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Gujarat Buildings: Architecture

post updated 16 February 2024

India Architecture Designs – chronological list

Gujarat Buildings News

New Gujarat Buildings in northwest India – selection:

7 December 2023
Link House, Ahmedabad
Architecture: Openideas
Link House Ahmedabad Gujarat
photo : Ishita Sitwala
Link House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Designing a 22,000 sq.ft home for an entrepreneur who doubles as real estate magnate is a creative odyssey. In the heart of the city Link House a residence which defies conventional living.

21 June 2023
Darwin Bucky, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Northwestern India
Architecture: andblack design studio
Darwin Bucky Ahmedabad India
photo : Vinay Panjwani
Darwin Bucky, Ahmedabad, Gujarat building
andblack design studio unveils a black box that can be used as an exhibition gallery, a town hall, an expo center, a performance arena, or even serve as a bar or a nightclub. This architectural design is designed to be placed in public gardens, exhibition grounds, or even in a city center.

India International Convention & Expo Centre in Dwarka, Devbhumi Dwarka district
Architects: IDOM Group
IICC Building in Dwarka, Gujarat
image courtesy of architecture office
India International Convention & Expo Centre in Dwarka
The commission for the India International Convention & Expo Centre in Dwarka (IICC Dwarka) is the result of the international competition organised by the DMICDC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation) in January 2017. The project, entirely developed in under three months, includes the preparation of the necessary documents for the tender of the whole building and the urbanization of the complex, and it will be carried out in two stages, the first of which will be inaugurated in late 2021.

2 July 2021
The Infinite Frames, Surat
Design: interior WORKSHOP
The Infinite Frames Surat, India
photo : Nilkanth Bharucha
The Infinite Frames Surat
Specialising in exquisite taste, unparalleled service and unmatched quality, interior WORKSHOP lend their collaborative expertise and passion to design each project with utmost dedication and uniqueness, turning any space into a powerful expression of the client’s personality. The firm believes in delivering a reliable and comfortable experience combining enthusiasm and innovation innovation.

14 May 2021
Hotel Sayaji Building, Rajkot, Saurashtra
Architects: Architect Ishwar Gehi
Hotel Sayaji Rajkot Gujarat
photo courtesy of architects office
Hotel Sayaji in Saurashtra
Luxury describes this sizably voluminous structure Hotel Sayaji which is one of the masterpiece in Saurashtra region in Gujarat designed by Architect Ishwar Gehi. This new luxurious space is designed for the community where visitors of all kinds – hotel guests and the general public – experience Royal yet Contemporary culture, while making it.

Gujarat Architecture

Recent Gujarat Building Designs – architectural selection:

22 Oct 2020
Sangini House
Design: Urbanscape Architects and Utopia Designs
Sangini House Gujarat Building
photograph : Noughts and Crosses LLP | Andre Fanthome
Sangini House, Gujarat Offices
The architecture and design of Sangini House explores ways in which it can respond to the context and spirit of the heritage in which it stands. This office building for the Sangini group characterizes new strategies for a flexible, column-free office space that creates a new urban venture in the city’s dense business district.

1 July 2020
Excellenseaa 126 Apartments, Surat
Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
Excellenseaa 126 Apartments Surat Gujarat
photograph : Abhishek Shah
Excellenseaa 126 Apartments in Surat, Gujarat
In response to a very specific brief, this housing project has 126 apartments in six buildings of 11 storeys each. Planned in three different sizes these apartments of 750, 850 & 950 sqm are configured with large living spaces, 5 bedrooms, a study & a gym in them.

9 Jun 2020
Hive House, Surat
Design: Openideas
Hive House Surat Gujarat
images : Yash Parekh and Fabien Charuau
Hive House in Surat
Hive House is conceived and designed as an intelligent, adaptable and sustainable family home in the city of Surat, Gujarat India. The form of the house is seeded in the profession of the client who is part of an extremely successful company engaged in making machines for the diamond industry.

