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New York Burger Restaurant in Madrid

Almagro Interior Development, Spain design by Isabel Lopez Vilata + Asociados

23 May 2016

New York Burger Restaurant in Almagro, Madrid

Design: Isabel Lopez Vilata + Asociados

Location: Miguel Angel 16, Almagro, Madrid, Spain

New York Burger Restaurant

Popular eatery New York Burger opened a new branch of its restaurant chain in the Almagro neighborhood of Madrid, known for its aristocratic residences, which nowadays are mainly public buildings and offices. The new location was considered strategically a good bet for the profile of New York Burger’s clients.

New York Burger Restaurant New York Burger Restaurant

The common denominator of all four of the brand’s restaurants is the quality of their ingredients and dishes. When it comes to interior design however, each branches out with its own identity.

New York Burger Restaurant

The newest space draws on the elegance and sophistication of its surroundings as an influence. The dining room is divided longitudinally by wooden shelves inlaid with reed matting, creating a sense both of barrier and translucence. The shelves are not only functional; they also serve as a decorative element, holding cacti and embedded with small lights.

New York Burger Restaurant

New York Burger Restaurant

The partition also serves to divide the space into two distinct dining areas: an informal group space which plays host to the restaurants famous pub quiz, and a cozier, more subtle space known as the “salon.”

New York Burger Restaurant

The décor is warm and inviting, creating a relaxing atmosphere and an elegant space to enjoy a burger. The lighting in particular has been thoughtfully designed to interact harmoniously with the materials used, which include solid wood furnishings and upholstered walls. Add to this the sophistication of elements such as the iconic Thonet chairs and the use of brass to mimic the Arts and Crafts movement of the early twentieth century, and a work by artist Jazzberryblue interpreting the map of New York, and you have an unforgettable dining experience.

New York Burger Restaurant

Photography: Alejo Bagué

New York Burger Restaurant in Madrid images / information from Isabel Lopez Vilata + Asociados


Location: Miguel Angel 16, Madrid, Spain, southwestern Europe

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