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post updated 23 April 2024

Barcelona Architecture News in 2024 – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

9 March 2024
72 Social Housing Units at the Marina del Prat Vermell
Architects/designers: MIAS Architects, together with Coll-Leclerc Architects
Marina del Prat Vermell social housing, Barcelona
photo © Adrià Goula
72 Social Housing Units at the Marina del Prat Vermell

7 March 2024
El Trull CV, Cuadrat Valley estate, Garrigues (comarca), Catalunya, northeast Spain
Architecture: Alventosa Morell Arquitectes
El Trull CV, Cuadrat Valley estate, Garrigues, Catalonia
photo : Adrià Goula
El Trull CV, Cuadrat Valley estate
In 2017 Alventosa Morell Arquitectes met with the clients for the first time to talk about the possibility of designing a building like a winery, but for the production of organic oil, harvested in the more than 70Ha around it that comprise the Cuadrat Valley estate, in Les Garrigues region, in Catalonia.

Barcelona Architecture News in 2023

Barcelona Architecture News 2023:

17 November 2023
Casa GE, Seva, comarca of Osona
Architecture: Alventosa Morell Arquitectes
Casa GE, Seva, Osona

15 July 2023
Casa CB, Sabadell
Architects: Alventosa Morell Arquitectes
Casa CB
photo : Adrià Goula
Casa CB, Sabadell, Catalunya

6 June 2023
Office Tower in Plaza Europa 34, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
Architecture: GCA Architects
Torre Plaza Europa 34 Barcelona Spain
photo : Rafael Vargas
Torre Plaza Europa 34
GCA Architects has just finished the construction of Office Tower in Plaza Europa 34, the latest office building project in Plaza Europa. This new Catalan tower property is located on the border between the cities of Barcelona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, and one of the fastest-growing business areas in the Barcelona metropolitan area and a true gateway to the city.

7 Mar 2023
Forest Lab for Observational Research and Analysis, Collserola Natural Park
Architecture: IAAC and MAEBB
FLORA Collserola Natural Park Barcelona Spain
photo : Adria Goula
FLORA, Collserola Natural Park
Forest Lab for Observational Research and Analysis (FLORA) is an advanced and ecological building built in Collserola Natural Park (Barcelona), and developed by a team of students and researchers of the Masters in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities (MAEBB).

7 Mar 2023
Compartir Restaurant<, C. de Valencia, 225, 08007 Barcelona
Interior design: EL EQUIPO CREATIVO
Compartir Restaurant Barcelona Spain
photo : Adria Goula
Compartir Restaurant
The chefs of Compartir aimed to bring the essence of the Mediterranean town of Cadaques, home of their first restaurant, to their new gastronomic concept in Barcelona. Slate roads, blue windows to the Sea, vessels rocking on the bay, and wicker craftsmanship invading its streets are part of the artsy spirit of Dali’s town.

12 Jan 2023
Mercat del Peix Research Center, Marina Port Vell
Design: ZGF Architects
Mercat del Peix Research Center Barcelona
render : ZGF
Mercat del Peix Research Center
A jury has selected ZGF Architects with its Barcelona-based teammates MIRAG/Double Twist as the architectural competition winner for the design of the net-positive Mercat del Peix Research Center whose visionary transdisciplinary research is anticipated to foster new fields of knowledge and approaches to planetary well-being. The new laboratory will unite global experts in the experimental sciences, social sciences, and humanities to address the world’s most complex and vexing challenges related to the future of our planet, including biodiversity loss and climate change economics and governance.

20 Dec 2022
Escaleras y Mirador Vela, Passeig Maritim Barceloneta
Design: External Reference
Escaleras y Mirador Vela Barcelona Spain
photo : Adrià Goula
Escaleras y Mirador Vela
External Reference presents a new architecture and urban planning project on the Barceloneta seafront, creating a new balcony overlooking the Mediterranean as a unique viewing platform over the city, and connecting the Passeig del Mare Nostrum with Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents in Barceloneta.

Barcelona Building News

30 June 2022
Marina Port Vell
Marina Port Vell Architects: SCOB Architecture & Lanscape; Interior design: Alfons & Damián
OneOcean Marina Port Vell Barcelona Architecture News
photo courtesy of Alfons & Damián
Marina Port Vell Barcelona
The transformation illustrates the commitment of the marina to improve the guest experience and offer service excellence throughout to provide the ultimate sea inspired meetings and events building in Barcelona. The careful interior design project has utilised the surrounding Mediterranean Sea as the key influence, reflecting the concepts of fluidity, elegance and quality that characterise MPV.

