ferrero Technical Center Alba, Piedmont Building
image courtesy of architects practice
Ferrero Technical Center in Alba
The Italian food company has set a design competition to define the iconic architecture of the new Ferrero Technical Center. Frigerio Design Group has been selected for the human values of its design proposal: an industrial structure integrated into the landscape, designed for the well-being of employees and respect for the planet.

12 July 2021
Antonianum Merano, South Tyrol
Design: Delugan Meissl Associated Architects (DMAA)
Antonianum Merano, South Tyrol housing
photo : Oskar Da Riz
Antonianum Merano, South Tyrol housing
For the property, which according to the dedication provided for the construction of one structure, DMAA developed a three-part ensemble at the foot of a gently rising hill range, located on the outskirts of Merano, in South Tyrol. The lush and diverse vegetation of the adjacent natural space determines the character of this site and is the central motif of the architectural concept.

23 Jun 2021
Re-use Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera

13 Jun 2021
Hyperloop Public Transport Italy

6 Apr 2021
San Giacomo Church, Ferrara

5 Apr 2021
Gfell Wellness Hotel, South Tyrol

4 Mar 2021
Piazza Degli Alpini, Bergamo

25 Jan 2021
Villa G01, Sardinia Property

19 Jan 2021
Ex-Frigo Militare Renovation, Piemonte

19 Jan 2021
PRATIC 2 HQ in Udine Headquarters Italy

18 Jan 2021
Hotel Milla Montis, South Tyrol

26 Nov 2020
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof in Val Passiria

20 Nov 2020
Residenza Q, Abruzzo

11 Nov 2020
Terna power station Capri

9 Nov 2020
Re-use Grottole Church Competition, Grottole, Matera, Basilicata, southern Italy
Reuse the Fallen Church, Chiesa Diruta Grottole, Matera Italy
image courtesy of contest organiser
Re-use Grottole Church Competition
The third edition of the contest Re-use Italy: an International Architecture Competition on the reuse of the Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera, Italy.

5 Nov 2020
Bauli on the Motorway, Sommacampagna

28 Oct 2020
New hospital Michele and Pietro Ferrero, Verduno, Cuneo, north west Italy
Architects: Aymeric Zublena of Scau Architecture with Ugo and Paolo Dellapiana of Archicura and Ugo Camerino
Hospital Michele & Pietro Ferrero Verduno building
photo : Barbara Corsico
Hospital Michele & Pietro Ferrero, Verduno
The new Italian hospital designed by the French Aymeric Zublena of Scau Architecture with Ugo and Paolo Dellapiana of Archicura and Ugo Camerino is operational on the Unesco World Heritage Site of Langhe-Roero. The backbone of the project is the “medical gallery”, a glazed space that distributes light and flows to the complex set on a horizontal core plate.

20 Aug 2020
Melania Caruso Flagship Store, Palermo

15 Aug 2020
Piscina Mirabilis contemporary art museum

2 Aug 2020
Naples Buildings

31 July 2020
Apfelhotel Torgglerhof in Val Passiria

8 Jan 2020
Palermo Seaview Apartments, Sicily
Design: Pucciocollodoro Architetti
Seaview Apartments Palermo
picture : Puccio Collodoro Architetti
Seaview Apartments in Palermo
This accommodation facility is set within an imposing and modern building called ‘Ponte sul Mare’, which houses residences, accommodation and business activities. The building is situated in the Politeama district, the heart of the city of Palermo.

Italian Architecture News 2019

28 Dec 2019
Yellow and Terrazzo House, Bulciago, Northern Italy
Main Architects: Francesca Perani Enterprise + Bloomscape architecture
Yellow and Terrazzo House in Bulciago
photography : Francesca Perani
House in Bulciago, Northern Italy
A subtle yet contemporary architectural restoration reinterpreting the character of local 1970s residential buildings.

16 Dec 2019
Sant’Antonio Square, Trieste, northeast Italy
Architects: MCA
Musical Santantonio Trieste
rendering : MCA / Incept
Musical Sant’Antonio Trieste, Italy Landscape Design
Matteo Cainer Architecture’s proposal for Sant’Antonio Square will restore the historical and poetic pathos of the place. With the transformation of the site into a graceful urban space for sharing different experiences and enjoying day to day life, citizens will gain a new awareness of the city and the sea.

