Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda, Barcelona

Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda Barcelona, Lacol Catalan housing cooperative, Spanish residential photos

Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda, Barcelona Building

26 April 2022

Architects: Lacol

Location: Constitució 85-89, Barcelona, Catalunya, north east Spain

Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda, Barcelona Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda, Barcelona
photos : Lacol

Lacol, Barcelona

Lacol is a cooperative of architects established in 2009 in the neighborhood of Sants, in Barcelona. Lacol work to generate community infrastructures for the sustainability of life, as a key tool for the eco-social transition, through architecture, cooperativism and participation.

Lacol believe that the way to transform the city is through the active participation of the people who inhabit it and through proactive action. We work on the interests related to the quality of life of all the people who share the city.

Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda, Barcelona
photo : Lacol

The architect’s contribution is made within the urban movement, as one more piece of this gear, helping to translate citizen concerns and translate them on paper; providing criteria for the definition of objectives and strategies, as well as tools to define and communicate ideas through graphic drawing … We encourage, among others, debate and discussion on the uses of spaces and the management of urban spaces, city models, pa_ icipation and the recovery of heritage.

La Borda housing cooperative Barcelona
photograph : Lluc Miralles

La Borda housing cooperative, Barcelona

La Borda housing cooperative is a development self-organized by its users to access decent, non-speculative housing that places its use value in the center, through a collective structure. The idea of a housing cooperative was born in 2012 as a project of Can Batlló driven by the community in the process of recovery of the industrial premises, and the neighborhood and cooperative fabric of the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona.

La Borda housing cooperative Barcelona
photograph : Lluc Miralles

The project is located on a public land of social housing, with a leasehold of 75 years. Located in Constitució Street, in a bordering position of the industrial area of Can Batlló with a facade to the existing neighborhood of La Bordeta.

La Borda housing cooperative, Barcelona
photo : Lluc Miralles

There are 3 fundamental and cross-sectional principles of the project:

(1) redefine the collective housing program

The building program proposes 28 units (40, 60 and 75m²) and community spaces that allow stretching the fact of living, from the private space to the public space to enhance the community life. These spaces are: kitchen-dining room, laundry, multipurpose space, space for guests, health and care space, storage in each plant, and exterior and semi-exterior spaces such as the patio and roofs. All of them are iculated around a central courtyard, a large relationship space reminiscent of the “corralas”, a typology of popular housing in central and southern parts of Spain.

La Borda housing cooperative, Barcelona
photo : Lluc Miralles

(2) sustainability and environmental quality

The objective is to build with the lowest environmental impact possible, both in the construction work and during its life and, above all, achieve comfort in homes with minimum consumption, to reduce the overall costs of access to housing and eliminate the possibility of energy poverty among users. We started from the conviction that the best strategy is to reduce the initial demand of all the environmental vectors of the building (energy, water, materials and waste), especially at the energy level, where we prioritized passive strategies to achieve maximum use of existing resources.

La Borda housing cooperative, Barcelona
photo : Lluc Miralles

(3) user participation

Self-promotion and subsequent collective management implies that the participation of future users in the process (design, construction and use) is the most import ant and diff erential variable of the project, generating an opportunity to meet and project with them and their specific needs .

La Borda housing cooperative, Barcelona
photo : Lluc Miralles

Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda, Barcelona, Spain – Building Information

YEAR: 2014
CONSTRUCTION: February 2017 – October 2018
CLIENT: La Borda, cooperativa d’habitatges en cessió d’ús SURFACE: 3.000 m2
LOCATION: Constitució 85-89, Barcelona, Catalunya
CONTRIBUTORS: Arkenova, Miguel Nevado, AumedesDAP, Societat Orgànica, PAuS (Coque Claret i Dani Calatayud) and Grisel·la Iglesias (Àurea acústica)

Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda design Cooperativa D’habitatge La Borda terrace
photos : Lluc Miralles

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Locaton: Constitució 85-89, Sants, Barcelona, Catalunya, north east Spain, southwestern Europe

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