22 June 2022
The Lilly Reich Grant for Equality in Architecture – Open call for academic research
Lilly Reich Grant for Equality in Architecture 2022
photo courtesy of Fundació Mies van der Rohe
The Lilly Reich Grant for Equality in Architecture
The Fundació Mies van der Rohe celebrates the 137th anniversary of the birth of the designer and architect Lilly Reich, co-author of the German Pavilion in Barcelona, with the opening of the 3rd call for applications for the Lilly Reich Grant for Equality in Architecture for academic research.

26 April 2022
Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda, Constitució 85-89
Architects: Lacol
Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda, Barcelona Architecture News
photo : Lacol
Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda
Lacol is a cooperative of architects established in 2009 in the neighborhood of Sants, in Barcelona. Lacol work to generate community infrastructures for the sustainability of life, as a key tool for the eco-social transition, through architecture, cooperation and participation.

14 Feb 2022
Collumpio House
Architects: MACH
Collumpio House, Barcelona Property

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Barcelona Architecture News 2021

4 Dec 2021
Never Demolish‘ Intervention at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion
Curators: Ilka and Andreas Ruby
Never Demolish at Mies van der Rohe Pavilion
photo © Anna Mas
Never Demolish, Mies van der Rohe Pavilion
The Mies van der Rohe Foundation presents the intervention “Never Demolish” curated by Ilka and Andreas Ruby based on the winning project of the EU Mies Award 2019 “Transformation of 530 dwellings – Grand Parc Bordeaux” by the architects Lacaton & Vassal architectes, Frédéric Druot Architecture and Christophe Hutin Architecture.

29 Oct 2021
Training and Technology Node for the Nautical Sector
Architects: Mestres Wåge
Training and Technology Node for the Nautical Sector Barcelona Architecture News
photo :
Training and Technology Node for Nautical Sector
The international architecture studio Mestres Wåge is to design the future Training and Technology Node for the Nautical Sector. The project, presented last April, stands out for its relationship with the environment, permeability and appropriation of public space, and the coherence of its functional arrangement.

21 Oct 2021
Benjamin Franklin International School, Distrito Sarrià Sant Gervasi
Architects: XG Arquitectura
Benjamin Franklin International School Barcelona Building
photo : Simon Garcia | arqfoto
Benjamin Franklin International School
The Middle School building is located as an extension of the Elementary building of the Benjamin Franklin International School Campus in the Sarrià Sant Gervasi neighborhood of Barcelona. These two buildings share a dividing wall and will be connected to each other by the corridor.

Updated 2 Oct 2021
International Biennial of Landscape Architecture
International Biennial of Landscape Architecture of Barcelona Architecture News
image courtesy of architects practice
International Biennial of Landscape Architecture of Barcelona
The project Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh has been proclaimed this afternoon winner of the Rosa Barba 2021 International Landscape Prize, which is awarded within the symposium of the 11th International Biennial of Landscape Architecture Biennial.

3 Sep 2021
D525 Barcelona, Avenue Diagonal 525
Architects: sanzpont [arquitectura]
D525 Barcelona Sustainable Renovation
photo © David Cardelús (courtesy of Naturgy)
D525 Barcelona, Sustainable Renovation
D525 Barcelona is an office building located in Barcelona, Spain that is designed through the concept of sustainable renovation. More than just an avant-garde building, the project also offers environmental and wellness benefits.

22 July 2021
Xcelirate in Barcelona
Design: Lagranja Design
Xcelirate Barcelona offices interior design
image courtesy of architects practice
Xcelirate Barcelona Offices Design
Xcelirate is an expanding digital entertainment content provider with a global reach. Many of its staff work from home in far-flung locations. In a step to take the company forward and attract talented young programmers, the company decided to open a hub in Barcelona – a city renowned for its digital start-up culture and fantastic lifestyle.

2 July 2021
Hotel Seventy, Carrer de Còrsega
Design: Barceló Balanzó arquitectes + AIA Arquitectura Instal·lacions + Gustau Gili Galfetti
Hotel Seventy Barcelona, Carrer de Còrsega
photo courtesy of architecture office
Hotel Seventy
Seventy Barcelona opens the doors of The Patio, its indoor terrace of aromatic plants in the very center of the city. A space that maintains the traditional aesthetics of the interior courtyards of L’Eixample and where you can enjoy lunch surrounded by beautiful olive and orange trees.