6 Apr 2020
Aarya Club, Rajkot
Design: Ishwar Gehi Architect
Aarya Club Rajkot Gujarat
image : Satyam Dave
Aarya Club Resort in Rajkot, Gujarat
Ishwar Gehi has always felt that spaces, when created have emotions knitted into them, which are powerful representations of designer’s thought process. This is what makes architecture an art. An art, inside which we carry out most of our daily activities.

15 Jan 2020
Stellar, Bavlu, Ahmedabad
Architecture: Sanjay Puri Architects
Stellar Mixed-Use Building Ahmedabad Gujarat
photograph : Abhishek Shah
Stellar Mixed-Use Building in Ahmedabad
A rectilinear composition creating offices opening into landscaped terraces along an arterial city road, Stellar is a commercial building with retail spaces at the 3 lower levels and offices at the upper 4 levels.

14 Jan 2020
Bavlu Weekend House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Architecture: UJJVAL FADIA
Bavlu Weekend House Ahmedabad
photograph : Subhash Patil
Bavlu Weekend House in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
The Bavlu Weekend House client had basic preliminary ideas for the interior design of their new home in respect of the interior architecture were beginning to mount up. UJJVAL FADIA were delighted to be appointed to help design the interiors for their home.

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Gujarat Buildings 2010 – 2019

6 Nov 2019
Amaltas House, outskirts of Vadodara City
Architecture: SquareWorks LLP
Amaltas House Vadodara
photograph : Fabien Charuau
Amaltas House in Vadodara
Amaltas House (a regional name for Cassia Fistula), as a rural residential retreat, particularly addresses distinct spatial domesticity by facilitating the requirements of its singular inhabitant i.e. the client herself, as opposed to the typicality of any residential space accommodating a multi-member family household.

19 July 2019
Verandah House, Ranchodpura, outskirts of Ahmedabad
Architects: Arpan Shah Architect, Modo Design
Verandah House in Ranchodpura, Ahmedabad
photo : Bharat Aggarwal
Verandah House in Ranchodpura, Ahmedabad
This new Gujarat house is on the outskirts of Ahmedabad designed by Arpan Shah, India on a 4 acre plot with dense flora, a lily pond and an subsisting outhouse having a vernacular typology. The new house was to be a permanent dwelling away from the city into the natural wilderness. Earlier the Munshaw family owned a colonial style house in a densely populated locality of Ahmedabad, India and which was build in mid 20 th century.

5 Nov 2018
The House Of Secret Gardens
Architecture: SPASM Design
The House of Secret Gardens in Ahmedabad
photography : Edmund Sumner, Umang Shah and Photographix – Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia
The House Of Secret Gardens in Ahmedabad
This is a private home in Ahmedabad, is an expression in Dhrangadhra stone. The stone used in many of the architectural antiquities of Ahmedabad. The stone has a mottled texture and bone coloration, available in blocks; slabs and dust from quarries nearby it became an obvious choice. It ages pretty well too.

20 Sep 2017
Jade Blue: A Premium Ensemble, Ahmedabad
Design: Group DCA
The Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad Indian Architecture News
image Courtesy architecture office
The Jade Blue Lounge in Ahmedabad
Jade Blue is a multi-brand outlet within which an exclusive lounge has been fabricated essentially to provide service to the high-end customers. Jade Blue is conceived as a lounge for the discerning client looking for a personal and bespoke experience.

15 Apr 2014
R. World Big Cinemas, Rajkot
Design: The Purple Ink Studio, architects
image from architect studio
R. World Big Cinemas in Gujarat
Design brief: A contemporary face-lift to an old structure so as to regenerate the landmark. The project was to be planned for quick and easy construction to enable running of all three screens for the forthcoming movie releases.

27 Oct 2010
House with Balls, Ahmedabad
Design: Matharoo Associates
House with Balls
photo from architects office
House with Balls

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Location: Gujarat, India, South Asia

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image from architect offices
Gulf Adiba in Gurgaon

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