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Beach Haven House in Auckland

15 Jan 2024

Architecture: Milieu

Location: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

Beach Haven House Auckland

Photos by Jessica Chloe

Beach Haven House, New Zealand

A new family home in Beach Haven is characterized by angular lines and sleek edges, offering a dynamic and unconventional aesthetic that harmonizes seamlessly with the coastal landscape. The trapezoidal shapes not only contribute to the property’s striking visual appeal but also serve a functional purpose, maximizing space utilization on the constrained site while allowing for breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding ocean vistas.

Beach Haven House Auckland

asked with crafting a new home for a blended family, the challenge embraced their cherished Beach Haven site which overlooked a nature reserve and harbor. Having outgrown their current dwelling, the family sought expansion. Rather than renovating, a fresh start was envisioned to optimize outdoor living and capitalize on the breathtaking vistas. Our mission? To design an expansive family sanctuary, ensuring distinct retreats for both adults and teenagers. This reimagined haven blends ample space with panoramic views, a seamless fusion of functional design and scenic beauty, tailored to harmonize with the family’s evolving needs amidst the site they’d lon

The site posed challenges due to its compact size and specific limitations, including an overland flow path to the north and a protected Pohutukawa tree to the south, off-limits for construction. Additionally, an architecturally designed Salon, serving as the client’s thriving business for a decade, was retained as it was integral to the site. These circumstances significantly constrained the available space for the new building’s footprint, compelling a strategic approach to maximize the use of the limited area

Beach Haven House Auckland

The inspiration stemmed from the trapezoidal shape of the existing salon, mirroring the site boundaries. Our design for the new home echoed this form, utilizing a series of 75-degree and 105-degree angles, seamlessly overlapping to craft a dynamic, sculptural silhouette. This deliberate layering allowed for maximum utilization of space while maintaining a minimal footprint on the site. Incorporating a tucked-in pool adjacent to the house, the upper level cleverly extends to provide shade and shelter to the outdoor area.

Emphasizing exceptional outdoor living, the main spaces seamlessly connect to the outdoors through expansive sliding doors that vanish into cavities, ensuring a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor areas.

The upper level is dedicated to private family zones, distinctly divided into a luxurious master bedroom suite at one end, complemented by a sitting room and roof deck, while the other end hosts separate bedrooms for the teenage children, along with their own media room and private roof deck. This intentional design prioritizes both communal and individual spaces, catering to the family’s preferences for comfort, privacy, and outdoor enjoyment.

Beach Haven House Auckland

Keen to infuse a coastal, beach-inspired ambiance, the clients envisioned a home adorned with a relaxed, natural palette. Outside, the design harmonizes a medley of vertical cedar cladding, cedar slatted screens, and sandy-hued plastered masonry, seamlessly blending with the textural subtropical flora. Inside, the theme extends with light timber flooring, accented by tastefully plastered feature walls. Soft greens and blues grace the kitchen and cabinetry, infusing the space with subtle yet refreshing hues, perfectly encapsulating the coastal tranquility the clients desired. This meticulous integration of materials and tones evokes a coastal oasis, marrying natural elements with a calming color scheme to create a serene and inviting atmosphere within the home.

Solar panels efficiently heat the pool while mechanical heat and heat recovery ventilation systems ensure a comfortable climate within the house. Timber slatted window shading expertly mitigates solar gain, complemented by low-e glass windows. Adding to its innovative sustainability, a distinctive infrared heating system discreetly integrated into the walls and ceilings ensures optimal warmth distribution, exemplifying a commitment to eco-conscious design and functionality. This comprehensive utilization of sustainable features not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances the home’s efficiency, providing a harmonious blend of comfort and responsible living.

Beach Haven House Auckland

Beach Haven House in Auckland, North Island – Property Information

Design: Milieu –

Project size: 270 sqm
Site size: 764 sqm
Project Budget: NZD 2,000,000.00
Completion date: 2023
Building levels: 2

Beach Haven House Auckland

Photography: Jessica Chloe

Beach Haven House, Auckland, New Zealand images / information received 150124 from Milieu

Location: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

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