22 May 2021
Camp del Ferro Sports Center, Plaça d’Albert Badia i Mur
Design: Barceló Balanzó arquitectes + AIA Arquitectura Instal·lacions + Gustau Gili Galfetti
Camp del Ferro Sports Center Barcelona building
photo © Simon Garcia |
Camp del Ferro Sports Center
Camp del Ferro Sports Center is a project by Barceló Balanzó arquitectes + AIA Arquitectura Instal·lacions + Gustau Gili Galfetti and which is among the works selected in the XV BEAU, Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.

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Barcelona Architecture News 2020

14 Dec 2020
Poble Nou loft Interior
Design: Alex March Studio
Poble Nou loft by Alex March Barcelona interior
photo : Sandra Rojo
Poble Nou loft Interior
The human mind needs to be stimulated to grow and not stay stagnant, so why don’t we start with our own home? In this Barcelona loft, designed by Alex March Studio, each decorative detail has a reason, which generates a great game to exercise memory and to awake the sensitivity to the latest interior design culture.

26 Nov 2020
House studio of Alex March
Design: Alex March Studio
House-studio of Alex March, Barcelona Architecture News
photo : Sandra Rojo
House studio of Alex March Barcelona
Born into a family dedicated to the artistic field for several generations, Alex March’s love affair with interior design goes back a long way. This is reflected not only in his studio, but also in every project he undertakes, to which he passionately surrenders.

5 Nov 2020
2nd Lilly Reich Grant for Equality in Architecture

27 Oct 2020
Mood House

post updated 3 Sep 2020
Pedestrian Path along the Gypsum Mines in Barcelona, Camí de les Guixeres, Igualada, Catalonia
Architects: Batlle I Roig Arquitectura
Pedestrian Path along the Gypsum Mines, Igualada
image : Jordi Surroca
Pedestrian Path along the Gypsum Mines, Igualada
The project is set within the broader scheme of the Igualada Green Ring, the aim of which is to generate a series of itineraries for pedestrians and bicycles in the form of a green belt around the city’s perimeter.

4 August 2020
Camp Nou stadium – Nou Parc Barcelona
Design: ON-A architecture
Nou Parc Prensa Barcelona landscape design
image © ON-A
Nou Parc Barcelona landscape design
Converting the Barcelona football stadium into a 26-hectare park is the proposal of a smart office to renature the cities. The ON-A architecture studio opens the debate to the possible renaturation of urban areas to adapt to the needs of the post-covid future.

29 July 2020
For you alone Apartment

27 July 2020
Sound Intervention at Mies van der Rohe Pavilion

22 July 2020
Guest pavilion 1401, Sa Tuna, Begur, Catalunya
Design: Nordest Arquitectura
Guest pavilion 1401, Begur, Catalunya
photo : Adrià Goula
House in Sa Tuna, Begur
The assignment consisted in the construction of a guest pavilion as an extension of the main house. The first thought by Nordest Arquitectura was to create a shape clear and simple, a cuboid placed in the middle of the forest.

20 July 2020
Kimpton Vividora Hotel

17 July 2020
Fauna Restaurant Interior

17 July 2020
Café Got Interior

17 Jun 2020
The Lilly Reich Grant for Equality in Architecture

9 Jun 2020
SummerMode House in Corbera de Llobregat

26 May 2020
GSS Security Mataró Office Interior, Mataró
Design: Alex March Studio
GSS Security Mataró office design Barcelona Architecture News
photo : Eugeni Pons
GSS Security Mataró
Just entering the reception area, our retina already obtains the hallmarks of the entire project: a sharp style with an industrial character, very welcoming and with a futuristic point, which harmonizes with the cutting-edge technology offered by the company GSS Security.

27 Feb 2020
Cheriff Restaurant, Barceloneta
Interior Design: Mesura
Cheriff Restaurant Interior Barceloneta Barcelona Architecture News
photo : Jose Hevia
Cheriff Restaurant Interior in Barceloneta
Looking beyond the touristic craze, there is a local life present in the Barceloneta neighbourhood. The air smells like the sea, and early in the morning fishermen stock some of the restaurants that still speak to the memory of the local community.