30 Oct 2019
Markas Headquarters, North West Italy
Design: ATP Architects Engineers
Markas Headquarters Bolzano Italian Architecture News
photography : ATP/Becker
Markas Headquarters in Bolzano

13 Sep 2019
Italian Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

8 Italian architectural practices founded the Italian Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency, an initiative born in May 2019 in the United Kingdom already counting more than 600 signatories like David Chipperfield, Foster + Partners and Zaha Hadid Architects.

Italian Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency
image courtesy of architects

This initiative aims at raising awareness among the architecture sector to front the climate crisis and protect biodiversity. Other countries, including Australia, Norway, Iceland, South Africa and New Zealand are joining the project.

The Italian firm signatories of Italian Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency are Piuarch Studio, Schiattarella Associati, Archilinea, Park Associati, Michele De Lucchi Architects, Fuksas, Labics, ABDR.

The founders of the UK movement have found great interest and attention among international fellow architects and have decided to allow a wider delivery, assigning Piuarch the task of promoting and spreading the intent of this manifesto in our country too.

The Italian Architects Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency raises from the compelling need to put into practice the 11 objectives the declaration expresses. Designing energy efficient buildings is a requirement and an increasing priority on the Italian and European political agenda.


Founded by Francesco Fresa, Germán Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellini and Monica Tricario, Piuarch is a team of forty architects and engineers from all over the world. Piuarch develops public buildings, office complexes, residences, commercial spaces, boutique and urban plans, with a great attention to sustainability, the interaction between architecture and context and the relationship with art, use of natural materials and a focus on energy saving. Awarded with the “2013 Italian Architect of the Year” prize and with two Gold Medals for “Honorable Mention” at the Milan Triennale, and several times exhibited at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, Piuarch’s portfolio includes numerous architectural and interior design projects internationally built.

Piuarch – via Palermo 1, 20121 Milano T. + 39 0289096130 F. + 39 02875506

21 Jun 2019
Z House in Tarvisio, Udine

17 Jun 2019
Apartment Z in Bozen, South Tyrol

15 Jun 2019
Swinging Frames in St. Ulrich, South Tyrol

13 Jun 2019
Travel Without Program Álvaro Siza Exhibition in Sienna

10 Jun 2019
Valentinerhof #2 in Kastelruth, South Tyrol

1 Jun 2019
Zallinger Refuge in Saltria, South Tyrol

15 Apr 2019
PiaveFutur Social and Economic Sciences Campus, Padua
Design: David Chipperfield Architects Milan
PiaveFutur Campus Building in Padua - Italian Architecture News
image Courtesy architecture office
PiaveFutur Campus Building in Padua
Winners of International Design Competition organised by the University of Padua for the construction of the new campus of Social and Economic Sciences called PiaveFutura: architectural practices selected for the restricted procedure competition included Bak Gordon, Barozzi Veiga, Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos, and Foster & Partners, Sauerbruch Hutton.

2 Apr 2019
PRATIC 2 Headquarters, Udine, north east Italy
Design: GEA Gri e Zucchi Architettura srl
Pratic 2 HQ in Udine - Italian Architecture News
photograph : Javier Callejas
PRATIC 2 HQ in Udine
The productive and directional functions relate to the landscape without mimicry. The spaces are designed with the aim of establishing a constant relationship between interior and exterior. Thus Pratic becomes the landmark of the landscape.

1 Mar 2019
Alpago School Building, Belluno, Northern Italy
Design: LAD
Alpago School Building in Belluno
image from architecture office
New School Building in Northern Italy
A finalist in a recent design competition.

28 Feb 2019
Museum Quarter in Bolzano

18 Jan 2019
New Padova Stadium Building News

Progetto CMR concept design released for the new Calcio Padova stadium in Padua, Veneto, northern Italy.

The arena complex is a Sportium project, part of a redevelopment including the future sport citadel by Asci Architect’s Studio, and a retail park designed by IPT Project.

New Padova Stadium Building design in Italy
image Courtesy architecture office

The new stadium will take the place of the existing Euganeo stadium, providing the city of Padua with an innovative structure in line with the highest UEFA standards.

