Long House Wellington, New Zealand

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Long House in Wellington

11 July 2023

Design: Parsonson Architects

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Long House Wellington New Zealand

Photos: Paul McCredie

Long House, NZ

The Long House is located in a large new suburban subdivision in Churton Park, Wellington, on a long and slender site located between the road and a planted valley reserve containing the beginnings of the Porirua Stream.

Long House Wellington

Long House Wellington

The overall subdivision consists of mainly kitset and building company housing, finished in shades of cream, beige and grey, waiting until planting grows tall enough to soften it.

Long House NZ

Long House Wellington NZ

The Long House plan responds carefully to the local landscape, site and weather conditions. Prior to purchase and construction, time was spent on site with the owner discussing the different possibilities.

Long House NZ

Long House NZ

The valley to the west of the house is reserve land and has been substantially planted, which will continue to grow and provide a beautiful green outlook into the valley. The house takes a different approach to most of the bulkier 2 storied houses nearby, where it is more related to the forms of the land, being long, low and slender, with colours and materials selected to relate to the local natural environment. Long horizontal lines and fine layered verticals reinforce this.

Long House Wellington NZ

Long House Wellington NZ

The slender plan allows light into spaces from both sides and the long axis of the site is orientated slightly west of north, which sets the plan up for morning and afternoon indoor and outdoor living areas facing both east and west in the middle section of the house, allowing occupants to follow the sun throughout the day.

Long House New Zealand Long House Wellington

Long House in Wellington – Property Informmation

Architecture: Parsonson Architects – https://p-a.nz/

Long House Wellington New Zealand

Long House Wellington New Zealand

Photography: Paul McCredie

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Location: Wellington, New Zealand

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