5 Feb 2020
Turó de la Peira’s Sports Center, CEM Turó de la Peira, Carrer de Sant Iscle 50-54
Architects: Arquitectura Anna Noguera
Turo de la Peiras Sports Center Barcelona
photo : Daniel Martínez
Turó de la Peira’s Sports Center
In 2014 the Barcelona City Council held an architectural competition for the landscape planning of an interior urban block and a sports facility consisting of an indoor heated swimming pool and a sports court.

5 Feb 2020
Hall BSM-Pompeu Fabra University
Architects: deardesign Studio
Hall BSM-Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona
photo : Aitor Estevez
Hall BSM-Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona
By highlighting the new educational model with a disruptive spirit, the BSM-Pompeu Fabra University, has created a new brand with artistic and urban flair. A new visual and spatial identity that connects with users, reflects the differential truths of the new model, stands out from the competition and allows its disruptive discourse.

29 Jan 2020
Antares Barcelona Apartments
Architects: Studio Odile Decq
Antares Apartment and Penthouse Tower

14 Jan 2020
Private Sunset Apartment and Terraces
Designers: Egue y Seta
Private Sunset Apartment & Terraces

UIC Barcelona School of Architects Exhibition
How to achieve balance in Northern Poblenou, Barcelona
The UIC Barcelona School of Architecture rethinks the concept of the “22@ district” twenty years after its initial creation and presents new proposals in the old factory in Poblenou, Ca l’Alier. Find more info on our events page.

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Catalan Architectural Updates 2019

9 Jun 2019
Soler de Vilardell Nursery and Primary School, Sant Celoni
Design: FORGAS Arquitectes
Soler de Vilardell Nursery and Primary School Barcelona Architecture News
photo : Simon Garcia
Soler de Vilardell Nursery and Primary School in Barcelona

24 May 2019
Mesura Office, Carrer de Gomis
Design: Mesura – Design and Architecture Studio
Mesura Barcelona Office Interior
photo : Iris Humm
Mesura Barcelona Office Interior
What do we require from a space when we come into work?

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Barcelona Architecture News 2018

17 Dec 2018
Tánger 66, Poblenou
Architects: BuckleyGrayYeoman, UK
Tánger 66 Barcelona Architecture News
photo © Peter Landers
Tánger 66 Barcelona
Located in the 22@ innovation district in Poblenou, a former industrial area that is the subject of one of Europe’s largest regeneration projects, Tanger 66 has repurposed a mid-century industrial building to create more than 8,400 sq m of workspace.

23 Jul 2018
Lycée Français Maternelle, Carrer de Munner
Design: b720 Fermín Vázquez Architects
Lycée Français Maternelle, Barcelona School Building
photograph : Simón García
Lycée Français Maternelle
The existing school was the result of additions of temporary buildings over many years around two villas of the early twentieth century. The new set brings forward a dialogue between the historical school and the new one.

11 May 2018
Born House Apartment, heart of the Ciutat Vella district
Architects: Gokostudio
Born House Apartment Barcelona Architecture News
photo : Valentín Hincú
Ciutat Vella Apartment
The residence is located close to the former Born market, in a fashionable neighbourhood.

25 Mar 2018
The Student Hotel Campus, Marina and Poble Sec districts
Architects: Masquespacio
The Student Hotel Campus Barcelona Architecture News
photography : Luis Beltran
The Student Hotel Campus
The Dutch hotel group, which provides a unique co-living and co-working hybrid, opens its first two student-only Campus properties.

18 Jan 2018
Paisos Catalans Square, Premià de Mar
Architect: VSarquitectura
Paisos Catalans Square in Premia de Mar
photography : Arnau Solé / Vopi-4 / Lappset
Paisos Catalans Square in Premià de Mar
Premià de Mar is a town nearby Barcelona, it use to be a fishermen and little manufacturing town, nowadays struggles to keep its personality without becoming another Barcelona suburb.

17 Jan 2018
Cabrils Secondary School near Barcelona

9 Jan 2018
iGuzzini Ibérica SA Headquarters in Barcelona

7 Jan 2018
Barceloneta Market, Plaça Poeta Bosca
Architect: Josep Miàs
Barceloneta Market Barcelona Architecture News
photo from architects
Barceloneta Market
When Josep Miàs was a student at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), Barceloneta was the subject of much conversation. Restaurants on the beach which later disappeared…narrow streets, cramped flats, the clothes hanging out on the balconies, the shops, the artisans’ workshops… and its people, who talked, and still talk, fast and loud.

