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post updated 19 May 2021

New Zealand House Designs

NZ Residential Architecture – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

24 Mar 2021
Howick Affordable Eco Home, Auckland

25 Jan 2021
Quarters Place, Christchurch

21 Jan 2021
To Keep You Home, Westmere

19 Jan 2021
The Stage and Cave, Auckland

18 Jan 2021
The Blackbird, Auckland

3 Nov 2020
Ruby Ridge House, Wanaka, Otago region, South Island
Design: Condon Scott Architects
Ruby Ridge House Wanaka
photo © Simon Larkin
Ruby Ridge House, Wanaka
With a bold mask to the suburban street, this house leaves all the pleasure for the people who reside within its walls. Located on an elevated site in a relatively new subdivision overlooking Lake Wanaka, the house is a place to privately and comfortably indulge in the extensive mountain and lake views the alpine town is known for.

28 Oct 2020
Hidden Hills Retreat, Wanaka

24 Sep 2020
Idris Road Home, Christchurch

7 Aug 2020
Karekare Bach, Waitakere Ranges
Design: Stevens Lawson Architects
Karekare Bach, New Zealand beach cabin
photo : Simon Devitt
Karekare Bach New Zealand beachfront Residence
Stevens Lawson Architects collaborate with designer and surfer Dean Pool on a spectacular beach-front cabin.

16 July 2020
Herne Bay Hideaway near Auckland

7 July 2020
Longbush Ecosanctuary Welcome Shelter Gisborne

21 June 2020
Matakana House near Auckland, NZ

19 May 2020
The Brae Houses in Pine Harbour Marina, Auckland

13 May 2020
Headland House, Waiheke Island
Design: Stevens Lawson Architects
Headland House Waiheke Island NZ
photograph © Mark Smith
Headland House on Waiheke Island

12 May 2020
Rawene House in Auckland

11 May 2020
Te Kaitaka House on Lake Wanaka, NZ

9 May 2020
Shibui House, Tamahere, Waikato District, on the outskirts of Hamilton, North Island
Design: Red Architecture
Shibui House Waikato New Zealand
photo : Larnie Nicholson
Shibui House in Waikato
In Japanese culture, the word “shibui” describes the aesthetic of studied restraint. Shibui is the art of knowing when to stop. It is achieved through simplicity balanced with decisive complexity. The August 1960 issue of House Beautiful described shibui as a “profound, unassuming, quiet feeling.

8 May 2020
Sandy Bay House on Waiheke Island

7 May 2020 + 24 Aug 2011
Te Mata House
Design: Stevens Lawson Architects
Te Mata House Hawes Bay NZ
photograph © Mark Smith
Wanaka Crib in the Otago Region, South Island
This NZ residence sits on a promontory amongst the foothills of Te Mata Peak overlooking Hawkes Bay. The clients had run a sheep station at Parongahau and wanted to establish a new home at Te Mata.

28 Apr 2020
Wanaka Crib, Wanaka, Otago Region, South Island
Architects: Pac Studio
Wanaka Crib South Island
photograph : Simon Devitt
Wanaka Crib in the Otago Region, South Island
In a wood lined field, near Wanaka’s lake edge, this NZ property is composed of two gables and a chisel roof slipping past one another to make three enclosed courtyards. Each courtyard creates a specific relationship with the interior.

28 Apr 2020
Scarborough House, Christchurch
Design: Borrmeister Architects
Scarborough House in Christchurch
photograph : Sarah Rowlands
New House in Scarborough, NZ

13 Apr 2020
Park Terrace House, Christchurch, South Island
Architects: PRau
Park Terrace House Christchurch NZ
photo : Simon Devitt
Park Terrace House in Christchurch
This project investigates loss, the loss of an archetype, the loss of adaption amongst the Tabula rasa of post disaster Christchurch. How can a project designed upon a clean slate embody time and adaption?

13 Apr 2020
Lake Hawea House, Wanaka, South Island
Architects: Condon Scott Architects
Lake Hawea House Wanaka South Island
photography : Simon Larkin and Simon Devitt
Lake Hawea House in Wanaka, South Island
This modest timber-clad home is located on the shores of Lake Hawea, twenty minutes’ drive from Wanaka, this newly constructed house capitalises on breathtaking views of the lake and Southern Alps.