Nuovo Stadio Calcio Padova Italia - Italian Architecture News
image Courtesy architecture office

The architectural concept includes water, which inspired the sinuous and flexible shapes of the landscape surrounding the stadium, and the traditional porticoes from this city, which are re-interpreted, creating a path around the installation that is totally permeable and accessible.

The structure of the stands is influenced by the Appiani stadium, a symbol of the city of Padova.

The new stadium, designed for a maximum capacity of 16,500 spectators, will also host complementary activities such as the team museum, shops and restaurants.

Progetto CMR recently designed the new Cagliari Calcio stadium building.

More Italian Architecture News online soon

Italian Architecture News from 2018

8 Oct 2018
The Greenary: Building a House around a Tree, Parma, north-central Italy
Architects: CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati
The Greenary near Parma Northern Italy
image Courtesy architecture office
Building a House around a Tree
A renovated farmhouse designed around a 10-meter-high tree growing within the main living area. Stepped areas encircle the leafy branches up to the top. The project is the first step of CRA’s winning master plan for Mutti tomato company, which calls for a closer integration between nature and the built environment.

25 Sep 2018
The new Ferrari Centro Stile, Maranello, Northern Italy
Architects: Design International and Planning
The New Ferrari Centro Stile Italy
image Courtesy architecture office
Ferrari Centro Stile
The new Ferrari Centro Stile was unveiled to the world on 18 September 2018, coinciding with the launch of two new Ferrari car models produced in strictly limited edition: the Ferrari Monza Sp1 and Sp2.

11 May 2018
Facade of Basilica San Petronio – Wall as a Center, Bologna, Emilia Romagna, north-central Italy
Design: Inter-Esse Studio
Facade of Basilica San Petronio in Bologna - Italian Architecture News
image © IES
Basilica San Petronio, Bologna
The unfinished façade of the Basilica San Petronio in Bologna is completed by people’s presence. Here, there is no mechanism of control. This wall becomes an object that is accessible to everyone to be animated and appreciated by the public.

29 Mar 2018
Trieste Airport, Trieste, northeast Italy
Architect: Lombardini22
Trieste Airport Italian Architecture News
photo : Dario Tettamanzi
Trieste Airport Building
The relaunching of Trieste Airport is continuing through a working partnership with Lombardini22 and, in particular, with FUD, the Lombardini22 brand specialising in physical branding and communication design, which previously designed the airport’s coordinated visual communication system, including the departures area and the name change from Ronchi dei Legionari Airport to Trieste Airport.

27 Mar 2018
New Woodco Headquarter, Trento
Design: iarchitects
New Woodco Headquarter in Trento - Italian Architecture News
photograph : Claudia Calegari
New Woodco Headquarter in Trento
iarchitects designed the new Woodco Heaquarter in Trento a company located in northern Italy realizing wooden floors. The client asked for new offices and workspaces, but also renewing the company’s image.

22 Mar 2018
Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA Penthouse, Dolomites, Northern Italy
Architects: Vudafieri-Saverino Partner
Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA Penthouse in the Dolomites
photograph : Alex Filz
Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA Penthouse
The Italian architectural studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners renews its collaboration with the Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA, a well-known symbol of Italian hospitality excellence. Located in the heart of the Dolomites, in the suggestive San Cassiano village in Alta Badia, the structure is one of The Leading Hotels of the World, boasting a three-star Michelin restaurant internally and an ample, recently-refurbished SPA area.

22 Feb 2018
ELAV Kitchen & Beer, Bergamo
Architects: Francesca Perani architetta / Marg Studio Annalisa Grasselli – Matteo Rota
Elav Kitchen Beer in Bergamo - Italian Architecture News
photograph : Francesca Perani
ELAV Kitchen & Beer
Beer, eatery and design in one of the most characteristic streets in Bergamo’s old upper town. Independent brewery ELAV, original, home grown business renowned locally and throughout Europe for its product research and care, unveils a new design concept combining exclusive food and craft beer.

Jan 10, 2018
Messner Mountain Museum Corones, Mount Kronplatz, South Tyrol, northern Italy
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Messner Mountain Museum Building - Italian Architecture News
photograph © Inexhibit
Messner Mountain Museum Corones
Famous Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner built the Messner Mountain Museum Corones on top of the Kronplatz mountain (2,275 m) in South Tyrol, Italy.

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