Barcelona Architecture News 2017

10 Nov 2017
Persiana Barcelona Rope Blind
Design: Pau Sarquella i Carmen Torres Arquitectes
Persiana Barcelona Rope Blind Vinçon Barcelona Architecture News
photo © Joan Guillamat Castells
Persiana Barcelona
A sustainable, innovative and modern piece that responds to various problems and requirements. Usón and Sarquella have developed a high-quality design maintaining a process of artisan production that pays special attention on preserving tradition.

2 Nov 2017
Vallès Oriental Residence, Maresme Mountains, Catalonia
Design: YLAB Arquitectos
Vallès Oriental Residence Catalunya
photo © Eugeni Pons
Vallès Oriental Residence by the Maresme Mountains

22 Oct 2017
Ciutat Vella Apartment
Architects: YLAB Arquitectos
Ciutat Vella Apartment in Barcelona
photograph : Tobias Laarmann
Ciutat Vella Apartment in Barcelona
This space was presented to the public during the last Barcelona Design Week 2017.

7 Sep 2017
Green Space in Badalona
Design: peris+toral.arquitectes
A green space in Badalona
photo © José Hevia
Badalona Play Area Landscape
peris+toral.arquitectes architecture practice has designed a project to reorganise the green space situated between Avinguda de Mònaco and Carrer de Verdi in the town of Badalona, a site which provisionally hosted Santa Coloma’s Fondo Market.

7 Sep 2017
Aura’s Insurance Company Building, Barcelona
Design: Pich Architects
Aura’s Insurance Company Building
photo © Simón Garcia
Aura’s Insurance Company Building in Barcelona

4 Aug 2017
Restaurant Marea Alta, Edifici Colón, Ciutat Vella
Thonet All Seasons Chairs in Barcelona Restaurant
image courtesy of architects office
Restaurant Marea Alta in Barcelona
Restaurant and bar by Spanish star chef Enrique Valentí on floors 23 to 24 of Edificio Colón Building on the Avinguda de les Drassanes.

2 Aug 2017
Poblenou Apartment
Poblenou Apartment in Barcelona

29 Jul 2017
La Calma House near Barcelona
Architects: Ramón Esteve Estudio
La Calma House
image courtesy of architects
La Calma House near Barcelona
La Calma House is placed in a small town close to Barcelona. Its site is located in a forest area with a very steep slope and an abundance of pine, oak and olive trees.

18 Jul 2017
ENIGMA Restaurant in Barcelona
Design: TheSize
Enigma Restaurant Barcelona Architecture News
image courtesy of architects
ENIGMA Restaurant in Barcelona
The design aimed to ensure the perfect outcome for his passion project. The chef wanted to create and immersive environment to captivate his guests. The chef’s style of cooking and menu is heavily influenced by the surroundings, hence, the interior had to reflect that.

13 Jul 2017
Aribau Apartment
Design: YLAB Arquitectos
Aribau Apartment Barcelona Architecture News
photograph : Tobias Laarmann
Aribau Apartment in Barcelona
Located in the traditional Barcelona Ensanche area, this apartment shows some typical traditional aspects such as a long, narrow and partitioned layout from façade to façade with hydraulic tile flooring, and wall and ceiling moldings.

13 Jun 2017
Deposit of King Martí
Deposit of King Martí Barcelona Architecture News
photograph : Simon Garcia,
Deposit of King Martí in Barcelona
The idea was to find out what happened with the deposit of the King Martí, an old deposit of water retention in the original property of the tower and viaduct of Bellesguard, designed by Antoni Gaudí.

28 Mar 2017
Urban Beach Home in Barcelona
Design: Egue y Seta, architects
Urban Beach Home
Urban Beach Home in Barcelona
Forty square meters allow for much when you´re talking about two. Two inhabitants, two guests or two months maximum period of summery stay.

6 Mar 2017
Mediterrani 32 in Sant Pol de Mar
Architects: Estudi Isern Associats
Mediterrani 32 Barcelona Architecture News
photo : Adrià Goula
Mediterrani 32 in Sant Pol de Mar
The project for this house emerged from a very simple premise, to build on a very steep piece of land with a gradient of almost 100%, boasting wonderful views and on a tight budget.

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