4 Mar 2020
Rewa Beach House, Wellington
Design: KebbellDaish Architects
Rewa Beach House Wellington NZ - New Zealand Houses
photograph : Andy Spain
Rewa Beach House in Wellington
The new Rewa Beach House brings some of the playfulness, informality and communal living we associate with beach culture to a Wellington suburb.

10 Oct 2019
Garden House, Christchurch
Design: Borrmeister Architects Ltd
Garden House Christchurch
photograph : Sarah Rowlands
Garden House in Christchurch
The brief required a home for entertaining and rest that would seamlessly integrate with the neighbourhood, it also called to maximise a dog-legged site to capture sunlight and views. The resulting house is sympathetic to its neighbours, providing privacy through the careful composition of building form and light.

27 Sep 2019
Castle Rock Beach House, Auckland
Design: Herbst Architects
Castle Rock Beach House - New Zealand Homes
photography : Patrick Reynolds
Castle Rock Beach House, Auckland
The site is situated 3 hours north of Auckland on the east coast. The site has 2 special features, a crescent shaped beach that it overlooks and a craggy mountain peak that overlooks it. The water view is south and the mountain view is north.

23 Sep 2019
Bach with view to the Sound in New Zealand

21 Sep 2019
Holiday Home on Kawau Island

15 Sep 2019
Scrubby Bay House in Pigeon Bay

22 Jun 2019
Best New Zealand Lodges: design led accommodation

12 Jun 2018
Scarborough House, Christchurch
Design: Borrmeister Architects
Scarborough House in Christchurch - New Zealand Houses
photograph : Sarah Rowlands
New House in Scarborough, NZ
A rock-face / hillside home resulting from a brief that required a relaxed playful home open to the sun, with good views to the beach and uphill park, environmentally conscious design, providing shelter from the prevailing winds and incorporating easy driveway access and parking.

24 Apr 2018
Bridle Path House, Christchurch
Design: Borrmeister Architects
Bridle Path House in Christchurch
image from architecture studio
New Property in Christchurch
A modest family home nestled amongst the foothills of the Port Hills in Heathcote Valley, Christchurch. This project was a rebuild option for clients who were keen to stay within their community after the 2011 earthquakes.

New Zealand Houses from 2017

25 Oct 2017
Local Rock House, Waiheke Island, Hauraki Gulf, North Island
Architects: Patterson Associates
Local Rock House
photo : Simon Devitt
House on Waiheke Island
A Summer residence on Waiheke Island, a place famous for fine vineyards with illustrious names such as Cable Bay, ManOWar and Passage Rock. This home is located on a steep coastal escarpment above a tree fringed white sand beach on its northern coast.

23 Jan 2017
Castle Rock Beach House, Auckland

New Zealand Houses from 2016

9 Nov 2016
Kopua House on Waiheke

1 Nov 2016
Elizabeth Street House in Auckland

24 Oct 2016
Kirkmay House in Kohimarama

23 Oct 2016
offSET Shed House in Gisborne

14 Oct 2016
Easterbrook House in Titirangi, Auckland Property

11 Oct 2016
House Under Eaves, Point Wells, North Island
Design: MRTN Architects
House Under Eaves
photograph : Anthony Basheer
New House in Point Wells
Located in a new subdivision less than an hour from Auckland this new house was one of the first built on a flat site that has been split up to create well sized semi-suburban semi-coastal sections on what was once pastoral land.

2 Oct 2016
Holiday Home on Kawau Island

30 Sep 2016
Boatsheds on Takapuna Beach

2 Feb 2016
Korokoro House, Wellington, North Island
Design: tse:wallace architects
Korokoro House - New Zealand Houses
photograph : Paul McCredie
Korokoro House in Wellington
This new house located adjacent to a conservation area of well-established native bush, endeavours to make the most of its dramatic siting. It is organised around two central axis, one to the Korokoro Gorge and the other to the Cook Straits.

New Zealand Houses from 2013 and beyond

3 Oct 2013
Waterfall Bay House, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand South Island
Design: Bossley Architects
Waterfall Bay House New Zealand
photo : Kieran Scott
Waterfall Bay House
In a remote bay in the Marlborough Sounds this house emphasises the steepness of the topography. Set close to the water it runs along the contour as a two storey primary element incorporating living areas above and guest rooms below. Linked by a glazed bridge is a main bedroom raised above the cliff on visually unstable legs to emphasis its eyrie-like relationship to the tree tops and sky.

