Breeze Walk in Rio de Janeiro

Breeze Walk, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Buildings, Images, Architecture Breeze Walk in Rio de Janeiro Mixed Use Retail Development in Brazil, South America – design by Girimun Architects 13 Nov 2014 Breeze Walk in Rio de Janeiro Location: Rio de Janiero, Brazil Design: Girimun Architects The byword of tropical shopping and leisure, Breeze Walk recreates a … Read more

Restaurant Universitaire Mabillon in Paris

Cafeteria Mabillon

Design: Architecture Patrick Mauger. Sixty years after it was first built, the CROUS Mabillon student restaurant has been restructured and renovated, and its façade cleverly utilised. The concrete frontage walls have been covered by split chestnut poles that allow the penetration of a filtered light that can be dimmed during the summer.

Saboten Restaurant, Hong Kong: Causeway Bay

Sheung Wan Restaurant China 1

Design: 4N Architects. Bringing back the architectural interests of Shinjuku Japan with an innovative relationship between soften texture & rigid space.

The design conveys a sense of purity and integrity of principle design elements, epitomizes the sophistication of traditional Japanese architecture. It’s even so slightly exotic and mysterious, yet comforting at the same time.

Dunne & Crescenzi Kildare Village, Ireland

Dunne & Crescenzi Kildare Village

Design: Ghinlon Architecture. This is an Italian restaurant, Dunne & Crescenzi, set in the luxury retail Kildare Village, in the Republic of Ireland. The fit-out was carried out in phases within a live trading environment. It was a collaborative venture. Kildare Village were a key player in the process, providing logistical support every step of the way.