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ENIGMA Restaurant in Barcelona

Commercial Interior Development in Catalonia, Spain design by TheSize

18 Jul 2017

Barcelona Restaurant Interior

Design: TheSize

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona

Neolith®’s most ambitious project to date realised in collaboration with RCR Arquitectes

The story of ENIGMA started with renowned Catalan chef Albert Adrià’s vision to create an ‘out of this world and enigmatic’ restaurant project that was to reflect his cuisine as well as his career.

Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona

His vision took shape when 2017 Pritzker Prize winners RCR Arquitectes drew their design idea in watercolours and decided to bring it to life with the help of Neolith® by TheSize, manufacturer and designer of Sintered Stone. Through an incredibly creative and close collaboration, as well as Neolith’s expertise and technical know-how, the enchanting, out of this world interior of ENIGMA was created.

Having worked on the design proposal for three years, Adrià wanted to ensure the perfect outcome for his passion project. The chef wanted to create and immersive environment to captivate his guests. The chef’s style of cooking and menu is heavily influenced by the surroundings, hence, the interior had to reflect that.

Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona

From paper to slab
The pivotal moment in terms of design came when RCR in collaboration with architect Pau Llimona drew a watercolour painting in the size of two A3 papers, which was to be applied to the floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchen worktops, cabinetry and air extraction systems. However, a watercolour design has not been done on Sintered Stone before, thus posing an unprecedented challenge.

Carlos Garcia, Product Designer at TheSize explains: “We had to expand the original design, all the while trying not to lose the quality of definition offered by the original drawing. Each pixel was equal to two meters of final floor.” Through R&D, Neolith developed the technology to re-create the design onto slabs, producing a perfect replica of the drawing.

Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona

Once this was achieved, an exact colour match had to be sourced, as the required green and blue tones are unusual hues for sintered surfaces. The intensity of the colours had to fit in with the other materials and decorations throughout the restaurant as to achieve a unified environment, fully submerging diners. Using Neolith’s proprietary digital printing decoration technology NDD (Neolith Digital Design), the architect’s design brief was fully met.

The architects wanted every slab to be of irregular texture like Neolith’s Riverwashed, but with a subtle shine to provide a surface that is multisensory – interesting to the eye and inviting to touch. “Neolith is a contemporary material with many properties. We have been so surprised by its possibilities that we are now using it for other projects”, RCR explain.

Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona

The floor presented the biggest challenge because of its sheer size. Each slab is unique and had to be perfectly put together in order to deliver a continuous design. However, the only way to get a full picture of the puzzle required some creative problem-solving and a change of perspective. Neolith initially installed the entire floor off-site and used a drone to take images from above, thus ensuring that there were no inconsistencies.

Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona

RCR Arquitectes/P. Llimona designed an organic space full of curves and narrow aisles and required the slabs to be cut down into six smaller pieces, the smallest being only 3 cm wide. Absolute precision was key to guarantee the uniformity of the watercolour design.

Taking inspiration from a map, a coordinate system was put into place, uniquely labelling every single slab to know its exact position in the project. This way, the installers on location were able to piece the interior together like a puzzle.

This is ENIGMA
Albert Adrià, RCR Arquitectes and Neolith are all award winners within their respective industries. Together they created a project that is truly spectacular in terms of design, material quality, food, and surprisingly fashion. Completing the scene is the ENIGMA staff, whose uniforms have also been designed by RCR/P. Llimona. ENIGMA truly is full of surprises the architects say: “We like the idea that it is an Enigma, which is difficult to explain. It is an enveloping space that melts, disappears, almost a labyrinth. Between materiality and conformation, a whole series of organic movements are created. Shadows, transparencies, and a watery presence, nebular.”

The Neolith® brand is the outcome of the latest research and development processes in the industry. The product is 100 percent natural, composed of raw material – clays, feldspar, silica and natural mineral oxides, and is recyclable.

Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona

Neolith® has near-zero porosity, making the product hygienic, stain resistant, easy to clean and impervious to chemicals. The product is also wear, scratch, heat resistant and its colours, being natural base, do not vary when exposed to UV rays. Additionally, the product is lightweight and easy to install, making Neolith suitable for virtually every indoor and outdoor surface.

About TheSize
Headquartered in Castellón, Spain, TheSize was founded in 2009 with the objective of creating a new material category suitable for exterior and interior construction: kitchen and bath countertops, furnishings, flooring and facades. In 2011, the Neolith® brand was launched as high-end compact surface with revolutionary physical and technical features. A term meaning “new stone,” Neolith® combines the best natural raw materials with state-of-the-art technology to create a high-tech slab.

Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona

Neolith’s® product is created through the company’s proprietary sinterization technology, exposing minerals and other raw materials to extremely high pressure and temperature (over 1200 degrees Celsius/2200 degrees Fahrenheit), resembling the way natural stone forms over thousands of years, in just hours. The process gives the product outstanding physical and mechanical properties in terms of compaction, resistance and durability.

The various style collections are a result of Neolith’s® innovative Digital Design (NDD) decoration technique. This system has revolutionized Neolith® patterns and is pushing the boundaries of what colours and textures are possible from compact surfaces.
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Enigma Restaurant in Barcelona

ENIGMA Restaurant in Barcelona images / information from Neolith® by TheSize

Location: Barcelona, Catalunya, north east Spain

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