3 Oct 2013
Beach Retreat, Bay of Islands, New Zealand North Island
Design: Bossley Architects
Beach Retreat New Zealand Houses
photo : Patrick Reynolds
Beach Retreat
On a waterfront site in the Bay of Islands, five separate wings are located to reinforce the natural typography and create a sense of community around the central living area.

2 Oct 2013
Brown Vujcich House, Herne Bay, Auckland, North Island
Design: Bossley Architects
Herne Bay House
photo : Patrick Reynolds
Brown Vujcich House
This residence is located on a narrow site in the heart of Herne Bay. The entry space is protected by a vertical cedar screen. Interior spaces use hoop pine cabinetry and externally materials include fine vertical cedar shiplap and double skin bagged brick. The design and materials aim to reflect the clients’ love of fifties and sixties architecture.

14 Aug 2013
Under Pohutukawa, Piha, North Island
Design: Herbst Architects
Under Pohutukawa New Zealand Houses
photo from architect
Piha Beach House
The Pohutukawa is New Zealand’s national tree, it is known as the NZ Christmas tree as it flowers bright red is summer. Pohutukawas are protected under local authority regulations.

14 Aug 2013
Timms Bach, Kaitoke Beach, Great Barrier Island
Design: Herbst Architects
Timms Bach New Zealand
photo : Jackie Meiring
Timms Bach
This bach is chronologically the fourth in a series of 7 baches that we’ve designed on great barrier island. In is located in a small residential strip which t junctions with a wild east coast beach namely Kaitoke.

14 Aug 2013
Compson Bach New Zealand, Great Barrier Island
Design: Herbst Architects
Compson Bach - New Zealand Houses
photo from architect
Compson Bach, Great Barrier Island
This NZ Bach is a continuation of an exploration into a model of building that is dedicated to a specific function that of summer holidays at the beach.

20 Mar 2013
House in New Plymouth, North Island of New Zealand
Design: Saunders Architects
Lloyd House New Zealand
photo : Mark Harris
House in New Plymouth
Situated up a long driveway far from the road this home is in a private setting surrounded by trees and with a beautiful distant view towards the Tasman Sea. The owners’ brief called for a large two storey home that was “different” but functional and easy to live in. The huge living area can be divided into rooms by means of an ingenious sliding door system which converts the space into dining, lounge and music room spaces around a double sided open fireplace.

Te Kaitaka House, Lake Wanaka : Stevens Lawson Architects

Westmere House : Stevens Lawson Architects

Te Mata House, Hawkes Bay
The house sits on a promontory amongst the foothills of Te Mata Peak overlooking Hawkes Bay. Our clients had run a sheep station at Parongahau for many years and were looking to establish a new home at Te Mata. They are also actively involved in the Hawkes Bay art scene, as collectors and administrators.

Karaka Bay House, Glendowie : Stevens Lawson Architects

Onetangi Beach House : Stevens Lawson Architects

Great Barrier Island House : Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

Southern Architecture Awards – images of houses amongst the winners

New Zealand Homes

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of New Zealand Homes. We aim to include NZ residential projects that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both. Most projects are contemporary in style. Homes don’t need to be completed for inclusion – proposals welcome.

Key NZ Properties, alphabetical:

The Barn House : LID Architecture

Corinth St House : Daniel Marshall Architect

Cox’s Bay House : Stevens Lawson Architects

Herne Bay House : Stevens Lawson Architects

Hobson Bay House : Stevens Lawson Architects

Hot Water Beach House : Stevens Lawson Architects

Mai Mai : Patterson Associates Limited
World Architecture Festival Awards 2008 – Private Housing Category

Mountain Retreat : Fearon Hay Architects

Omaha Beach House : Daniel Marshall Architect

Omaha House : Stevens Lawson Architects

Onehunga House : Stevens Lawson Architects

Onehunga Studio : Stevens Lawson Architects

Tamahere House : Stevens Lawson Architects

More New Zealand Homes welcome

Location: New Zealand

Key New Zealand Houses with no images

XSite Architecture Ltd – Beach house, West Coast
Andre Hodgskin Architects – House, Bay of Islands, Paihia
Sheppard & Rout Architects – Red Rock Lane House, Redcliffs, Christchurch

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