Old North Road, Auckland, New Zealand

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Old North Road in Auckland

20 Sep 2023

Architecture: LTD Architectural Design Studio

Location: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

Old North Road, Auckland,

Photos by Jo Smith

Old North Road, New Zealand

Designed for a a family returning from Northern Australia unusually seeking to escape the baking sun, this house has been designed with notions of privacy and protection in mind.

Old North Road, Auckland,

The brief called for a focus on materiality – using off-form concrete and cedar alongside natural aluminium and pre-painted corrugate, each element has been carefully selected and detailed to complement and enhance the other.

Old North Road, Auckland,

The challenge on this roadside south facing site was to provide a good quality of light throughout the house, while maintaining privacy and minimising direct sun. This has been achieved via carefully placed skylights and large opening doors and windows on the southern (view) side to provide high levels of ambient light.

Old North Road, Auckland,

As always, simplicity of form was a priority – the long gable pavilion and understated exterior palette contrast well with the owner’s eclectic tastes and selections for the interior.

Old North Road, Auckland,

Despite being located on a stunning site, the original house was in bad shape. However it was decided to work within it’s basic parameters to ensure the new design stayed within a suitable bulk and scale for the streetscape. It’s hoped the house has an Aussie flavour, with a Kiwi twist.

Old North Road in Auckland, North Island – Building Information

Design: LTD Architectural Design Studio – https://www.ltdarch.co.nz

Engineer: Hutchinson Consulting Engineers
Lead Designer: David Maurice
Contractor: Jason Mann – Iconic Homes

Project size: 159 sqm
Site size: 832 sqm
Completion date: 2016
Building levels: 2

Old North Road, Auckland,

Photography: Jo Smith

Old North Road, Auckland, New Zealand images / information received 200923 from LTD Architectural Design Studio

Location: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

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