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Ex-Frigo Militare Renovation in Piemonte, Cuneo

19 Jan 2021

Ex-Frigo Militare Renovation Project

Design: BAAG atelier

Location: Cuneo, Piedmont, north west Italy

Ex-Frigo Militare Renovation – Our cities are rich in history, a history that must be remembered, supported, lived.

Ex-Frigo Militare Renovation Piemonte

This international competition tells us “Let’s take care of it all together”, let’s team up and not forget that history that we find ourselves in front of every day; that history that we no longer notice, but that is there, in front of us and that must return to live to build a present and therefore a future that has solid foundations.

Ex-Frigo Militare Renovation Piemonte

The Former Military Refrigerator is just one of those pieces that allows us to put all this into practice. A construction put to the test by time, in disuse since the post-war period; we pass by it every day and we do not notice it. Our country is scattered with “wonderful things” that “we do not notice”. He, on the other hand, wants to be noticed, he finished his first work, for a long time he rested and became even more beautiful, full of the beauty of what is wise. This wisdom, this knowing how to wait patiently, are qualities that must now be rewarded.

Ex-Frigo Militare Renovation Piemonte

For this reason it is decided to maintain it completely, redefining the interior spaces so that it can be transformed to accommodate a new function and start a new life. He wanted to “get noticed,” he said. “I don’t want to go unnoticed anymore. Let’s do something that goes upwards! So that they can see me even from a distance”.

But it was explained to him that you can’t, there are rules to be respected. So, thinking about it together, it was decided to lay on him a lying down structure, “asleep”, ready to welcome all those who passing by there were intrigued, ready to enter into a dream. Inside this new volume will welcome art, the “new”, workshops and moments of sharing, while the whole existing structure will host service spaces, offices, the entrance with the bookshop, which will be a passage to the inner garden. Here you will find a quiet place where you can read a book, rest, listen to a concert. You can then access the auditorium / theater ready to host meetings and shows for all.

At the end of the gallery there will be a place used as a bar / restaurant, with access to a terrace where you can rest and enjoy the view around. From the internal garden it will be possible to perceive the entire development of the building thanks to the wall defined by large arches completely glazed that will incorporate the existing windows.

Ex-Frigo Militare Renovation Piemonte

Externally, along Via Sette Assedi, we will find the access ramp to the basement with parking and two pedestrian entrances. The first access towards Piazza Virginio will lead to the main entrance with the bookshop and consequently to the inner garden. Via Sette Assedi will be made pedestrian and towards the bottom there will be the second access, useful to reach the offices, the auditorium and the bar / restaurant area.

“More or less have you understood how you can become real? You’ll be a place to discover, they won’t see you from afar, it’s true, but around will have spread the word that behind the Church of San Francesco something important has happened. There will be something new to see, important things to do and you will be able to get noticed”.

Ex-Frigo Militare Renovation Piemonte

Ex-Frigo Militare Renovation in Cuneo – Building Information

Location: Italy, Piemonte, Cuneo
Year: 2020
Type: International Competition
Status: Project
Architects: BAAG atelier
Team: arch. Francesco Badoero, arch. Valentina Garis

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